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  1. 1. PUNJAB COLLEGE OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION, LUDHIANA COURSE PLANName of instructor: Shilpa JainE-mail ID: shilpa228@gmail.comSubject Name: Corporate StrategySubject Code: BB601Course IntroductionIn this course we study strategic management as a process comprising three major types ofinterrelated activities: strategic analysis, strategy formulation, and strategy implementation.Basically, strategic analysis is the forethought required to develop an appropriate strategy;strategy formulation is the process that transforms this analysis into a plan—the intendedstrategy; and strategy implementation is the process of continually adjusting and refining theplan as it is put into action.Module Aims (a) To provide students with a basic understanding of the principles and practice of business strategy development and management (b) To develop in students a capacity for strategic thinking and an understanding of the organisational and management issues involved in formulating and executing strategy. (c) This course gives students both a conceptual and practical appreciation of different levels of company strategy. (d) The classes are structured to provide a logical, step by step, understanding of how any company, in any sector, can analyze its operating environment and strategic options. (e) The concepts of both competitive and corporate strategy are explored and the inter-linkages between the two are examined. (f) Students will learn how to assess whether or not a company should diversify or focus its strategic product range or target markets. (g) In this course we also expose the students to the new developments of theories and practices of strategic management Weekly Breakup of Topics/Syllabus
  2. 2. Weekly Programme (subject to modification)Week 1 & Week 2 Activity 1: Lost at sea C1 Strategic Management in Practice----- Strategy at HP. Videos on good corporate strategy & what is strategy. A1 – Examples based on videoWeek 3 Video: Business strategy – STARBUCKS C2 Ranbaxy CaseWeek 4 Hourly test week C4 VolkswagenWeek 5 Assignment 1Week 6 Week 7 Activity 2 Nuclear Hollow C3 International Machine CorporationWeek 8 Hourly test weekWeek 9 Case lets: Gucci Loses its Grip(Business Level Strategy) Global Strategy at General Motors Corporate Level Strategy: Thermo Electron Activity: visiting newly opened café’s in Ludhiana and conducting Competitive AnalysisWeek 10 (End of week) Assignment 2 C5 Surya Transport CompanyAssignmentsStrategic Management Project: A semester long project that asks students (in groups of 2) to select acompany and analyse it using series of questions. It is in your best interest to select a company withconsiderable public information and visibility. For a large multi product company, you may wish to limitthe assignment to a division or business unit. It is better to select companies in a well defined business:Coca Cola, BMW, Levi’s, Dell, etc. Including data, notes, charts, diagrams etc is allowed.Your first assignment is to choose a company/division to study and to obtain enough information about itto carry out the following instructions and answer the questions:Company Selection & preliminary investigation1. Give a short account of the history of the company/division2. Identify the mission, vision, objectives and major goals of the company
  3. 3. 3. Trace the evolution of strategies followed by it. Take times period of say last decade. Strategies whichfailed, succeed, pre-planned, emergent/dynamic, Strategies followed because of competitive pressures,any merger/acquisition made, strategies in recession etc. At least 25 strategies.4. Who is the CEO of the company? Evaluate his/her leadership capabilities?5. Apply any one environmental scanning tool on the companyAssignment 2Analyze any merger or acquisition that took place in last 2 years. Discuss its advantages &disadvantages to each company & also its effects on its stakeholders.Internal Marks Break-up MSE 15 marks Hourly tests(2) 10 marks(5 marks each) Presentation 5 Marks Assignments 5 marks Video presentation of Assignments 2 marks done Case discussions 3 marksBooks 1. Kazmi, K., Strategic Management and Business Policy, Tata McGraw-Hill, New Delhi, 2008 2. Hills & Jones, Cases in Strategic Management, Cengage Publications, New Delhi 3. David, F.R., Strategic Management: Concepts and Cases, Pearson Education, Ed.12th, New Delhi, 2008 4. Lynch, Corporate Strategy, Prentice Hall,2000 5. Strategic Management Concepts & Cases, by Thompson & Strickland, TMG Presentation TopicsS. No Topic1. A comparison and analysis of marketing strategies followed for Aamir Khan’s movies from QSQT to3 idiots2. A critical analysis of marketing strategies followed by Bollywood for domestic and international market.
  4. 4. 3. Taking a case of any recent New product launch, critically analyse the various factors governing the success of the product4. Critically analyse and compare the growth of Mukesh and Anil Ambani after separation.5. Critically analyze the product Mix of ITC Ltd. by using BCG matrix and suggest suitable strategies for various products6. The changes in Business environment are inevitable. Analyse the impact of latest economic meltdown on IT giants like Satyam and Infosys.7. Taking the example of GE and Toyota compare and analyse the American and Japanese styles of management.8. Apply the Porter’s five forces model on Tata Motors and outline the future strategies for TM to be on recovery path9. Study an NGO and develop the strategies for the success of the initiatives taken by the NGO10. Balance Scorecard is a new tool in the hands of Indian Corporate. Taking the example of atleast two Indian companies, analyse the strategic implementation of BSC in India11. TQM implementation is a sweet and sour experience in Indian industry. Take an example each of a successful and an unsuccessful implementation of TQM in India and do a culture comparison of the two.12 Study ITC as a group and analyse its diversification strategies and identify the critical success factors thereof.13 Turnaround of any company is full of pains and gains. Critically analyse the turnaround of Indian Railways and highlight the various milestones in its success.14. Good Corporate Governance is based on ethics. Critically analyze the various ethical issues involved in running insurance business.15 Role of different strategists in formulation of strategies.16. Build up a case study of Hero Cycles from rags to riches, highlighting the ups and downs of Hero Cycles on the road to becoming the largest manufacturer of bicycles in the world.