The Game- Evaluation Part Two


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The Game- Evaluation Part Two

  1. 1. EVALUATION–PART TWOBy Alice Spuffard
  2. 2. WHO WOULD BE THE AUDIENCE FOR YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT?Upon doing our research into the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) we had come to the agreement that our opening shouldbe of the age range from 16-20. This was decided upon by looking at all of the conventions in which we have used and whether or notit matches up with the BBFC guidelines. We decided that we wanted to have the age range of 16-20 so that we could include a bit ofboth classifications in it if we were creating the film. Another way in which we decided upon our sub-genre was to create a survey.Within this survey we asked a varied amount of people what sub-genre they would like to see and also what would they classify thesesubgenres including. This helped us to decide as we used this information to decide on our sub-genre. This was effective as we askedthe target audience what they wanted to see as we felt this was important.As we have developed and also challenged some of the generic conventions of a crime thriller, it has enabled us to have a wider targetaudience as some may not necessary see if as being a crime thriller as we have challenged some of the conventions. From my point ofview our ‘crime thriller’ is definitely not a traditional crime thriller that you would usually see. This is due to the conventions in whichwe have challenged and developed.Due to the nature of the text I do not believe that it would be as engaging for a younger audience due to the content of the MI5 scene.This scene is a meeting between colleagues and the head of the investigation. This is the one aspect which I believe would not interestthe younger audience. However I also do not believe that an audience of any older than 18 would find this as engaging as a audienceof 16 due to the text. An older audience would probably find this a bit boring as they would be used to watching films with more actionand thriller involved in them. On the other hand, an older audience might find it more interesting because of the challengedconventions.When considering what gender this would be aimed at I believe it would be both male and female. However I do believe it is aimedmore closely at males than females as they can relate to it more. The males can relate to this as they relate to the main character.They relate to the male protagonist by him wearing a black suit. This is a common stereotype of many men and one that a lot of mencan relate too.When considering the age category that our film falls into, I do believe that the narrative and the style suits this well. When talking aboutstereotypes and how gender has been represented I believe it has shown to be juxtaposing with real life. Usually you would see the men incontrol and leaving the women to watch over the situation. However here, you see the female in control. This is shown through many shots suchas a tracking shot and also close ups. Another way we have shown is this through the facial expression on the females face. The way she is talkingto the people in the room sounds as if she means what she is saying and is fully in control. This is what we were hoping to achieve and issomething that you don’t usually see in many crime thriller films or in many films altogether. From the nature of the text, I do believe that this scene would be suitable for a younger target audience. Here we challenged the conventions which might have impacted on the overall outcome of the genre. However because of the slight comic effect I believe that a younger audience would pick up on this better than an older target audience. See (00:15)
  3. 3. Similar Films– Catch me if you can See (0:05-0:46)One aspect of our opening which is similar to an actual film is the ‘Catch me if you can’ title sequence.Here the same sense of text has been used. Furthermore the lines coming of from the text was used asinspiration where we then used the idea of a blue print. See (00:41- 01:18) From looking at the title sequence, I believe that this film would appeal to a similar age group to ours. One reason for this is because of the animation that goes on whilst the titles are appearing on the screen. This animation suggests that its child friendly. Furthermore the front cover of the DVD suggests that this is going to be a comical drama.
