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Does good english matter


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This presentation is about why it is important to learn English. It describes views of various employers, industry hr heads about why they think learning English is important

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Does good english matter

  1. 1. The English Academy 88666 80407, Corporate Training │ Personality Development │ Mentoring │ Hand Holding
  2. 2. Does Good English Matter?
  3. 3. A senior recruiter at Citigroup says: “When hiring someone; I find that strong writing skills are a tie breaker.” “If I have two similar candidates in front of me, every time I’ll hire the one who can write better.” Page 1
  4. 4. Gary Blake, Communication Workshop leader says: “When I go around the country talking with big corporate clients, I am surprised at the number of managers who complain Darryl Cross.flv that nobody who works for them can write a simple paragraph. You can have the greatest ideas in the world, But they are no good to anyone. Page If you can’t express them clearly & persuasively1
  5. 5. Views of some employers in the USA on English Skills Of the 1,000 largest employers in the U.S., 96% say that employees must have good communication skills to get ahead. Page 1
  6. 6. Views of some Indian employers on Communication skills of entry level job seekers! Source: Times of India Page 1
  7. 7. Head of HR department of an MNC says: These days, to find a job in any multinational or any good company effective communication is essential. “To attain a corporate job with a multinational company you need to communicate effectively, write reports & put together presentations. Tragically, majority of candidates lack fluency & polish. They are poor in grammar, including even those who have studied in English medium Schools. They are unable to construct grammatically correct sentences. They also grapple with pace, tone Page 1 & pronunciation.”
  8. 8. Head of a Call Center says, “Today’s youth either have a pathetic command over the English Language or very weak delivery system & hence their communication is wasted. In fact, we reject 90% of those who apply for voice-based positions due to poor communication skills. Page 1
  9. 9. Head of a manufacturing factory says: In addition to poor grammar today’s youth have grave problems with listening, comprehending, assimilatin g & responding. We face problems. Our employees need to express themselves well. We don’t provide language training. We expect them to have strong communication skills to start with. Page 1
  10. 10. Questions asked to common men in a Survey on English Skills S. No. Question Response 1 Do you judge other people based on their writing? Yes 2 What bothers you most about how people write? Poor Grammar 3 How often do you see examples of bad writing? Almost Daily 4 Where do you see it? Everywhere 5 Do you apply the same writing standards to social media? Yes
  11. 11. Final Word on Good Writing Skills Stephen Redder of Portland State University found that college graduates having good writing skills earn more than three times then those having poor writing skills earn!!!!!!! Page 1
  12. 12. Does Good English Matter?