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  1. 1. My Evaluation By Edward Thompson
  2. 2. Does the use of conventions indicate what other trailers have influenced my trailer ?Trailers that have influences my trailer are :HangoverI used many techniques within my trailer for example, I usedthe idea of the narrative of the wake up after a night outand seeing the persons reaction. Within the trailer ofhangover the first thing we see is the characters waking up Project x P.OV SHOTafter a hang over and realising there in serious situation orfunny situations, using close ups and Stedi camsProject xI used to use of P.O.V shots at the beginning of the trailerwhich is the same as the beginning in projects x trailer. Theyuse the P.O.V shot and the main character purposely talksinto the camera, in my trailer I am giving the main Bad influences POVcharacter an interview. This is all to make the film look real SHOTand that brings more of a comedy feel.
  3. 3. How does your media represent particular social groups? The social group that I have represented in my trailer, poster and magazine front cover are teenagers and younger adultsThe stereotypical style of aiming to teenagers and youngersadults that I have done through my media is through the use ofalcohol. Alcohol is the main object and story line within my filmand obviously will attract the youth. Because I made my main Project xcharacter a bit of a party animal through drinking and goingout, this is the main striving motivation for young adults.My main character is also a young adult and within hisuniversity years, which will aim at all young adults that are inthe same situation.I was inspired with this by films like Project x which was a hugeinspiration on myself doing the project. In the style that youngadults are just known as party animals and drink all the time.This is a stereotypical view on young adults and I have usedthat within my media products. This would not have been as Bad influenceseffective if I had used an older or younger person and perhapsa women. http://edwarda2media.blogspot.co.uk/
  4. 4. Who would be the audience for your trailer ? • My target audience: Males and females between the ages of 15-25. It would be unsuitable for people younger than the age of 15. I researched into other films with similar genres of mine to get a good overall picture of what certificate I should tag on it. For this is used a site called imdb.com. http://www.imdb.com/ IMDB allowed to access all films and see whether there films are similar to mine. With the use of films such as The hangover and Shaun of the dead I decided to certificate my film a 15.http://www.bbfc.co.uk/classification/guidelines/15-2The BBFC site is also a site I used to see whatcommon trends were in films with differentcertificates.It helped be view all types of films and grudgewhether my film should have the same certificate ornot.
  5. 5. How did I attracted/address my audience ?• Because the audience I aimed for was 15-25 I had to attract them in ways I thought would be suitable for that age. With the use of I have also used the camera POV shots advantage of drinking and also an ‘over the games such as ‘beer pong’ shoulder’ of alcohol shown here, AGAIN to try and connect to the viewer and teenagers using on what they would want the alcohol is a big to see at a party and what attraction for they would enjoy more. younger adults. Its not so much the shot type that I have used to This is where I have used attract my audience but a close up shot of the what Is in the shot. character to again Because I have made a attract the people of my mostly POV trailer all target audience. This shots will be filmed this also can represent a way. In this shot I try and party mood or attract and pin point the atmosphere to get the relations my target audience thrilled and audience have and with excited. what they expect to happen at an end of a night.
  6. 6. How did I attracted/address my audience ? MusicWithin my trailer I used dance music to attract my audience. Through themusic It creates a party atmosphere for my audience.I didn’t initially have the music on my trailer but with the use of commentsfrom my class mates and my target audience I decided to add the music In onmy final trailer.This is a link my blog – David Guetta FT kid cudi- memories.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFBgIc7Ny1E&context=C4b92d37ADvjVQa1PpcFNb1NflwB4tSveliHd3OQX8fOnVKSl4_LQ=
  7. 7. How did I attracted/address my audience ? The reason why I chose this photo is because it symbolises youth culture and freedom. The thing teenagers want to do most is go out and have a drink with friends. This poster reflects that in the way the character is peering through the glass in a ‘I want that’ type look on his face. The fact that I have put his face and background in grey but only the beer in and writing in colour only retorts the fact that the only thing students associate with their students lives is alcohol. Hence the peering through the glass. The reason of the writing is to reflect the actual connotations of the beer. I have put the word ‘bad’ in white and the word ‘ influences’ in a strange kind of orange colour because the white symbolised the head of the beer and the orange colour the beer itself. Its as if the beer is in control of the person and that the bottom of the beer is part of the persons face.
