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  1. 1. M. Evan Cendekia s
  2. 2. ForceNewton’s Laws M. Evan Cendekia s
  3. 3.  A force is a push or pull upon an object resulting from the objects interaction with another object M. Evan Cendekia s
  4. 4.  There are two part of force 1. contact force 2. non contact force M. Evan Cendekia s
  5. 5.  1. frictional force 2. machine force 3. muscular force 4. spring force 5. air resistance force 6. electrical force M. Evan Cendekia s
  6. 6.  1. gravitation force 2. magnetic force M. Evan Cendekia s
  7. 7. Spring force is a force that produce from a spring, because the spring is pulled or pressedM. Evan Cendekia s
  8. 8. Machine force is the force generated by a given the machine.M. Evan Cendekia s
  9. 9. Muscular force is a force that comes from muscular power.M. Evan Cendekia s
  10. 10. Spring force is a force that producefrom a spring, because the spring ispulled or pressed M. Evan Cendekia s
  11. 11. M. Evan Cendekia s
  12. 12. Electric force is a force produced byelectrical charges. M. Evan Cendekia s
  13. 13. Gravitation force is the attractionforce caused by the earth. M. Evan Cendekia s
  14. 14. Magnetic force is aforce produced bymagnets. M. Evan Cendekia s
  15. 15.  1. Frictional Force : car can move 2. Machine Force : can produce electrical ( Diesel Engine) 3. Muscular Force : People can push the car 4. Spring Force : People can hunt with spring force ( use arrow ) Air resistance Force : wind can play windmill that can regenerate energy 5. Electrical force : the lamp will be light 6. Gravitational Force : reflected basketball will not bounce too high so basketball players no trouble catching the ball 7. magnetic force : can collect nails in the street M. Evan Cendekia s
  16. 16.  1. Frictional Force : friction car with other cars 2. Machine Force : machines produce waste 3. Muscular Force : fight causes pain in the body 4. Spring Force : people use arrow to kill rare animal Air resistance Force : can make a tornado 5. Electrical force : can kill people 6. Gravitational Force : meteor that across the atmosphere will pulled into earth by gravitation 7. magnetic force : tv will be chance color M. Evan Cendekia s
  17. 17.  Several force acting on the body in one work line can be replaced by a force called force resultant Mathematically, the magnitude of force resultant (R) is expressed as follows : R F1 F2 F3 M. Evan Cendekia s
  18. 18.  Weight of a body can change depends on the magnitude of gravitational force. Weight of the body is earth gravitational force acting on the body. Weight of a body can change depends on the magnitude of gravitational force. The weight unit is states with force unit, namely newton (N) M. Evan Cendekia s
  19. 19.  “every body will be at rest or move in uniform rectilinear if there is no forces change that condition.” “ if force resultant acting on the body is equal to zero, or there is no forces acting on the body, the body will be at rest ( does not move ) or will move in uniform rectilinear” F 0 M. Evan Cendekia s
  20. 20.  “The body that influence force will have acceleration which its magnitude is directly proportional to the magnitude of the sum of force and inversely proportional to its mass” F a /F m.a m M. Evan Cendekia s
  21. 21.  “If a body makes force ( making action ) to another body, apears reaction force from the body to the former body with equal magnitudes, while the directions are in opposite” Faksi Freaksi / F1 F2 M. Evan Cendekia s
  22. 22. M. Evan Cendekia s
  23. 23. M. Evan Cendekia s