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Tom evaluation

  1. 1. All my media texts are in some way conventional, adhering to existing conventions ofadvertising, taking inspiration from real media products. I chose to use typical conventions ofsport advertising as I wanted my sports product - Max Relax, to appeal to its target audience and allow them to understand its purpose.One of these conventional advertising styles withinthe mise-en-scene was my linear narrative. Thisgave my adverts a beginning, (protagonist placed ina situation) middle (solution using product) and anend (improvement of protagonist‟s sport). Thisdistinctive narrative is common in advertising suchas the advert I analysed for VW polo. However, I donot think I was being stereotypical with this as allthe sport advertisements I analysed did not followthis structure within their mise-en-scene, connotingI developed my niche genre to some extent.
  2. 2. My media product follows typical conventions of a traditionaladvert, lasting around 30 seconds meaning my message has tobe put across quickly. These adverts have become increasinglytargeted to a niche audience, which is a convention I have San Serif fontsused. This is denoted in my product as it is masculine,connoting its aimed specifically at males through san seriffont, an iconic representation of boldness and power. Thisrepresentation is connoted further in the Powerade advert,with the protagonist being a male, which is anotherconvention I used for my product. Male protagonists Another convention typical of traditional sports adverts, is when the audience is introduced to the advert with close up shot to establish the sport that is being played right from the start which I recognised in my research of the Golf Pride advertisement. I used this shot also to open my adverts as it makes the text easier to comprehend and digest. I also incorporated the variety of shots the Golf Pride advert uses Golf Pride in a short space of time to show the action shot of the golf ball being hit and the football being kicked. This creates pace within the filming which I believed made the texts engaging to watch, which is vital for a traditional 30 second advert.
  3. 3. Furthermore, I adhered to conventional styles I have also used forms of sound within myof sport within my mise-en-scene by the conventions of my media product. This islocation I used for my texts. These locations because within my diegetic sound, thewere very typical within sport, as I used a golf protagonists (golfer/footballer) do not talkcourse for my golf texts, and a football pitch for throughout the adverts or sponsorshipmy football texts. This denotes that my media sequences. This connotes that the audienceproduct is professional as I use the correct are reliant on the protagonist‟s performanceenvironment for each corresponding sport, to understand the product. This conventionwhich could connote a degree of continuity. of sound is a style which I noticed in theHowever, whereas my golf texts were on a real Powerade advert with Wayne Rooney, whogolf course, my football texts were on a football doesn‟t talk either. The reason I used thispitch, but not a stadium where real media texts convention was because I believe in aare more likely to feature for this sport. This traditional advert of 30 seconds,denotes that I didn‟t have the authority like real complication cannot arise and diegeticmedia products do, connoting I have subjected sound from the protagonist may mean thissome conventions in my location within the would occur.mise-en-scene. Max Relax Real media product
  4. 4. After researching advertisement to broaden my knowledge, I came across theadvert for that shaped part of my idea, of denoting that myproduct Max Relax improves performance by including the bad performanceand the good performance after using my product. The chipshot advert showssimilarities to my campaign when the man in the advert demonstrates a badgolf shot. However, I developed my advert further to improve my productsrepresentation by denoting that Max Relax also improves performance byincluding a shot of the athlete hitting a good golf shot/football kick, connotingthe product brings about success rather than failure which could berepresented to some in the advert. Max Relax improving golf shot
  5. 5. Another convention that I developed within mycampaign within the editing of the adverts for myproduct was to maintain speed in the shots where thefootball and golf ball was hit. During my research,adverts I analysed altered the speed of shots. This isdenoted in the Powerade advert when Wayne Rooneykicks the ball into the goal. The speed of the ball isreduced, which I had the option to do on Adobe Powerade - slowPremiere by changing the speed/duration of the clip. motionHowever, I felt that after analysing this advert, the slowmotion effect made the shot in the Powerade advertunrealistic and therefore connotes a degree ofpostmodernism. I edited my clip differently though, bymaintaining the speed of this shot in my advert. Notonly did made it fast paced and engaging, butincreased the adverts verisimilitude, which wouldbuild trust towards my niche audience. Max Relax – maintain normal speed