  4. 4. Similar Films– The Departed Here we have used an establishing shot See (0:24- of London of MI5 0:28) to help keep in with the genre of our opening. In the Departed they haven’t really used an establishing shot in the sense that we have. They have used a shot of the area which See (01:20) suggests the location it has been set in. Here we have continued using the white font which is used throughout many crime thrillers. Although we wanted to break the typical generic conventions of See(0:16-0:19) a crime thriller and challenge them by using a blue The use of the white text with the dark background background as the idea helps to establish the genre of the film. of a blue print. See (00:41-01:18) We had used a mid- shot of money to convey something that has been stolen.A close-up of money has been used here when the man ishanding over the change over the counter. See (1:56- See(00:40) 1:58)
  5. 5. HOW DID YOU ATTRACT/ADDRESS YOUR AUDIENCE?To attract and address the target audience in which we had chosen, we kept to the BBFC guidelines to help us establish thedifference between our age group and the next age group. We had chosen to aim our opening at the age range of 16-20. Onereason why we aimed our audience at this age was because the content that we have included has keep to the guidelines and alsowe feel it is suited. We didn’t actually specifically pick a gender in which our target audience would be aimed at. One reason why Ibelieve we decided not to do this was because we didn’t want to have to focus extremely hard on one gender, instead we felt thatwe should focus on both as crime thrillers are not usually appointed to a specific gender.Within our film, there aren’t any particular points which I believe would shock the audience. Although there are some particularpoints which could potentially be aimed at a certain age group. One of these points could be at the beginning when the twocriminals are running out of the building, there is a slight comic effect here. At this point I believe that it would be targeted at alower age of our target audience.The varied use of camera work has helped establish the settings and also the genre of the opening. Throughout our opening we haveincorporated many close ups of the female protagonist and also the male protagonist. By using close-ups it has helped to establish andset our genre as it helps the audience to see the protagonists facial expressions and also helps to reinforce what the protagonist issaying. Furthermore we hope that the close-ups of the male protagonist show a sense of class from the phone and also from themoney.Another close-up has been used which is of the money. This has reinforced the genre and should also help to make sure that audienceunderstand the mise-en-scene of our opening. Within our opening, the audience should see themselves as being put in the position of being told about this criminal and what the male protagonist has done. Within the title sequence they see his story and how it happened. At the end it leaves the audience to believe that they need to find him. This is done through the use of the script. We choose to name our crime thriller ‘The Game.’ One reason why we choose to do this was because we felt that it would add a sense of suspicion as to what this was going to be about. This led us to believe that the audience would be intrigued and want to watch it to find out what it was about. Another reason why we choose this for the name was because we felt that once the audience had watched it they would be able to relate to it for example the use of money which has been stolen and the whereabouts of trying to find the thief. See (00:41-01:18)
  6. 6. Twitter Another way in which we targeted our audience was through the use of Twitter. As most the age range for our opening Is on twitter we thought it would be appropriate for this to be posted onto here as this should help us to gain more constructive feedback from our work.Here is an image of our questionnaire in which we made. One this we have asked avaried amount of questions. For example ‘what genre of Thriller would you say thisis?’From this question we are hoping to gain some positive feedback and that theaudience would be able to clearly say which genre of thriller they think it is. Uponlooking at the results we will be able to see whether or not we have created a crimethriller successfully.This link was put onto YouTube underneath our final version of ‘The Game’ so that it would encourage as much feedbackas possible. We also put this link onto sites such as Facebook and Twitter to allow us to try and get as many responses aspossible.
  7. 7. Link to YouTube and also FacebookFrom this slide and the previous slide, it shows that we have used a variety ofcommunication methods to get some audience feedback from as many people aspossible. This will give us the best possible chance to get as much feedback as possiblewhich will help us to improve in the future.
  8. 8. TARGET AUDIENCE FEEDBACKAge: 11-15 Age: 16-20What do you think our target audience age is? 16-20  What do you think our target audience age is? 16-20What genre of thriller would you say this is? Crime Do you think this is a traditional thriller film? NoDo you feel that the font and typography was Do you think the representation of the character were accurate? Noappropriate to the opening? No Why? Female is in a position of power which is unconventional in aWhy? The colours could have been made darker filmDo you think the music over the title sequence was Do you think the music over the title sequence was appropriate for theappropriate for the opening? No opening? Yes Why? Great atmospheric music with a steady pulse throughoutAge: 41+ Age: 16-20What do you think our target audience age is? 40+ Did you enjoy the opening: YesWhat genre of thriller do you think this is? Drama Why? Very clean, professional and simple.Did you enjoy our opening? Yes Do you think the representation of the character were accurate? YesWhy? The alarm sounding breaking the silence of Do you think the music over the title sequence was appropriate for thea peaceful setting caught my attention, I wanted to opening? Did not overtake what was happening on the screen.know more.Do you think this is a traditional thriller film? Yes From looking at the feedback from our target audience the majority of them have said that they believe this is a traditional thriller film. This is not what we were hoping to create. Ours is not a traditional thriller because of the convention in which we have challenged. For example most thriller have a black background with red/white font. Ours has a blue background with white font. If I was to create this survey again I would definitely add in some more questions about the person in general. Within our survey we asked the age group in which they are within. However we did not ask what there ethnicity was. This would have affected the results as this might have changed the way they viewed and also reflected upon our media product. Additionally we could have also asked if they were male or female. This would have helped as depending on there gender they might have interpreted the media product in many different ways.
