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Year 7 Science
To Inifnity and Beyond

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  1. 1. {{
  2. 2. Recap What causes the phases of the moon? Name the phases of the moon in order starting with the New Moon What Causes the seasons? How does this affect the seasons at the poles?
  3. 3. SPACE Eclipses
  4. 4. Eclipse myths and legends • In Ancient China, they believed that solar eclipses were caused by a giant dragon eating the sun. The Emperor ordered that to frighten the dragon away, loud drums were to be beaten and arrows fired into the air. After the few minutes, the loud noises and weapons scared off the dragon, and the sun returned. • The ancient Inuit peoples believed that the sun and moon were gods, and during a solar eclipse they left their places in the sky to see how things were doing on Earth. • Can you think of a legend explaining lunar eclipses?
  5. 5. Video  Nasa You Tube Clip  v=lNi5UFpales
  6. 6. Eclipses  Eclipses happen when one planetary or celestial body passes into the shadow of another.  Eclipse is a Greek word that means “cease to exist”.
  7. 7.  The two most common kinds of eclipses are:  1. A Solar Eclipse – when the sun is blocked by the moon.  The moon’s shadow falls on the Earth and it seems to us that the sun ceases to exist momentarily…  …at least for the people under the black shadow.
  8. 8. Solar eclipse • When the moon goes between the Sun and the Earth, casting a shadow Total Partial Annular
  9. 9. Practical Activity In open area Use the polystyrene balls and lamps to observe how eclipses form. Answer the questions on the prac sheet.
  10. 10. Solar Eclipse  A solar eclipse happens when the moon comes between the Sun and the Earth
  11. 11. Using your knowledge of solar eclipses can you guess what a lunar eclipse is? Solar eclipse
  12. 12. Lunar eclipse
  13. 13. Worksheets Paste the worksheets into your books and have a go at answering the questions.
  14. 14. Quizlet  Log onto GenEd and open Quizlet.  Have a go at the flash cards first and then try the other activities.  Work through at your own pace and challenge yourself with the game when you’re ready.
  15. 15. Review Explain the difference between a Solar and Lunar Eclipse.