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Recee final bedroom


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Recee final bedroom

  1. 1. Film Production: Recee SheetRecee Number: 1 Location Address: 7 Lockswell close, Chippenham SN15 3UR indoorDay: 2 Date: 6/03/11 Time of Day: 12pm to 6pmGeneral description:What is the location: This is the location of the bedroom- in this scene we will see Felicity getting up and getting ready. We have Lauren Stanley’s permission to film here.What would you film here: In this location we will be filming our main character, FelicityHarrison, firstly getting up then after the bathroom scene we see Felicity putting on aNecklace and lip gloss while a voice over starts up introducing her friends.Public Usage: We are filming in Laurens’ bedroom so it is a pretty private place and no one willenter apart from Lauren, who is in our filming so this shouldn’t prove a problem.Power Supply: are there any electrical points to charge the camera? YESLighting:How well lit is the site? The light isn’t so bright in the bedroom location however wewant it to be fairly dark as it is meant to be early in the morning so this works toour favour. Also when Felicity gets up the curtains “electrically” open giving out more light.Where does the light come from? On the desk we will place a lamp so we could get some light to the location when the curtains are shut as the main light on the ceiling would be too bright. Another light source is from the sun when we open the curtains.Will you require extra lighting? In this scene we have to be careful we need to givethe effect that it is morning but withoutHow will you white balance the camera? In editingSound and Noise:Are there any background sounds? There shouldn’t be as the location is in a house.Are these natural or man-made? If there is, it will be from cars which are man-made.
  2. 2. Will these affect the shoot? This wont affect shooting to the extent to wherewe cant film as it would be normal to hear cars in our films as we are in a house.Health and Safety:Electrical (power lines etc): We are inside so no danger of power linesTrip hazards: If we don’t clean up as we go there could be a danger of trippingFire hazards: There are no fire hazards unless the hair curlers are left unattendedMachinery: No machinery is usedPotential for street crime: We are in a house so no street crime.Permission Required? YES Contact Name: Lauren Stanley Number: 01249660685Site Evaluation: go through the following points and give each of the criteria a mark out of10 (10 being the best)Suitability: How suitable is the location to your shoot? 9 /10Public Usage: Will the area be used by the public? Could this be a nuisance? 10/10Power supply: Is there a power supply? What will you do if batteries fail? 10 /10Space to Move: Is there enough room to fit in the actors, crew and camera? 9 /10Lighting: Is the site dark? Will you require extra lighting? 9 /10Sound and Noise: Will any background noises affect the shoot? 9 /10Health and Safety: IMPORTANT ! How safe is the site? 9 /10