  9. 9. MORE FEEDBACK What do you think our target audience age is? This chart shows that 60% of our target audience did believe 70.00% that the target audiences age was 16-20. By 60% of our 60.00% target audience believing it was this age range means that 50.00% we did follow the guidelines of what the allowances of a film 40.00% within this classification should be. Furthermore this also 30.00% shows that we have targeted our age category well. Only 23% thought it was aimed at 21-25 years old and only 7% 20.00% thought it was 40+. 10.00% 0.00% Under 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 31-35 36-40 40+ 10 What genre of Thriller would you say this is? 0.00% Our opening is within the genre of a Crime thriller. Psychological From our survey, it shows that 69% of people thought 0.00% that it was a crime thriller and 15% thought it was a Horror drama or action thriller. This shows that we did create Drama 15.30% a successful crime thriller as the majority of our feedback proves this. Action 15.30% Crime 69.20%
  10. 10. WHAT HAVE YOUR LEARNT ABOUT TECHNOLOGIES FROM THE PROCESS OFCONSTRUCTING THIS PRODUCT? Throughout the whole process of making and producing the opening, I have learnt many new skills. I have learnt how to edit the footage, how to plan effectively and also how to use the camera properly. When looking at our final product it is evident that we have focused on improving our own skills as well as producing a high quality opening as the audience should clearly be able to see the difference from our continuity task to our finished product.Throughout the filming process, even though I wasn’t the maincinematographer, I have learnt how to use a video camera and a tripodeffectively. For example I have learnt how to use the camera to produce awide range of shots that I wasn’t necessary aware of them all during thecontinuity task. One reason for this was because we hadn’t actually exploredall of the shots properly at this point in time. I learnt this through helping toset up when we were filming and also giving my view on the shots that wewere going to be using. This helped me to progress as if someone within thegroup didn’t agree on something they could state their opinion which wouldhelp in the progression on learning. I have also learnt about the shots fromwatching varies other films. This has helped to establish the differencebetween the shots and also help me to decide which shots would suit theopening of our thriller for example close-ups and long shots. See(0:28-0:34) As I was the editor, I have learnt how to use the software of Premiere Pro. Before, I didn’t have a clue how to use this software as I had never had to use it before. From the continuity task to our crime thriller, I have learnt how to edit effectively. Although after editing the footage I am now aware of how to add in footage, cut footage, edit footage and also watch footage. This will help me in the future if I use this software again. From the initial research that we did it helped to be able to see the transition between each shot. This gave us an idea of what we could include in ours. This helped when it came to editing as we already had an idea of what effects we could use. For examples fades in and out of different scenes. See(01:38-0:140)
  11. 11. When filming for our opening we actually didn’t use any special equipment that would enhance and suggest thatthe opening was a crime thriller. For example we could have changed the lighting from a light room to a differentcolour for example, red. However this wouldn’t have fitted in with the content and we would have had to changeour idea for this to work.During the filming process we did stumble across a few problems which we overcome. One of these problems was withthe lighting in one of the particular rooms in which we were using. As the lighting was different according to the weatheron the day this meant that the room was a lot lighter than previously and also we could not close all of the blinds. We keptthis footage and wanted to see what it would look like once downloaded onto the macs. When watching this footage itdidn’t look as bad as what we thought it might have done. To adjust the brightness we altered the levels to make sure thatwe keep continuity and were also consistent throughout.When we came to the finishing stages of editing our opening, we needed to find some music that was appropriate to the genre wewere creating. We searched through many sites including YouTube and also Although when looking throughthese websites known of the music we found was suitable for the atmosphere in which we were trying to create. We wanted apiece of music which was upbeat and had the scene of suspense. We decided that we should try and create something forourselves using the software of Garageband.We played about with various effects and sounds and created two tracks that we felt were appropriate to what we were lookingfor. However upon reflection this was not a successful piece of software to use for our opening as we couldn’t quite get the senseof suspense right. We later on found another piece of music that suits the genre of our opening. This piece of music is by Mobyand is called Extreme Ways. This has also been used in the film ‘The Bourne Ultimatum’. See (0:28-0:47). This is the length of musicin which we used as this is copyright we were only able to use 20 seconds of it. to the music in which we used.During the whole process, I believe I had some strengths and weakness. One of my strengths in the end was being able to editthe footage, something that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do.A weaker area which I believe I need to improve upon is was using the video camera. One reason why this was one of my weakerareas is because I wasn’t the main cinematographer meaning that I didn’t get the opportunity to have a go at each shot.However I did oversee these so I am aware of the technique and also how to take these shots.
