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Music Video Construction (Animation)


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Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Music Video Construction (Animation)

  1. 1. Music Video Construction (Animation) Programme: Adobe Flash CS5
  2. 2. I started by drawing a body using the brush tool. Also I used the paint bucket tool to fill in the body with a black/white radial gradient. I decided not to use any specific colour for the body because my aim was to attract a wide range of audiences and for the music video to have a worldwide appeal; not targeting any specific ethnic groups. Paint Tool Brush Tool
  3. 3. I continued drawing the body and filling the arms in with the paint bucket tool, being sure that the arms, legs and body did not join; to show movement. I realised that with this programme it was much easier to work with separated parts because I could create much better dance scenes and could move the parts easily without any shapes being distorted.
  4. 4. Moreover, for this scene I wanted to have the person drinking alcohol and throwing the bottle into a bin. This shows his carefree lifestyle, linking in with the dance music that would accompany the video. I used the brush tool to create the bottle and the bin, also I used the shape tool to create the circular surface for the bin.
  5. 5. For all the body parts I used the bone tool which allowed me to animated the person using the structure of bones. Bones allow shapes to move in complex and naturalistic ways with a minimum of design effort. When one bone moves, the other connected bones move in relation to the bone that initiated the movement. Bone Tool
  6. 6. I used the pencil tool to draw lines and scribbles in the bin to make it look full of paper and rubbish. I also added some fire into the bin using the deco tool; the animation would start with a little fire in the bin and then once the bottle is thrown it would explode with more flames. The deco tool is a tool that has a preset shape or animated symbols, such as the smoke and fire animation.
  7. 7. Here again I used the deco tool to create a textured surface that the animated character could walk on. Moreover, the deco tool had many different types of textures but this specific one allowed the fire to be seen clearly.
  8. 8. Here I used the deco tool to create buildings for the background of the animation, linking into the type of area the character lives in and presenting a realistic setting to the audience. The deco tool had five different types of buildings and I could adjust the width and height of them.
  9. 9. Finally, I have created a blue background to sit behind the building, the blue acts as a sky and gives some vibrancy to the scene. I created the road with the square tool and altered the position of the square with the skew and rotate tool, also I added the white dashes with the pencil tool.
  10. 10. For this part of the music video I wanted to create images that showed emotion and linked into the lyrics of the song. I started drawing the outline of a heart with the brush tool and I then filled it in with the paint bucket tool. I then added in a light yellow background to add some vibrancy.
  11. 11. I then added a frame at the end of the animation and painted the whole scene with a red and black radial gradient with the paint bucket tool.
  12. 12. Here I added a ‘shape tween’ which created an effect similar to morphing, making one shape appear to change into another shape over time, it can also tween the location, size, and colour of shapes. The heart seems to be breaking apart, however when played back it will show the original heart I started with morphing into these shapes.
  13. 13. This shows how the scene really looks, it doesn’t look like the heart its breaking apart but it I shows more heart shapes and more outlines. The hearts carry on morphing and changing shape until the end of the animation.
  14. 14. Here I created a dance scene for music video. I added text using the text tool and a blue and green background with the shape and paint tool. The blue and green represent calmness but also the use of a radial gradient represents a light and links into the dance culture of clubbing and partying.
  15. 15. I added in some spotlights which would change colour every second to make it look like a realistic club and to add to the whole energetic atmosphere. Also, I added a red floor using the shape tool and I used the skew tool to adjust the shape of the rectangle.
  16. 16. For every animated I scene I created I used the ‘Test Scene’ option to see if anything was wrong or out of place in the animation I had created; rather than exporting the animations right away.
  17. 17. This is a screenshot which shows all the individual animations I created, I exported them all as ‘QuickTime’ files; I was ready to edit the music video and to import the music.