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Modern Latin America


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Modern Latin America

  1. 1. Modern <br />Latin <br /> America<br />By: Angie Martinez<br />
  2. 2. <ul><li>There were many reasons for The Latin American wars some reason being.. the race war, the ideology of independence, the controversy of separation versus union, boundary disputes, territorial conquests, caudilloism, resource wars, intra-class struggles, interventions caused by capitalism, and religious wars.</li></li></ul><li>RACE WAR<br /><ul><li>Haitian War for Independence 1791-1803
  3. 3. Diffrences between the white planters and affranchis (mixed blood) and the pure blacks. The blacks dominated
  4. 4. 1791 all other citizens were given liberties by the French Revolution, except the affreanchis
  5. 5. In the early war some wealthy plantation owners escape from Haiti with their slaves, race spread which created conflict</li></ul> <br />IDEOLOGY OF INDEPENDENCE<br /><ul><li>Latin American wars for independence focused on political, economic, and social frustrations
  6. 6. Latin America class- Europeans being high class, less privileges to the American-born, pure-blooded whites, and the mestizos, Indians, and blacks
  7. 7. Americans had al kinds of frustrations one being politics.
  8. 8. Economic system favored the Peninsula people and lower the possibility for the people in the colonies
  9. 9. Mercantilism was an economic system that helped colonies
  10. 10. Trade was done only by Europeans in European ships
  11. 11. Others were heavily taxed
  12. 12. 1775-1783 The American Revolution
  13. 13. 1789-1799 The French Revolution
  14. 14. Both revolutions influenced Simon Bolivar of New Granada & Miguel Hidalgo of Mexico </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Spain went through some changes.. Carlos III, took the throne in 1759, tried to make new reforms that were not in the Spanish traditions or practices
  15. 15. People turned to Napoleon Bonaparte for help
  16. 16. Napoleon took advantage of the situation and forced Carlos to sign the Treaty of Bayonne- surrendering the throne to Napoleon
  17. 17. Napoleon invades Spain to put his brother Joseph on the throne
  18. 18. The legitimacy of these governments was not accepted in the Americas
  19. 19. 1791- 1824 Latin American wars for independence were fought
  20. 20. Spain had a dream of re-conquering</li></ul>what was lost- they invaded Mexico<br />in 1829, reintroduce colonial rule in<br />Santo Domingo in 1861, and fought<br />Chile, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador) <br />in 1865-66<br />
  21. 21. <ul><li>Wars for territorial conquest were 1835-1848 The USA confrontations with Mexico & 1821-1856 British expansion in Central America
  22. 22. 1858 President James Buchanan recommended to the U.S. Congress to take Mexico-Sonora and Chihuahua
  23. 23. Filibusters (armed expeditions of private citizens) invaded Mexico, Cuba, and Nicaragua more than once to take their territory
  24. 24. British government tried to block the US expansion and took Honduran and Nicaraguan
  25. 25. 1864-1870 The War of the Triple Alliance was also due to territorial conquest lead by Francisco Solano Lopez</li></ul>CAUDILLOISM<br /><ul><li>The desire to rule in order to satisfy one's ambitions has also led to war in Latin America
  26. 26. A few climbed to be "giants," the utterance of their names-Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna of Mexico and Justo Jose de Urquiza of Argentina
  27. 27. caudillos generally professed political ideologies
  28. 28. The most bloody were the French intervention in Mexico (1861-67) in support of the Mexican Conservatives and the Brazilian Civil War of 1893-94
  29. 29. The military advantage almost always rested with the more industrialized nation.</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>The Monroe Doctrine of 1823 was an outline a policy for intervention in Latin America to prevent a monarchic counter revolution against republican governments and avoid the expansion of European colonies in the New World
  30. 30. British, Irish, and French fought against Spain during the wars for independence