  6. 6. To some extent, I challenged the conventions of real media products within my sound. I didthis by using non diegetic sound in my campaign. Although the Powerade advert did havenon diegetic music, all the other adverts I analysed which were sport related didn‟t have it.And relied on the sounds of the sport. I chose to challenge this and include non diegetic musicwithin my sound once the product had been used. I felt that this added excitement connotingthat the audience would be more engaged and want to watch or listen to the rest of the text.Furthermore, another challenge towards traditional conventions of real media sportsproducts, was attempting to apply humour towards my main adverts. This is somethingwhich is rare in traditional sport adverts as the purpose of the product has to be denoted tothe audience in a short time, which in some cases can be difficult for sport related activities.However, I challenged this in my football advertisement by making my protagonist fall overwhen demonstrating the bad shot, which I hoped an audience would find funny. Protagonist falling
  7. 7. I also challenged a convention of the mise-en-scene within my sponsorship sequences. Thisbecause I didn‟t include the logo of sky sports at the end of the sponsorship, which is thechannel that my product is sponsoring, denoting an unconventional characteristic. Thereason I made this decision is because I felt it didn‟t promote Max Relax as well, byincluding the logo of an existing organisation on my campaign. However, I am still notentirely sure that this was the correct decision as an audience may not be able to easilyassociate Sky Sports with my text. This could affect its popularity as Sky Sports is a wellknown channel Sky sports logo include in My Max Relax sponsorship this Carlsberg sponsorship doesn‟t include the logo
  8. 8. To a large extent, the combination between my main adverts and ancillary texts such as mysponsorship sequences and radio advert are very effective. Researching helped me to recognise theimportance of relationship between texts to help create a successful campaign.This is known an SYNERGY – “ The interaction of two or more agents so that their combined effectis greater than the sum of their individual effects”My two main adverts denote large synergy through avariety of aspects. These images denote that in both thefootball and golf adverts, the product is held upidentically, at roughly the same point in each advert,connoting that this shot would be recognisable to anaudience. Furthermore, parody is another theme within my two main adverts which makes them interlink. This is because comedy is used when the footballer and golfer miss the ball. I used the same idea in both adverts because it binds the adverts closer together with more attention to detail, which I believe will make the adverts memorable.
  9. 9. Furthermore, both adverts and sponsorshipsequences denote combination through the use ofbricolage, when bits of existing material is stucktogether in another piece of material. This is evident Main advertsin the main adverts and sponsorships when thetwo protagonists use the exact same pose to denotetheir high status at the end of the texts which helpsto recognise that in the campaign synergy hashelped to create a relationship between texts. Sponsorship sequencesFurthermore, effective combination between the main and ancillary texts is denoted furtherthrough the non diegetic music. The music which I found from Garage Band was called Headspinwhich I used in my main adverts, sponsorship sequences and radio advert. This connotes a formof intertexual reference as the same music is used throughout my campaign, helping my nicheaudience to become more familiar with the music and recognise it is related to Max Relax. Not only does the non diegetic sound denote synergy, but diegetic Headspin sound does also, as in the main and music from ancillary texts, the same voice over Garage Band is used to say the name and slogan for radio of the product, a traditional trait for advert and a successful advertising campaign. main adverts
  10. 10. A combination between my texts is denoted again within my radio advert. Further synergy is evident by including the sound of the golf ball being, a sound from garage band at the start and finish of the advert. This connotes synergy has occurred because the sound reinforces the sport genre that is the focus in my adverts and sponsorship sequences, which builds a relationship between all my texts further. Therefore my niche audience of males who play sport can recognise my radio advert as part of the Max Relax campaign.However, the effectiveness of my main andancillary texts combination could have beenstronger, but sometimes I missedopportunities to do this. An example of thisis when I used a close up shot in my mainadverts to show my products logo.However, in my sponsorship sequences, Ididn‟t include a shot of my logo, whichmay result in my audience not recognising My sponsorshipthe product and its combination relation sequence does notwith the main adverts. include my logo like my adverts.
