Magazine Logo Process


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This is a slideshow showing the steps of making my logo, the progamme used also why i chose different effects and colours.

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Magazine Logo Process

  1. 1. I opened a blank Photoshop file
  2. 2. With the gradient tool I added this purple and red ‘noise’ filll
  3. 6. I selected a rectangle with the ‘rectangle select tool’ and I went to image, adjustments and them hue/saturation, I then changed the colour.
  4. 8. I did the same with this one, I changed this one to a blue colour.
  5. 9. I also changed this, but to a green. I wanted to create a almost rainbow, however, creating a rainbow would attract very young ages; I wanted it to appeal to ages from 13-18
  6. 10. I changed the bottom rectangle to a yellow, yellow which made the whole thing look more vibrant and brighter.
  7. 11. I resized the image because the logo is only going to be small on the magazine.
  8. 13. I cropped the image to clear the white space.
  9. 14. I was left with this… all I needed was some text
  10. 15. I started with a purple text, straight away it was a good contrast but it was very different to the whole theme of the background and I needed something more red.,
  11. 16. I used the same title as the magazine name.
  12. 17. I then used the filters to create this effect, which was ‘glowing edges’ which gives a really vibrant look which definitely gives the Dance culture sense.
  13. 19. The text’s colour blended into the background, this wasn’t the effect I wanted, I wanted a contrast that would make the text stand out to the customer.
  14. 20. I was thinking about different colours for the text, red was a good contrast however it wasn’t the colour that I wanted.
  15. 21. I then set the colour to yellow, after I thought about putting a texture or pattern into the text.
  16. 23. I opened a new blank file and imported the text layer. I then went to the layer and went to Blending Style (left clicked the layer and clicked the drop down menu), I added a gradient overlay which is this purple, pink and orange blend of colours. These colours are fun and energetic (they would appeal to the Dance Culture audiences and would attract Hedonists and Aspirers.
  17. 24. I opened up the other psd file of the background
  18. 26. I deleted the yellow text and I was left with my background.
  19. 27. I then copied the text and pasted it onto the background file
  20. 28. I needed to adjust the brightness and lighting of the background to a more lighter and less vibrant image so the text can stand out more.
  21. 29. I then set the opacity to a much lower number to make it lighter and less noticeable so customers could focus more on the text.
  22. 31. I also added a ‘drop shadow’ to make it look modern and professional. Moreover it gave the text the overall funky and stylish effect.