  31. 31. 1826-1828 Americans and British fought on both sides in war between United Provinces of Rio de la Plata and Brazil
  32. 32. French and Italians fought against Montevideo
  33. 33. Belgians and Austrians fought against Mexicans during the French intervention
  34. 34. Swiss, Germans, and Italians were volunteers and mercenaries in the Argentine army in the War of the Triple Alliance</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Zacatecas Mexico was once the silver capital of Mexico
  35. 35. LazenoCardenas promised land for the presents, the land was really worthless
  36. 36. Mexico became the main supplier for winter vegetables and food for the US
  37. 37. Most migrants went to the capital, Mexico City
  38. 38. Industry and commerce was in Mexico City
  39. 39. The country side became ghost towns and left the villages
  40. 40. 70’s discovery of oil
  41. 41. Foreign capital went in to serve the middle class
  42. 42. Health and education was going to be bettered, neighborhoods would have water supplies
  43. 43. They had to ask the government for the supplies by forming group committees. They had to install it themselves
  44. 44. There was many migrants and not enough jobs, so people would make their own businesses to service the needs of the growing populations
  45. 45. When people sell on the streets they can make more money than by having a job earning minimum wage </li></li></ul><li><ul><li>They wait around for contractors, they ask how much they pay… some pay $ 60-80 a week
  46. 46. Mexican cities that are close to the borders are the fastest growing cities
  47. 47. Foreign companies employee Mexican people to pay cheap labor
  48. 48. 70% of Maquiladora workers are single women, they are able to handle the hard labor and women get paid less than men
  49. 49. Some people get paid .55 cents and hr.
  50. 50. At age 32 people are considered to be to old to work in a Maquila
  51. 51. Maquilador industry is the 2nd important form of foreign exchange
  52. 52. Zacatecas is one of the most depressed areas in Mexico
  53. 53. President Salinas passed a reform, which peasant protest
  54. 54. Poverty level is 60%, people don’t care to be 3 world county they just want to live in better conditions</li></li></ul><li>Sport Star- Javier <br />“Chicarito” Hernandez<br /><ul><li>Birth Date: June 1, 1988
  55. 55. Born in: Guadalajara, Mexico
  56. 56. Height: 5ft. 9in.
  57. 57. Playing Position: Striker/ Forward
  58. 58. Now Playing for: Manchester United (#14)
  59. 59. Name on Jersey: nickname- Chicharito (small pea)
  60. 60. Nickname “Chicharito” was given to him because of his dad. He to played soccer and his eyes were green which resembled a pea
  61. 61. Has played for-</li></ul> Guadalajara 2006-2010<br /> Manchester United 2010- (1st Mexican to do so)<br /><ul><li>He played for FIFA World Cup 2010 and for 2011 CONCACAF Gold Cup
  62. 62. He scored 7 goals and was named the most valuable player in the Gold Cup's</li></li></ul><li><ul><li>Hernándezfirst played in a recreation league at the age of 7
  63. 63. His father, Javier HernándezGutiérrez, previously played in a Mexican international league as a striker
  64. 64. Hernándezsigned his 1st professional contract when he was 15
  65. 65. On 8 April 2010, Hernández agreed a deal to sign for Manchester United- transfer was made official July 1st
  66. 66. Chicharito became the top scoring Mexican in Premier League history … in his career he has scored 49 goals
  67. 67. On 8 April, Hernández was the PFA Young Player of the Year award
  68. 68. The goal against Chelsea made him the first player the 2001–02 season to score 20 goals for the club
  69. 69. Chicharito capped his debut season with Manchester United, receiving an award on July 2011, by the International</li></ul>Federation of Football History & Statistics<br /> "World Goalgetter 2011", with 13 goals, <br />ahead of other players <br /><ul><li>FIFA's statistical showed Chicharitowas </li></ul>the quickest player in World Cup 2010, <br />reaching top speed of 32.15 km/k(19.88 mph)<br /><ul><li>Chicharito was the Gold Cup's top scorer </li></ul>with 7 goals and was named the most <br />valuable player of the tournament<br />