  11. 11. The begin with, I posted the links of my Max Relax texts onto social networking sites such asFacebook and Twitter to gain audience feedback. I soon realised that this was pointless. Thisis because my friends gave me feedback which wasn‟t of much relevance and not criticalenough towards my texts.I therefore decided to use Google Docs which gave a link of my texts and then aQuestionnaire to answer for my feedback. This had closed questions which I could analyseclosely, and closed questions so I could understand opinions and reason for my audiencesdecisions. Using Google Docs was a more sophisticated approach for my audience feedbackas it was directed towards anyone and not just friends. This is connoted in my results whichwere more useful. The questions to my questionnaire were based around things I wantedmy texts to achieve such as “Did you understand the purpose of the products, based on theadverts?” This is because I had an idea of how successful my campaign was and possiblethings I could of improved. Questionnaire Questionnaire responses
  12. 12. This was the first question in my questionnaire, as I felt it was an important one. This is becausein order for my texts to be successful and maintain my audiences attention throughout, the textshad to engage them fully. The feedback back was extremely positive, with 9 of my 12 replies(75%) denoting my media texts were engaging, with only 3 people (25%) disagreeing. Theconnotation of these results mean that the majority of people were engaged, meaning my targetaudience was more likely to be captured as they would watch the texts from beginning to endwithout being distracted. Moreover, this may also connote that the audience gained a betterunderstanding of the products purpose as they were likely to have watched the whole of thetexts.
  13. 13. Part b of question 1, was only if the answer to the part a was no. I included this question to see whysome people felt my texts were not engaging, so I knew where I went wrong and what things Icould have done to improve. It also could clarify doubts I had about certain aspects of my productoriginally which I decided not to change, and help me to be more decisive in the future.“I don‟t like sport” and “I don‟t follow interest in sport” – These were 2 of the 3 responses whoanswered no to question 1. The reason for the answer is the same, that these people do not likesport. I can understand this, because if they do not like the topic, then the texts are not likely toengage them. I did take this into consideration before I constructed my texts as I knew my targetmarket was a niche audience and therefore wasn‟t targeted at people who are not interested insport. However, these comments are still useful because it denotes that my assumption was true,connoting that it is crucial that my texts are as good as possible for my niche audience to take aninterest in, otherwise my market would decrease massively.“It was boring” – This was the last of the responses for question 1b, which I believe is an anomaly.This is because out of all my responses for question 1, this was the only response who though it wasboring. Also, its directionless as its very general and doesn‟t give me an insight into why they foundmy media text boring so I know what I could do to better this.
  14. 14. Although all the questions in the questionnaire were key in order for me to understandhow effective my campaign was, I feel this is the most critical. This is because advertisingonly works if the audience can digest and interpret the text to understand what it is theproduct being advertised is showing. If this is not achieved, the product will not sell.Therefore, I was extremely satisfied with my results for this question, with 9 people (75%)understanding the purpose of the product, which connotes that my advertising of MaxRelax was successful because it was understand by a large majority. 3 people however(25%) did not understand the products purpose. This is a disappointment as I felt one ofthe strongest aspects of my advert was its purpose. Although, this will help me learn thateach individual has there own interpretation of a text, implied by the uses andgratifications theory. This theory states that audiences now challenge media products andprefer choice to what they consume, connoting their view of my adverts were critical.
  15. 15. “Instantly, you could tell the product was to enhance sporting performance by introducing theopening shot with a golf club and ball/football” - This response denotes that it was relevant tomake sure my opening shot introduced the sporting genre. I am glad about this becauseoriginally it wasn‟t something I planned, until I spoke with me teacher who believed this is acommon convention which would capture my sports audience immediately.“There was a clear narrative, from bad performance to good performance after product use” -This comment connotes that the linear narrative of my adverts which I adhered to benefited theproduct understanding. I think this is because to audience could clearly recognise that after MaxRelax was used, the performance improved drastically, which advertised the product as the keyfactor in this change.“I don‟t understand what the product did to improve the performance” - This is a negativeunderstanding of my adverts, with the person feeling the reason for the improvement is notclear. This could connote that I did not include sufficient information into my advert. This isbecause the audience may not realise for example that the spray improves muscle pain asmuscles are not referred to in the texts, which means they could be unaware the spray relieves aninjured muscle to improve a players performance. From this, I have learnt that I need to cover allangles of understanding as an audience may analyse the advert deeper, an find missing pieces ofproduct information.
