Evaluation...Extra Bits (Part 1) ..


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Evaluation...Extra Bits (Part 1) ..

  1. 1. Evaluation … Extra Bits Part 1<br />
  2. 2. The demographic of my target audience is males and females who are relatively young. The reason I have chosen and targeted both genders is because the music, themes and narrative will appeal and link to both males (having relationships, dreaming about relationships and experiencing them) and also females ( being part of relationships and experiencing certain events). Therefore, this genre will instantly attract both young males and females because It is common for them during this period to be experiencing intimate relationships. My demographic will also be from a middle and lower class background who aspire to have good love lives, to experience a fun life and have spare time in order to do so. Having an ideal demographic of our target audience allowed me to establish appropriate generic conventions in order to strengthen audience appeal. <br />JordinSparks “No Air” Music Video<br />I created a climax to the storyline when the two characters are involved in a intense kiss, the lips on the side are emphasizing on the lyrics “Hear the love calling…” ;the color of the lips reflect feelings of desire, passion and love. In the same way, by viewing and analyzing various music videos, such as Jordin Sparks “No Air” (above) I was able to create the intense scene following certain conventions; using close ups as well as mid shots to show both the characters.<br />
  3. 3. To begin with, the artist of the song is a young male who was associated with the dance genre; therefore I used, developed and challenged forms and conventions of other music videos with similar genres. For example, I used a variety of shots for our mise en scene including background images that represented the club scenes and nightlife which was not just constricted to Britain but to America, Spain, Norway and other countries alike (again broadening the target audience). These cultural references to the club scene are similar to other dance artists and groups, such as Swedish House Mafia. For example, in the bands music video “One (Your Name)” the band uses a wide variety of close ups of the clubs, mid shots of people dancing and embracing the music. Also the text used in their video is similar to mine, as the use text overlaid onto the video (there are colours and action in the background) . The mise en scene throughout the music video connotes a lively atmosphere of crowds of people which matches up with the up beat tempo that is associated with this Dance Band. In the same way I have tried to encapsulate a lively dance atmosphere in the animated scenes, I have used appropriate props, such as dance floors, spotlights and headphones.<br />In the same way I overlaid the text on the video; which creates a lively and vibrant image for the audience. Also the text provides an extra visual stimulant and states the lyrics and title of the song; the large letters and eye catching colors stressing the importance of the title.<br />Screenshot from Swedish House Mafia “One (Your Name) music video.<br />
  4. 4. Moreover, I used strong colours and imagery such as the light blue sky contrasted with a night sky at the end of the video, which shows the time that has passed during the fun and vibrant experience. I conveyed a theme of strong passion and the pleasure involved between two characters which appeal and represent the target audience as well as linking into the genre . Therefore in the music video fairly complex issues have been explored, as the music video explores the transitory nature of an intimate relationship and their impact. For my DVD cover and Promotional Cover, the illustration which I used was similar to other generic products. To begin with, the main theme of my DVD cover was focused around the symbols of the turntables and headphones, which directly links to the music video; similar symbols are predominantly used in the video. The symbols of turntables and headphones are used in other Music DVD Covers which I have seen being sold in shops such as HMV and ASDA. An example of one is “The Mash Up Mix 2009” which uses the symbol of the headphones and use vibrant colours which are full of energy. My DVD cover uses more blues and greens and in the same way I have made sure the symbol was enlarged to grab the audiences attention and to instantly send out connotations of the dance genre. <br />Symbols of turntables, disks and headphones (on the spine of the DVD)<br />
  5. 5. To add to this, with my Promotional Cover I focused on promotion of the Music DVD and I used various colours which were also used in both the Music DVD and Video; the bright reds, blues and greens, The fonts and colours of the texts for both the DVD and Promo Cover were similar and represented energy and were uplifting; again I was trying to make connections to the music genre and the track itself. The character used on the promo cover is the same character from the music video, the whole idea of this character was to keep everything about him ambiguous to the audience (having no facial features intrigues the audience as to who he is and later on in the video his actions really reflect his personality and character). <br />Anonymous character<br /><ul><li>No facial features which leave the audience guessing
  6. 6. Intrigues audience
  7. 7. Personality and character reflected by actions in video
  8. 8. Vibrant and eccentric costume reflects his </li></ul> lifestyle<br />