  12. 12. LOOKING BACK AT YOUR PRELIMINARY TASK, WHAT DO YOU FEEL YOU HAVE LEARNT INTHE PROGRESSION FROM IT TO THE FULL PRODUCT? Throughout the planning stages I learnt many new things that have helped with the overall outcome of our crime thriller. From the very beginning when we were researching about the different conventions of a crime thriller to storyboarding and creating the animatic, I feel as if I have learnt so many different things which have helped in the progression of the final product. From looking back at the preliminary task, I can see a difference in how we as a group have progressed and also incorporated our ideas better to get an overall product. The one thing that really helped us was the feedback from the teachers. This feedback allowed for us to progress on a certain idea and consider what we could do next to make it that little bit better. Furthermore this meant that we could clearly see the areas we needed to improve upon which allowed us to specially focus on this section of the product. Another aspect which I believe helped us to progress was actually watching over the footage that we already had and thinking what else we could add in or how could we make that shot even better.As an individual I feel that I have learnt the importance of planning and storyboarding. In the initial stages of storyboarding we actuallyhad planned more than what was needed. When coming to put the footage together we realised that we were short of 30 seconds.This could have been due to ideas changing throughout the process of planning which meant that we were limiting ourselves. Here wehad to go back to the drawing board and think of a solution to what we could add in which would still be relevant to the content wealready had. When planning for the preliminary task we did have more footage than what was needed. This helped us as we couldchoose what shots to use and also which shots looked best with the rest of the footage. However when we started to plan for ouractual opening we thought we had planned more than what we needed in the initial stages. We actually had to change thisthroughout the planning stages. This impacted on our thought process and also the pace in which we were editing the opening.Although once we had got an idea we shortly filmed this and added this in. From this I have definitely learnt to 100% to plan morethan what we actually need as from the continuity task we did do this meaning that we had enough footage unlike our final productwhen we thought we had more footage than what we actually did have.
  13. 13. I believe that the preliminary task helped me a lot in terms of knowing what shots we needed at what specific time. This helpedwith the editing as it made this process a lot smoother.When looking back at the preliminary task, we used very few different types of shots. One reason for this was because I thinkwe were trying to follow the guidelines to much when we could have incorporated more. However when saying this, it hashelped us to progress as within our final footage as we have now incorporated a variation of shots. One reason why we did thiswas because it helps the audience to see aspects of the footage from different angles which could change their interpretationof the opening. Within this task we used many close ups of the character and also the weapon. This is different to our finalproduct where we have used tracking shots, establishing shots and long shots. One of the shots that we felt as a group wentwell was the tracking shot. We hadn’t actually practiced this shot before as this was not incorporated into our original task.At the beginning of the task, I was not at all confident with theequipment. I hadn’t used it before so when starting the continuity taskit was all completely new to me. Throughout the stages of thecontinuity task, I feel as if I did become more confident with using thevideo camera and the tripod. This then progressed on into the finalproduct where I was able to say more confidently what I felt about theshots and also the angles we were shooting from.Furthermore on the continuity task I was not the main editor. Thismeant that for our final opening, I had to make sure that I knew how touse the software of Premiere Pro. This put me at a disadvantage as Ihadn’t used this software properly before. Tracking Shot See (01:43-01:46)A problem in which was faced during the production stages was trying to find the right music which would be suited and alsoappropriate for our crime thriller. At the beginning we were planning on using a slow piece of music. However when we put together ouropening we found that we needed an upbeat piece of music which had a sense of pace to it.The end product that we produced, I feel is successful in meeting and challenging the conventions of a crime thriller as ours isnot a traditional crime thriller you would expect. Even though we did challenge the conventions a lot in particular scenes, I stillbelieve we have created a effective opening which I am proud off.This was only produced through making mistakes in our continuity task which we have learnt from. I also believe that we haveused all of our skills to the best of our ability and worked well as a group and have supported each other to make sure thateveryone knew what they were doing. From all of this it has definitely helped us to produce this opening.