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Bridget jones (james bates)


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Bridget jones (james bates)

  1. 1. Bridget Jones Diary S
  2. 2. Bridget Jones DiaryHere the opening sequence begins with a long shot of a street with a house/flat inthe middle of the screen, Bridget (main character) is narrating at this point talkingabout how lonely she is, the fact that the streets are empty with snow on the groundhelps suggest the loneliness even more, also the post with the party hat shows thatshe is alone as we later find her drinking and signing on her own as if its her wonlittle party, all of the clues like party hat and snow suggest that this is the holidayperiod were everyone comes together to celebrate this event ,however Bridget isalone with no family or friends. The difference between a thriller and this genre ofromance comedy isslowerBecause it is much the pacewith the transitions andmovement within the scene(mise en scene).
  3. 3. Bridget Jones DiaryWhen then come inside the apartment and we first see Bridget alone on the sofa,the sofa and Bridgets clothing are both red, this helps support the fact this isduring the holiday’s. we also have the music of ‘all by myself’ playing during therest of the opening scene, this confirms that she is all alone during the holiday’s,we have a cut to the TV to show what she is doing alone whilst smoking anddrinking, at the end of this section she checks the answering machine to show thatshe is looking to see if anyone has called but there was nomessages on it, this showeven more that she hasno one to be with.
  4. 4. Bridget Jones DiaryHere we cut to a slight close up of her face of her drinking alone, she then startssigning along with the song, this show the audience that even she has admitted thatshe alone with no one to care for. The way she signs is very wimpy as if she iscrying about herself, she start to pretend to play the guitar at one point, thissuggests that she is using drink to block out the pain as she is drunk. The differencehere is that this point is the first close-up of the character whereas in thriller wehave loads of close-up’s revealing the scene slowly , but this reveals the wholescene at the start with a master shot of the room.
  5. 5. Bridget Jones DiaryThe titles throughout the scene are all san serif and yellow coloured, whereasthrillers are blue and serif, this is because the emotion in this scene is very sad anddepressed for the fact that she has no one to love, but a thriller uses there titles tocreate tension and suspense, here she starts putting energy into the movementsand signing, this expresses the full emotion she has because she is alone and asthe opening scene goes on she gets more and more depressed. The otherdifferences from a thriller is the fact that the lighting in very bright although thrillerskeep a dark lighting to keep all the scene concealed from the audience.