Creating my Contents page: slideshow


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Creating my Contents page: slideshow

  1. 1. Creating My contents page
  2. 2. First Draft• This is my first draft of a contents page. It has lots of the copy I wanted but I would still like some inserts and images.
  3. 3. Second Draft• This is the picture I have chosen to use for my background for my contents page. I have photo shopped it so the background is in black and white and the model is in colour.
  4. 4. Third Draft• I have contrasted and changed the lighting on this picture I like this better as it sharpens the image.
  5. 5. Fourth Draft• This is my first Photoshop draft of my contents page. I dont like the way you cant read the copy over the background. I am going to try out using boxes, changing the colour/font of my copy and blur the background, I am also experimenting with layout.
  6. 6. Fifth DraftIn this I have blurred the background and changed the layout I like this one better. However I have decided to change the font entirely to black, Times New Roman. I like the boxes but will probably change the colours of them.
  7. 7. Sixth Draft• I like this draft much better however when asking my audience for feedback there was comments about the page numbering, which although new and edgy, is more difficult to read and find things so I will be changing it.
  8. 8. Seventh Draft • In my seventh draft I have shortened the box and the words to make it look tidier
  9. 9. Eighth Draft• I am lots happier with this draft. I have changed the layout of the numbers and the style of the page numbers and title of the page. I think it looks good with the• “Features” title over lapped.
  10. 10. ninth Draft• I changed the layout to have the picture on the right because the audience will read from right to left.
  11. 11. tenth Draft• I changed the colours of the text and boxes to match the image and the connotations of the font (masculine) however this changed my entire demographic.
  12. 12. Eleventh Draft• I changed the colours back to the feminine pinks and purples and changed the font to “pristina” which is again more feminine, I also added in the copy and added a brief tagline.
  13. 13. Twelfth Draft• In this draft I added a strip along the bottom revealing several more things not mentioned in the above copy and moved the page number, for the article to the top of the image I also made enough room for an insert below the contents copp
  14. 14. Thirteenth Draft • I inserted the copy for the competition insert. I did a survey to determine that my demographic was correct. 10% of the group of only males said they would buy the magazine whereas 90% of the only female group.
  15. 15. Fourteenth draft • I changed the font to “cooper” in this draft because I wanted to make the font clearer and more feminine, I resized lots of the copy but I don’t think it works as well as I thought. I photo shopped the cover image so the band members hair was pink adding a feminine edge.
  16. 16. Fifteenth Draft • In this draft I cut the pink out all pink and replaced it with a paler purple and added caption with details on the article which the picture is referring to.
  17. 17. Sixteenth Draft • Removed the “letter from the editor caption because it stood out too much and I lightened the upper body and facial part of the main image to draw more attention to it.