  16. 16. This question was very relevant in my audience feedback, as it would help me grasp if I the conventions I used in my adverts were good enough to class my texts as traditional adverts, which was my aim. These are the shortest adverts, normally 30- 60 seconds in length, so an accurate message needs to be created quickly. Traditional adverts are becoming increasingly targeted at niche audiences and provide entertainment for the viewer to increase a products sales.My results for the questions show I have clearly applied useful conventions to my adverts inorder to make them traditional. This is because 10 people (80%) of my audience feedback believemy adverts are traditional, and 2 people (20%) believing they are product placement. I believemy results are positive because my adverts lasted just over 30 seconds, a common convention ofmy advertising type. Also, because my audience was niche for my sport genre, I alsoincorporated entertainment, by using a sense of parody when the footballer falls over whenattempting to kick the ball, connoting a degree of postmodernism. Having positive results forthis question in particular denotes my feedback is useful, because my audience clearly areknowledgeable of the subject as a large majority could identify the type of adverts my campaignwere demonstrating. The reason two people believed it was a product placement advert, couldbe due to the fact that I placed my product in the middle of the advert rather than at the endwhere traditional adverts may usually show its product.
  17. 17. One challenge I faced within my production was deciding whether or not to include anynon diegetic sound. Originally I wasn‟t going to do this, as I believed it wouldn‟t fit withthe adverts and override the impact sounds of the football being kicked and golf ball beinghit. However, after completing my production, I felt something was missing and my textswere bland, so I decided to include music I found from Garage Band. Although, in doingthis, I still wasn‟t 100% sure it was the right decision, so I needed feedback from myaudience.The results for this question I felt were a little bit mixed. This is because although the majorityfelt the music worked (67%) , 33% didn‟t think this, which is rather high considering that‟s 4people out of the twelve which completed my questionnaire. This could connote that maybe notincluding non diegetic sound may of made my texts work better , which was my original idea.
  18. 18. To continue, as this was an aspect I was unsure of in my texts, I wanted to understand why usingnon-diegetic music didn‟t work well with my adverts and sponsorship sequences.“It came in half way through which made the change of sound very sudden and unnatural” and “Itwasn‟t very natural” – These two comments about the non-diegetic music are very similar,connoting that it didn‟t flow with the adverts very well. This is explained further in the firstcomment saying that the music appeared half way through, which could be the reason why itsounded unnatural as was unexpected. This means that maybe I should have been more subtlewhen using it so it was natural. I could of done this by using an audio fade at the beginning of themusic for longer than I did.Taking these comments into consideration, another option I could have used was to use thediegetic music from the start to finish of my main adverts. This is because the audience would hearit the whole time and therefore wouldn‟t sound odd. Also I believe doing this would improve thecontinuity of my campaign as a whole, because in my sponsorship sequence the non diegeticsound featured from start to start. Therefore doing the same in my main texts would strengthenthe combination of my texts even more so.
  19. 19. Again, I‟m analysing my feedback for this question to find out whether my logo and slogan werememorable. This is important because for my brand (Max Relax) to be successful, it must have aunique selling point to make it recognisable for a mass audience. This is achieved by having aneffective logo and slogan. An example of this is Nike, a brand recognised for their famous swooshtick, and simple slogan, “just do it” which allows this brand to not even include the name of thebrand anymore with its logo, due to its huge success. Therefore this question will help me identifyif my logo and slogan will allow my audience to remember my brand better. The feedback overall is fairly positive for my logo and slogan, with 8 people out of the 12 believing they were memorable. This indicates that my product could be recognised through these two features, which connotes a successful brand as most brands are known through their logo design and catchiness of the slogan. This also denotes that if I didn‟t include a slogan with my texts it wouldn‟t of been as successful with my audience connoting I made the right decision.However, 4 people didn‟t think the logo and slogan were memorable which is a fair amount ofpeople which has disappointed me. I asked people who said no to this question to leavecomments though, so I can find out why these aspects were not a success.
  20. 20. Looking back at my feedback as to why my slogan and logo wasn‟t memorable, each time it was thesame problem, which was time in which my logo appeared in my adverts.“It appeared in the middle which wasn‟t easy to remember as it wasn‟t the last thing on screen” and“The logo didn‟t appear at the end” – This is the general pattern of all my comments for thisquestion. The problem with my logo was that I used a close up shot of it on the spray in the middleof my advert. As I did this, I felt that I didn‟t need to show it again at the end, which maybe was thewrong decision because it then made it harder to remember for the viewers because in an advert, theaudience generally remember the last thing. However, this still connotes that my slogan was good,as I used it at the end to make it easy to remember. Also, although some of my audience think thelogo would be better at the end of the adverts, I still think the shot of the logo in the middle of thetexts was good and I wouldn‟t remove that if I did the advert again, as this shot makes it clear thereason for the change in performance is due to the product which is an important message.“The logo…wasn‟t used at all in the sponsorship sequences” – This comment I feel is the mostsignificant. This is because it illustrates a problem I was faced with in my construction of my texts. Ididn‟t include my logo at all in my sponsorship sequences. This is clearly a negative because there isno clear way of recognising my product. The reason for this was because I couldn‟t find anopportunity for it which was similar to my main adverts as the sponsorship sequences are different. Ididn‟t want to use it at the end because this shot was the same as the closing one in my main adverts,so using the logo hear and not in the main texts would of decreased continuity in my work. Now, Ithink the decision I should of made was to include it in a separate shot with a black background withthe logo of the programme it was sponsoring.
