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Music video directory

  1. 1. MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTORY These two directors visualize what they see, whether it being from dream or just a quick thought that has come to mind. They first listen to the song and then portray it, from what they have heard to what they want out of it. The artists personally ask for the directors for the work that they have seen in other music videos and expect the directors to have all the in put and the artist not to have any. As usually artist have a say as to what they want to do or what they want in the music video.
  2. 2. MICHEL GONDRY An Academy Award-winning French filmmaker, whose works include being a commercial director, music video director, and a screenwriter. He is noted for his inventive visual style and manipulation of mise en scène.
  3. 3. PAUL MCCARTNEY DANCE TONIGHT This music video was quite fun and uplifting. You see creativity with the ghosts in the video running around the house. The appearance of the artist has not changed, more like himself. The music video is both performance and narrative based. In the beginning you are shown how the instrument is taken to McCartney, then as the instrument is taken out and McCartney is playing it, he sings in front of the camera, not all the time but he is acknowledging that there is one there. I did not however grasp what the connection was with the lyrics and visuals. As they were ghosts and the song was about coming round and dancing although no one was. The music video overall was interesting but there were some lose connections.
  5. 5. WYCLEF JEAN ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST This music video had a lot of colour within it. The appearance of the artist was unusual being a security guard, which told me that there was going to be some kind of storyline behind the music video. With it being performance based you are taken along on a journey. With the whole music video there is actually a connection. As the artist in the video is trying to get the statue of the lead singer Freddie Mercury of the rock group ‘Queen’. As this song is Queen’s originally, Wyclef has done his own version of the song and has turned it into a rap. As he is trying to get ‘Freddie Mercury’ back at the end it is funny as they associate him with the queen of England.
  7. 7. MICHEL GONDRY OPINION Gondry’s music videos vary as one a few of them connect with the lyrics and the story behind the song. Although there are some that don’t. I do appreciate he is very creative and clever, which he showed in the Wyclef music video.
  8. 8. CHRIS CUNNINGHAM Chris Cunningham is a British music video film director and video artist.
  9. 9. MADONNA FROZEN The way that this music video has be presented is with a lot of dark colours, such as grey and black. It is creative as there are doubles within the music videos. The appearance of the artist is gloomy and mysterious, a dif ferent side to the artist that you wouldn’t be used to and not quite understand. The music video was performance based as the artist was singing to the camera, with a few special ef fects. The lyrics and visuals did not relate at all, it was very detached and unusual. It left me trying to find a bit of understanding, but I was left quite lost.
  11. 11. APHEX T WIN COME TO DADDY With this music video it was again quite dark and gloomy. There was parts of creativity placed into the video, with the over size none human figure that was screaming at the old woman. The appearance from the people within the video were frightening and unreal, apart from the old woman. This song would narrative based, although I was n ot sure what Cunningham was trying to show. This music video did not have much substance to it and was more like a horror/thriller film than a music video. Making me not want to continue watching anymore.
  13. 13. CHRIS CUNNINGHAM OPINION Watching both of Cunninghams music video, I found they were very gloomy and dark. There was great special ef fects but the song and lyrics did not go together. It is not all the time that they have to, although there was not any part that linked into the song in anyway. It’s as though the music video is meant for another song but the right song couldn’t be found and a random one was picked. With artists such as Madonna trying to target a dif ferent audience will revert her current audience from listening to her as she has changed so drastically and you can not understand the meaning of the music video. If you are not understanding what is going on in a music video you will turn to another one that makes a bit more sense.