Film Magazine Front Cover Analysis


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Film Magazine Front Cover Analysis

  1. 1. Film Magazine Front Cover Analysis<br />
  2. 2. Masthead – Bright red which is bold and recognisable to readers, also contrasts against the pale blues and browns. Always across the top of the front cover and has the largest font on the page to stand out.<br />Date and price<br />Limited colour scheme to not appear too over crowded. However, some colour to be eye catching. <br />Tagline – Claims to be ‘THE WORLD’S BIGGEST MOVIE MAGAZINE which makes viewers believe this is the ‘best’ film magazine to read’<br />Barcode and website to show where fans can view more information.<br />Star Personas name is also the second largest font to emphasise that she will be in this magazine and to people who do not know who she is but like her photograph may want to find out who she is. It also reads ‘And have lunch with Transformer 2’s Meagan Fox’ this encourages to sell the magazine as fans would love to have this opportunity.<br />Star Persona – Megan Fox helps sell the magazine as fans would be encouraged to buy this magazine, if she was shown on the front cover. Especially as the accompanied image of her shows she is half naked, which also fulfills the convention that ‘sex sells’ Implying that the film target audience is aimed at men. This photograph of Megan fulfills the traditional view of her covering the majority of the front cover and is positioned in the middle and to the right of the page, where she has a direct mode of address to engage the audience.<br />Shows what else is featured in this magazine issue.<br />
  3. 3. The strap line is placed above the masthead which helps encourage readers believe that this is the best magazine for films.<br />Main graphics show character composed in the centre of the front cover which fulfills the convention of the main image. He is clothed in casual jeans and hooded jumper, wearing the iconic glasses which makes the audience aware that its Harry Potter. The main cover line is in bold capital letters at the bottom of the page which is emphasised against the blood red background. <br />Striking title is emboldened against the dark background, which is in large capitals to make it recognisable to readers. Also with the title ‘FILM’ makes it obvious for the audience that it is a film magazine. <br />Can Harry cut it in the real world? Rhetorical questions invite the readers in to make them want to read the article.<br />Cover lines to show what other stories are featured in this magazine issue which encourage the promotion of the magazine<br />Barcode<br />Selling points ‘THE MODERN GUIDES TO MOVIES’ states that this magazine is to magazine to read if you want up to date information. Also ‘PLUS! ARE YOU IN OUR SOCIAL NETWORK’ Encourages the reader to get involved.<br />
  4. 4. The main graphics show the character of Sherlock Holmes (which is played by Robert Downey Jr). This image follows the convention of being positioned in the centre, covering part of the mast head and filling most of the page. This particular photograph is also symmetrical as the actor is holding the tops of his fingers, wearing glasses and costume. The he title of the featured film
"Sherlock Holmes" has been capitalized to engage the readers attention.<br />The colour scheme consists of dark blues, blacks, browns which are iconic colours for males showing that its for the male audience, and reds which is a connotation of blood, death and danger. The red and pale grey also encourages the text to embolden.<br />We also see two other films which are soon to be released behind the main story which is Tim Burton’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ previewing Johnny Depp (enticing Johnny Depp and Tim Burton fans) and the Mike Newell’s ‘Prince of Persia’<br />This magazine also includes the convention of plugs. They show minor pieces of information of what the reader can expect in this magazine issue which will persuade the audience to purchase the magazine and want to read the articles.<br />The plugs are conventionally laid out on the side of the cover so that they do not interrupt or obstruct the main focus of the ‘Sherlock Holmes’ feature story.<br />
  5. 5. ‘FREE NEW MOON POSTERS!’ Encourages people to purchase the magazine if they know they are getting something for free.<br />With the fire around the masthead, the main feature title and the colour scheme and costume show that this issue is targeted at the male audience. It shows this by dressing the main character in a roman costume whilst holding a sword looking a little dirty which is iconic of fighting and death. Therefore, aiming it at the male audience.<br />The darkness of the background adds to the mood of the film being an action film, as it shows the setting through the brown
colours which is iconic of earthy tones, suggesting adventure. There is also fire which is iconic of danger and death.<br />Interviews and ‘NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN PICS!’ excite the reader to believe that this is the only magazine where they can see images about this film. <br />Exclusive interviews engage and show what the reader can expect to see inside.<br /> The text is also highlighted in a glowing green which indicates aliens suggesting it is a <br /> science fiction genre.<br />