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  1. 1. ‘Rabbit Soup’ ScheduleWeek Date Schedule Notes1 08.02 Storyboards and such1 09.02 Finalise Storyboards and such Should all be onwards Start Animatic finished by the time of half term1 10.02 Find actors Period 1-2 Michael Josh Media students? Sixth form students? Finish animatic in spare time2 13.02 Tests/Shoot Josh will be in onwards Shoot scenes without Josh Essex. Need to need to arrange time with other actors shoot without him wherever possible.3 22.02 Shoot Sturminster Newton3 23.02 Shoot Would be shooting whenever free between media lessons.4 29.02 Shoot/Edit Do ASAP Finish shooting if necessary but really should be editing. May need to edit in spare time4 01.03 Finish Editing