POSTER Evaluation


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POSTER Evaluation

  1. 2. To start with, I had selected two chosen photos of each person, myself and my partner, and then edited them both on “Photoshop”, in order to remove the background, so each separate picture could be edited together. Here, is the final edited picture, ready to become the base or background of our promotional poster. As you can see, this photo has clearly been edited, I added a glow effect and a soft blur in order to finalize the photograph and allow it to look more presentable.
  2. 3. Here is the same picture from the previous slide, and as you can see, a “pop art” effect has been added in order to re-create this “lively” and in a way, R&B feel to the image. The bright and vibrant colours reflect the fun and care-free attitude, usually presented throughout the R&B genre. The facial features and other details are distorted here, however this does not necessarily matter as this image will only be used as the background and not as the centre image or the centre of attention.
  3. 4. Once again, photographed images had been edited to remove the background, on “Photoshop”, so that we would be left with just the main image, this made the photographs easier to manipulate an manoeuvre in the ways in which were desired. These two separate images were then edited together, in order to add a further dimension to the image as a whole, showing slight distance between the two characters, reflecting the title of the song being promoted “Space” , this was done by converting the size of each separate image, the person on the left was made to look larger, however it was complete opposite for the character on the right, this immediately creates the illusion that the image was originally photographed this way.
  4. 5. This image, was then ready to become the main image for the promotional poster, so it was then placed onto the “pop art” background, which was made previously in the production process. This image was placed correctly so that where the natural image cut off at the bottom, it was placed directly onto the bottom of the poster, so it looked as if that was the intention for the poster.
  5. 6. Not long before creating the poster, me and my colleague had discovered a basic picture editing website, which we had noticed had some great elements which could be used within our product, this included essentials such as text and shape images. So, we had uploaded our basis for the poster and agreed on completing it on the website, adding any details, which were considered necessary. Shown here, is our image on the actual website, in the stage of editing, in the top left-hand corner, a grey/black sketched heart and a selection of white butterflies were placed together to add another aspect towards our poster, the heart, obviously to show love and the butterflies, the express the freedom and the care-free lifestyle of the characters shown. Here is the heart and butterflies, which were added via the website .
  6. 7. Once the images were added into the top, left corner, we decided on the font from a small range we used the one as shown, myself and my peer had agreed that it would be unique to see a poster with the heading text on the right-third at a 90 degree angle, anti-clockwise, this positioning looked best out of all the attempts we had tried, so we enlarged the text and then allowed it to keep its original position. Here is the text, used as the heading, created via .
  7. 8. As, you can see here, a “lure” has been added in white text, in a font different from the one used to create the heading. The words “OUT NOW” help entice the consumers to the product, allowing it to sound like a new product, the exclamation mark, allows it to be seen as a shout-out to the audience as individuals making it seen as if the poster is actually talking to them, boosting the sales of the CD product itself just by a simple, yet eye-catching feature on the promotional poster. Here is a piece of text used as a lure generated from .
  8. 9. The final step within the production process was to promote the album price which is usually a key feature when looked upon real media promotions, so we added the price, just beneath the heading as this place seemed appropriate, once again, we used black text, however we used a different font from the rest to present creativity, just to be different. Me an my partner agreed that “less is more” so we thought our product should be left at this point and was complete, as adding anything else would be too much for a simple poster, as posters are supposed to lure the target audience in, using a small sum of techniques. Here is the price using a text created by .
  9. 10. Now, here is the finishing product for my promotional poster, as you can see, a defined house-style runs through, including the text and colours used, this same idea runs through the CD (subsidiary task), which is something that would usually be portrayed through a real media product. This poster is simple, but it does include the majority of codes and conventions, reinforcing the fact that it promotes the CD which goes with the music video. Ways to improve: If I was to complete this task again, given more time I would definitely try out more image varieties including a range of objects/people, also exploring the positioning and poses in another way to show a wider side of creativity. I would also explore more with the layout, using more than one particular real media product as my guide instead of focusing on the basic structure of one. Another way of improvement for me would be to aim for a more professional look, rather than amateur, so it would fit in more with a real media product. Good points... I do believe there are a few good points in this product as the codes and conventions are clearly displayed as it includes all the information that a promotional poster should. Also there is a clear house style shown throughout, especially when laid side-by-side with its CD. The genre of R&B is also smartly displayed as all the things included in this poster relate back to R&B in some shape or form, even the clothing and poses used presents the genre as these are poses we would see in magazines and through other forms of media, also the clothing is very modern and what we would expect to see in any high-street store, due to a low budget we could not afford “posh frocks” so we made do with what we already had and it emphasised the reality of R&B music and its genre as a whole. The finalized promotional poster.