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Auteur study tomas symmons


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Auteur study tomas symmons

  1. 1. Robert Lee Zemeckis Auteur Study
  2. 2. About Zemeckis Robert Lee Zemeckis - (born May 14, 1951)First came to public attention after Directing “Back to the Future Part 1” in 1985
  3. 3. Auteur Theory “Auteur Theory suggests that a director can use the commercial apparatus of film-making in the same way that a writer uses a pen or a painter uses paint and a paintbrush. It is a medium for the personal artistic expression of the director. The film theorotician, André Bazin, explained that: auteurtheory was a way of choosing the personal factor in artistic creation as a standard of referencce, andthen assuming that it continues and even progresses from one film to the next.”
  4. 4. Some of Zemeckis’s Films
  5. 5. "Marty where hes isolated. [McFly] is [also] in a land another time zone,"Hes indirector explains. the
  6. 6. My ProblematicHow does Robert Zemeckis portray isolation and loneliness within his films?
  7. 7. The Films I’am going to Study• Cast Away• Back to the Future 1• Forrest Gump
  8. 8. Cast Away (2000)
  9. 9. Back to the Future 1 (1985)
  10. 10. Forrest Gump (1994)
  11. 11. Link his life to problematic
  12. 12. Relationship with tom hanks
  13. 13. Castaway