Battleship marketing


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Battleship marketing

  1. 1. Battleship marketing Adam Bowman
  2. 2. “We no longer simply consume marketing campaigns; we’ve become active participants in them, as can be seen in the recent trend in transmedia storytelling. Today, the movie released in cinemas is just one part of a wider narrative jigsaw that stretches beyond the confines of the theatre and across other forms of media.”
  3. 3. What are film trailers?Film trailers are a glimpse of the film and tells the audience a bit about what the film is going to be about. Film trailers usually show the best parts of the film in order to attract and audience.Why are they made?Film trailers are made to attract an audience to watch the film. Without film trailers, people wouldn’t know whether they want to see the film or not.Who are they for?Film trailers are for the general public. Anyone that wants to know information about a film will most likely watch a trailer for it, to see what it’s about.
  4. 4. How do they work?Film trailers work by attracting the audience and enticing them, leaving them asking questions about the film and making them want to continue watching. This will usually make people go and see the film in the cinema.Where do we see them?We see film trailers everywhere. They can be found on the TV, on the internet, in cinema screenings and on the radio.When are they released?Film trailers are generally released a few months before the film is released. Some trailers are released up to a year before the film is released to get people interested and to make them go and see the film when it’s released.
  5. 5. Directed by Peter BergProduced by Peter BergBrian GoldnerDuncan HendersonBennett SchneirScott StuberWritten by Jon HoeberErichHoeberStarring - Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgård, Brooklyn Decker, Rihanna, Liam Neeson, TadanobuAsanoMusic by Steve Jablonsky[1]Cinematography Tobias A. SchliesslerEditing by Colby Parker Jr.Billy RichStudio HasbroBluegrass FilmsFilm 44Distributed by Universal PicturesRelease date(s) April 11, 2012 (International) May 18, 2012 (United States,Canada)Running time 131 minutesCountry United StatesLanguage EnglishBudget $200 millionBox office $58 million[2]
  6. 6. AdvertisingBattleship was advertised in many different ways. For example, they used trailers on TV and in cinemas to attract people. These were also uploaded to YouTube in order to attract a wider audience. They have their own website which links to all of their advertising campaigns. They also used social networks. Twitter was used as they have a Twitter feed on their website. They also have a Facebook page and have their own “Battleship Facebook Game” which will attract people that like to play games on the internet.
  7. 7. Film postersYou could tell that all of the portrait posters were from the same film because they all use the same colours, fonts and design throughout each one. All of the backgrounds in each poster were the same. The only thing that changed within the posters was the character in the shot and the name at the top. The rest of the poster stayed the same to keep them relative to the film and so that people recongised them as soon as they saw them. They put the actor’s name at the top of the poster to attract people to the film, if they like that certain actor. They all say “Makers of Transformers”, which is to attract people that watched the Transformers film and liked it. The rest of the landscape posters only maintained the same title font and colours, so that they could still keep the fluency, but vary from the portrait posters.