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Evaluation question 05


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Evaluation question 05

  2. 2. I havedecided theaudience forour product isthose aged15-25 who aremale.
  3. 3. Activities that the typical audience wouldbe into includes:• Playing video games,• Going out drinking• Socialising• Watching thriller or action genre films.We feel our product has attracted themthrough a variety of ways.
  4. 4. We have used a lot oftechnology in the piece,something that ouraudience will be able toidentify with. It isimportant that theaudience can identifywith the piece becauseotherwise they may loseinterest.
  5. 5. We have also used thetypical conventions of athriller to help us attractthem. These conventionsinclude violence, a fast-paced opening and thesolving of an enigma.Audiences expect to seethese conventions in a thriller.Our opening uses theseconventions, this will allow usto attract our audience.
  6. 6. We know the audience isinclined to watch films if thereare many enigmas that areraised. We ensured that weraised many enigmas duringour product, these includewho is Aaron Allen? As wellas why the politician wants tofind him? By creating theseenigmas, it encourages theaudience to watch on andsee the results to theenigmas.
  7. 7. Overall we have attracted our audience through avariety of ways. We know the different conventionsthat are the reason why audiences watch thrillers.Enigmas is another thing that we included, this isbecause enigmas are things that the audience wantanswering, again this encourages them to watch onand see the answers to the enigmas. We have alsoincluded a lot of technology as we know this issomething that the audience can identify with, beingable to identify with films is another major part ofattracting an audience. These reasons should allowus to attract the audience we are targetingsuccessfully.