  21. 21. This is the final question of my questionnaire which I felt was relevant as it summed up mycampaigns success as a whole by including feedback of my final ancillary text - my radio advert.For this question, my feedback was rated out of 5, 1 being not a success and 5 being verysuccessful.My results from my audience feedback was mostly positive. No one answered the question with1, denoting my radio advert was not a failure. 4 people answered with a 4, and 2 answered with a5. This is half my audience who think my radio advert was successful, which is really good and itindicates my radio advert has come together well with my other texts to form an effectivecampaign for my product.However, 2 answered with 2 and 4 answered with 3. Although 3 is satisfactory, it doesn‟t connotethat they thought it was particularly good, however that is not too much of a worry. Although, 2people did not think it was a success. One person commented saying “It was too short and soundwas not loud enough”. My radio advert was only 17 seconds long, which in hindsight is too short.Originally I thought it was the right length because I didn‟t want to overcomplicate the audiencesunderstanding and I believed having too much dialogue would do this, because the purpose ofmy product is simple and elaboration wasn‟t needed. However, looking back at my research onradio adverts denotes I got this wrong. This is because a common conventional of radio adverts isthat they are roughly 30 seconds in length, connoting I was maybe too brief. Also, for some reasonthe sound did not sound loud once I uploaded my radio advert to my blog. It was noticeablewhen my diegetic sound of my narrator was overpowered by the non diegetic music. This madethe radio advert less smooth as there was a clear difference in the sounds.
  22. 22. However, I did receive some really positive feedback about my radio advert.“It showed continuity with other texts” – Firstly, a point about this piece of feedback whichpleased me was the media term „continuity‟ which denotes that my audience have clear knowledgeof the subject, connoting my feedback is extremely valuable. The comment itself indicates to methat I have tied my radio advert in well with my main adverts and sponsorship sequences. This isbecause the comment shows this person has recognised the link between them with my radioadvert. I think this is due to a variety of things. One of these being the sound effect of the golf ballbeing hit at the beginning and end of my radio advert, which incorporates the sport genre withinmy radio advert to build continuity with other texts. Also, I used the same narrator in my mainadverts and sponsorship as I did in my radio advert, making the tone of voice recognisable to myaudience. As well as this, the non diegetic music was also the same. I think then these aspects haveproved that my texts have a strong combination and one of the most successful things about myoverall project.To conclude, I feel my audience feedback has helped my greatly. Although it wasn‟t all solelypositive, the majority of it was, connoting my work was fairly successful and appealed to anaudience well. Also, having some negative feedback I believe is better than having all positive.This is because it means I can grasp things I could of done better, meaning it has been more of alearning curve, and has helped to better my knowledge. On the other hand, if my feedback was allpositive, I wouldn‟t of had anything to learn and my knowledge would of stayed at the samelevel.
