Ancillary Task Two - Film Poster


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Ancillary Task Two - Film Poster

  1. 1. Ancillary Task Two<br />Film Poster <br />
  2. 2. I found these two posters which I thought were very effective as they use symbols of the film rather than selling the film from publishing the star personas. This is why I thought it would be an effective idea to use a burning tissue in my film as it is about the spreading of a virus, which is also hinted in my trailer from the ‘Ring O Ring Of Roses’ song. Showing that the tissue is burning and showing fire represents danger and death.<br />
  3. 3. After looking at a variety of film posters in the horror genre I found that they all consist of either a graphic of the main character(s) or an iconic prop which helps give the audience a small taster of what the film is about. In my poster plan I am going to havesomeone setting alight to tissues which plays on the song in my trailer of ‘Ring O Ring Of Roses’ This is also emphasised in my film title of ‘Contagion’ which connotates the spreading of infection and plays on ‘The Plague’ event. I have chosen to place the title at the bottom of the page in bold and capitalise it to highlight the name of the film and let <br />people know of its <br />existence. (similar to<br />‘Scream’s’ film poster,<br />shown below) I have <br />Used cold colours of <br />blue and white which <br />connotates coldness<br />which contrasts <br />against the warm <br />colours of yellow <br />and red which can <br />resemble danger <br />and death.<br />
  4. 4. Here are a selection of some of the images I have taken for my poster. It was quite difficult to take an image of someone holding and setting the tissue a light because it shrivelled and burnt so quickly so in the end I decided to make a small fire from tissues instead. I also tried carving on trees although the image I have chosen to use is shown below. I have chosen this image because I like all the different textures of leaves and sticks which was from my forest <br /> location. I <br /> also like how <br /> the smoke <br /> has blown in <br /> to one corner<br /> as I can see<br /> my tagline <br /> fitting on the <br /> opposite side.<br />
  5. 5. The image on the left shows the outline of how I began my poster. I then changed the contrast and brightness so that it looked a bit darker and appeared more mystical. I then made the colours of red in the image stronger so it looks as if it has had a red filter over the top. Having the red emboldened makes the atmosphere of the image more unsettling. The red also connotates blood and death. I have also taken the image in the same forest location as my teaser trailer to link all the products together.<br />
  6. 6. Once I had my completed my background image I began to start with adding a black box at the bottom where I placed my credits of ‘Coming soon!’, some actors names to give the audience an idea of who is in the film and the website of which the audience can go to, to find out more about the film. I finally added my title which appears in the exact same font in my teaser trailer so that audiences are aware and recognise the film. <br />
  7. 7. Here were the final two shots of my poster. I originally had the tagline reading ‘BLESS YOU!’ as it links with the graphic image of a tissue and the idea of a contagious infection. I then also thought about saying ‘ITS COMING TO GET YOU’ so I asked 20 people which tagline they prefer and why. 30% said ‘ITS COMING TO GET YOU’ as they thought it sounded a bit intimidating as if they could catch the infection. However, 70% of my target audience said they prefer ‘BLESS YOU!’ as they believed they thought it was quick and snappy and also implied as if you are in danger as you might already have the virus. I have now chosen to the poster which says ‘BLESS YOU!’<br />