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Video tips for crowd funding


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Many crowdfunding campaigns lose out because they ignore the most important aspect of their campaign page. Some just do not have any idea of how it should be done and think breaking the bank to make a video is the way to go. There is a simple guideline that can be followed to guarantee good results and it won't cost a dime more than what you have in your budget. My infographic will educate you on this, hope you enjoy and benefit.

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Video tips for crowd funding

  1. 1. A Strategic Approach According to the experts the video is the most essential part of the campaign page. Most of those who exceeded their pledges were able to connect with their audience through short videos that were no more than 4 minutes long as the attention span of viewers is quite short. Of course other elements play a role to campaign-success such as offline and online networking and promotion. This infographic is for the campaign page video. Engage Quickly 10 The first ten seconds are crucial in getting the attention of the viewers. TIME 60 DAYS! To get funded which means offline and online promotions should be in place just before the campaign is started. Connect with PEOPLE Personalize video Sell your own story Thank people STATEMENTS Show emotion & love for the Product Show how much better you are than others Ensure audience you want them as part of your brand Cover The Basics Who is Volar Sims? Story behind Product Show off product Ask for support Explain how funds will be used What if goal is not achieved? Specific call to action Explain Solution to Problem Fly 10 Different Prop-engine aircrafts on 1 simulator Credibility Get some credibility points by talking about our partners. Video SEO 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Week 1-2 Week 3-4 Week 5-6 Week 7-8 Optimize video for a stronger presenceInspiration Get into the Imagination of the audience by showing a few seconds of real flight sceneries. 300Thousand + more Is more than possible Although many of the things mentioned above are recommendations, when it comes to big money pledges they might be promoted to a must-do-status. One reason is that an ill-prepared video and a campaign as a whole tells the audience that if you did not invest time and some money to make a compelling video, your level of dedication to your own project is defect, so why would they waste their time and money on your project. Watch out for copyright infringement You must take care not to use items with copyright. This includes logos, music or any product in the background that belongs to another entity. By: Alwi Suleiman Encourage = show perks Speak directly to them