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Essential vocabulary we must know


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This presentation has two parts. Part 1 is gives 200 most common words in English. Part 2 gives common words we use in our day to day interaction. It also gives 30 most frequently used words in English.

Essential vocabulary we must know

  1. 1. Presented BY: The English Academy 91 88666 80407 Page 1
  2. 2. 200 Most Common Words the what because come last of their two work great and if over made always to would don’t never away a about get things look in no see such mean that said any make men I up much still each it when these something three was been way being Page why 2
  3. 3. 200 Most Common Words is out how didn’t also he them down that’s should for do fact even Mr. you my first really once on more did here find with who back long house as me got am rather be like our old few but can go world both had very new old Page 3 though
  4. 4. 200 Most Common Words they has has day kind at him where children while his some after life every not into your oh year this now man off under are think her quite home or well little same does by know too take sort time again against life another she many could good Page 4 perhaps
  5. 5. 200 Most Common Words from people going came far one it’s through course left all other most thing place there than years between around her it is used before might were only own thought nothing which will us want end an may yes those says so without just right put have than went looked Page part 5
  6. 6. 30 most frequently used words Frequency Word Frequency Word Frequency Word 1 the 11 for 21 have 2 of 12 as 22 you 3 and 13 with 23 which 4 to 14 was 24 are 5 a 15 his 25 on 6 in 16 he 26 or 7 that 17 be 27 her 8 is 18 not 28 had 9 i 19 by 29 at 10 it 20 but 30 from Page Most frequently used in speech: I 6
  7. 7. Words of Daily use-Town Hospital Bookshop Casino Traffic Lights Car Showroom Bed Bus Stop Library Department Village Breakfast Optician’s River Store Town Hall Office Building Site Tennis Court Market Place Lake Bakery Mosque School Chemist Bridge Apartment Block Clothes Shop Community University Police Station Bank Football Stadium Centre College Holiday Resort Church Post Office Building Town PublicPage 7 Toilets
  8. 8. Words of Daily use- Food & Drink Milk Pizza Crisps Meat Pie Carrot Mineral Water Cheese Chocolate Chips Rice Fruit Lemonade Fish Food Soup Cereal Lamb Flour Pasta Orange Meal Onion Vegetable Strawberry Bread Sausage Nut Chicken Water Tomato Potato Butter Apple Beef Banana Wine Fruit Juice Egg Mushroom 8 Page
  9. 9. Words of Daily use- Shopping Aisle Market Trolley Pence Way Out Local Shop Till Change Shelf Bench Customer Sale Restaurant Bag Refund Groceries Way In Checkout Cash Point Delicatessen Cash Promotion Express Lane Receipt Money Car Park Checkout Queue Lift Shop Debit Card Assistant Manager Shopping Centre Escalator Price Scales Supermarket Pounds Opening Times Page 9
  10. 10. Words of Daily use- Health Infection Pharmacy Dentist Nurse Prescription Bruise Surgery Injection Fever Wheelchair Toothbrush Stethoscope Stitches Tablets Allergy Cut Stretcher Receptionist Examination Patient Stomach Ache Toothpaste Headache X-Ray Rash Health Broken Bone Doctor Accident Emergency Hospital Crutch Plaster Problem Illness Cancer Ambulance Appointment Waiting Room Needle 10 Page
  11. 11. Words of Daily use- Transport Fare Bus Passenger Commuter Car Petrol Pump Take-off Canoe Engine Taxi Tyre Motorway Station Airplane Cancellation Boat Fine Driver Ferry Bike Ticket Cruise Train Tractor Emergency Exit Roundabout Garage Runway Van Journey Driving License Car Park Road Ship Road Sign Reservation Motorbike Flight Service Station Airport 11 Page
  12. 12. Words of Daily use- Family Girl father-in-law sister-in-law nephew grandson mother boyfriend brother-in-law mum daughter Son adopted family mother-in-law uncle parent Child granddad foster parent woman brother Niece grandchild granddaughter girlfriend baby ex aunt father Boy grandma man family husband Fiancé cousin partner fiancée sister Wife Dad Boy Page 12
  13. 13. Words of Daily use- Clothes Slipper buttons dress jumper knickers Zip earring suit pants coat Vest blouse trousers underwear pajamas Tracksuit nightdress high heels ring scarf Tie bra t-shirt necklace sock shirt handbag uniform hat glove belt shoe jacket top trainer Slipper buttons dress jumper knickers 13 Page
  14. 14. Words of Daily use- Work Pharmacist Farmer Electrician Decorator Baker Sales Assistant Jeweler Florist Estate Agent Actor Gardener Nurse Artist Accountant Optician Plumber Doctor Admin Assistant Hairdresser Singer Manager Mechanic Painter Chauffeur Nursery Nurse Security Guard Police Officer Train Driver Dj Director Pharmacist Farmer Electrician Decorator Baker Sales Assistant Jeweler Florist Estate Agent Actor 14 Page
  15. 15. Words of Daily use- Home house bedroom bungalow dining room garage carpet apartment cooker washing machine freezer bathroom detached house flat fireplace ceiling light semi-detached cupboard kitchen stairs DVD player house garden door wall Bed Bath Shower Sofa dining table floor toilet sink living room dining chair fridge radiator television sideboard hall Page 15
  16. 16. Words of Daily use- Leisure tent cooking hiking cycling skiing swimming pool camping picnic leisure centre holiday internet relaxation volleyball sleeping bag theatre tennis hobby hotel rugby climbing fishing cinema computer game park swimming reading café sunbathing sport playground watching TV safari park golf football jogging weekend bowling club basketball beach amusement park Page 16
  17. 17. Presented BY: The English Academy 91 88666 80407 Page 17