  23. 23. In order to film the footage for my texts, I used a HD camera, which I learnt how to use lastyear in AS, which gave my confidence from the start of this years project. This camera gaveme high quality footage so my main and ancillary texts appeared professional. I filminglocations were at a golf club and football club, both of which I am a member of so gainingpermission to film here was easy so I could get started quickly. The only flaws with theequipment was the weather problems which on some days were windier than others,creating continuity errors in my sound. The main media technology I used in the construction of my production was AdobePremiere Pro. This programme allowed me to upload footage and organise it in sequences. Adobe Premiere –The editing of clips I found fairly easy as I also learnt this at AS level, although it still took up Sequence and Dip toa large amount of my time as I needed my adverts to be edited smoothly to make them look black toolas good as possible. Tools I found useful in Adobe Premiere Pro were the dip to black anddissolve tools as it pieced clips together nicely and made the end of my texts look pleasing towatch. Also, this programme allowed me to fix the sound problems due to the wind in myfilming, as I could take sounds from my other clips to cover the sound of wind where iscreated a continuity error. Garage Band is what allowed me to construct my radio advert. It offered a variety ofsound effects I could drag onto my podcast. It also recorded, which meant I used Garage Garage BandBand to record my narrator in my texts. The only sound that wasn‟t from here, was thesound for my the car alarm which I got from, connoting Garage Bandhelped me produce the majority of my radio advert. Not only for this, Garage Band alsoallowed me to convert sounds from there to iTunes, into Adobe Premiere, which is how I gotmy non-diegetic music for my other texts. Adobe Photoshop was a programme I used vaguely to produce my logo for myproduct. I drew a template which I scanned into Photoshop. Then I had access to many toolssuch as text, colour and lassos to help me accurately create my final logo design. Lastly, from Adobe Premiere, I exported my footage onto iMovie whichwas a Adobe Photoshop –programme which allowed me to embed my final adverts onto Blogger via You Tube. Lasso tool
  24. 24. I used a variety of new media technology to research and therefore learn moreabout advertising to build up an idea of what I want to achieve. YouTube wasone of these, which allowed me to research, watch and analyse videos of alltypes of adverts to build my knowledge on the subject. Then I could use it towatch sport adverts specific to my idea. YouTube also leaves comments from Audience Feedbackadverts which I noticed under the videos which I read to get audiencefeedback so I understood what an audience expects from sports advertisement.Blogger was another media technology which helped me to researchingadvertising effectively. This is because after watching the adverts on YouTube,I could analyse them by blogging which helped me to build up a morethorough knowledge the subject.Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook also helped with a smallpart of my research. This is because initially, when I first began my project, Ihad a limited knowledge on advertising, so I used these sites to see if my I blogged on Bloggerfriends could provide me with useful information I could take on board. after watching adverts on YouTube
  25. 25. After thorough research, I could begin to understand who my targetaudience were and therefore plan my initial ideas. These ideas started bycreating mind maps about advertising and things which I have found in myresearch to be successful and that could be incorporated into my idea. Withthese mind maps, I paid close attention to sport as this was the topic I Mind mappingdecided to focus on early into my research. initial ideas After building up a variety of ideas with my mind maps, these ideas influence me in the designing of my logo. Originally my design was of muscular structures in the body as my product was to relieve sporting muscular pains, connoting I was binding all parts of my project together. Ever so slightly, my logo idea developed and Body parts Mind map for progressed through more mind maps until I had my final design. design logoThe final stage of my planning consisted of designing mystoryboards for my adverts. I drew them up on A3 paper Progression ofwhich meant planning how I wanted my adverts to look my logovisually. Here I could figure out what shot distances, anglesand shot locations I needed and in what order they wouldappear. Once this was done, I took photos of each shot andimported them to Adobe Premiere to create my anamatic formy adverts. I found that storyboarding and producinganamatics gave me a good starting point before heading intothe construction stage and allowed me to dwell on my chosenshots and improve them before my first filming session. Storyboard and example of over the shoulder shot idea
  26. 26. In the evaluation stages I used Google Docs to create a questionnaire whichwere specific to my texts and that my audience could answer, feeding backto me what they thought of my adverts, sponsorship sequences and radioadvert. I posted the link for the questionnaire onto my blog and then postedthe link for that specific post (Saturday 7th April) onto social networkingsites such as Facebook and Twitter, instead of collecting my feedback onFacebook and Twitter themselves. This is because I felt doing this wouldmean I‟d receive unhelpful comments from friends which would not help toevaluate the success of my final texts. Whereas having my feedback sent tome via Google Docs and putting the link onto my blog meant that feedback Audience Feedbackwas anonymous and therefore was most probably more reliable. Another media technology used in my evaluation stage of my project was Slide Share. I used this to upload my complete evaluation to my blog. I used this previously on my blog when blogging about my progress so far so was confident on using it again. To conclude, I would expect to find my adverts and sponsorship sequences on sports channels such as Sky Sports, where the audience would my interested in sport and therefore likely players too, connoting that Max Relax would appeal to them if they had a muscle injury. I would expect my radio advert to feature on radio stations such as Five Live, in between breaks when events such as football matches are being commentated on, as again the conventions of my radio avdert suit the sport genre and consumers of sport.