  8. 8. Final productFirst mock up
  9. 9. I have done themasthead like this totry and create a sort The writing I have madeof drunken style quite colourful with thewriting, because the words extra and plus inaudience is aimed at a green. I have alsoyoung adults and mentioned up comingteenagers, I think movies and directorsthis is aimed at again aiming at thethem. youth with new films.Using pugsand puffs with‘Matthew Using the mainDinsmore’ image toexclusive. Get communicate withthe audience the audiencein touch with through beer,the character. trendy clothes and a sort of drunken feel to the mainThe title of the film image.‘Bad influences in bigletter at the bottom ofthe page so thereaders eye is drawn to Using pugs and puffsit. Also with it being in to get the readersa bright colour attentionsymbolised the youthand rebellious style
  10. 10. Mock up Final product
  11. 11. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?• I used a sense of branding with my trailer and ancillaries . In all 3 there is the main character dominating this creates a sort of branding that people associate with this person.As you can see in all three media products the trailer, poster, magazine you see thedominant character of the main and mainly associated with drinking or partying. Withthe trailer you can see the character is staring into the character in a way that he’strying to communicate with the audience as if when you speaks he is speaking directlyto them. This is also said in the ancillary products. In the poster the character islooking into the glass in a kind of determined face, like he wants what he is looking at.The magazine front cover it is though he is already at the party. This acts like a timeline on a night out like so… PosterThe trailer- talking about the nightPoster – just before the night MagazineMagazine – the night
  12. 12. What have you learned from your audience feedback ?I learned a lot from my audiencefeedback, at the beginning of this mediatask I made a questionnaire and gave itto people to fill out. The questions whereon what they would like to see on acomedy film, how old they are, whatgenre they would prefer to see and whyand also to list there 5 top comedy films.Now I did the final question because Iwanted to know what type of comedyfilms my audiences liked because thereare many styles and ways to film it. I gota general round up of the types of filmsmy audience likes to watch and decidedto go from there.Once I gathered my information Iconstructed my media products and changed them if the audiencepreferred something else.
  13. 13. What have you learned from your audience feedback ?I also used YouTube, this helped me to put my trailer rival and see how manyviews it would receive and to see if any comments came where posted thevideo that could help me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFBgIc7Ny 1E Link to my trailer on you tube.I also received feedback from my class and many comments on how I could improveand make the trailer more comical. Some comments told me to add extracts into mytrailer for example the music I used. The comment was ‘perhaps you should add musicto make the party atmosphere’I also used many other suggestions and this graph shows how therated/ranked my trailer at that time.
  14. 14. How did you use new media technologies in the construction evaluation and planning stages? I used my blog to present all my research and planning, this helped to show and set out how I researched, all the sites Ive used and how I used them. This was essential for my work. The internet was a massive part in my research and planning because It allowed to access onto sites I needed to use, such as YouTube. This allowed me to view and analysis trailers of films and their for help with the construction on my trailer . I used the site imdb to research into all my familiar films and trailer as well. I used a digital camera for the construction of my trailer, I was also provided with a tripod which helped me with some shots even though most were POV. The tripod allowed me to steady shots if it is hard to view them. For the main construction of my media product I used a software called Paint.net. This software allowed me to move/crop/colour pretty much do all types of essential ways to develop my images. I was able to crop around my pictures and add text around it. Paint.net was vital to the construction of my poster and magazine. In the editing of my trailer and the videos I used a software called Adobe Premiere, this software allowed me to edit my clips by cutting/lengthening /slowing down any clips that I desired. I also used YouTube to upload my trailer onto the internet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFBgIc7Ny1E
  15. 15. EvaluationFor the evaluation I used the website SLIDESHARE, this helped me post myevaluation onto my blog and making the viewing of it much easier.http://www.slideshare.net/uploadTo make my evaluation I used the software Microsoft powerpoint. This helpedme create my evaluation and edit it. I can easily add and share images whichmade the creation of the evaluation very quick and easy.