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All You Need to Know on How to Indiegogo


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The essentials of crowdfunding specifically for Indiegogo. However the same principles can be used on other crowdfunding websites or platforms.

Many of the things in this presentation may seem straight forward but the truth is only few people execute them correctly if at all.

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All You Need to Know on How to Indiegogo

  1. 1. Indiegogo Essentials By Alwi Suleiman
  2. 2. Mutual Motivation Why Crowdfunding Funds Early awareness Build future audience & engagement culture Get feedback Why People Contribute Passion Participation pride (community factor) Perks
  3. 3. Successful Campaign Components Good Campaign Engaging pitch Attainable goal Unique perks Proactive communication Strong offline preparation Gogo Factor Featured spot in the newsletter and blog Better placement on site Visibility in search rankings Inclusion in press outreach
  4. 4. Perks need to be ready Prototype needs to be ready Agreement in principle with manufacturer FAA approval if possible Patents and other registration issues in place Website must be launched Social media platforms must be active Offline efforts 4-6 weeks before launch Product pictures showing diversity Prerequisite to Launch
  5. 5. Public Validation Inner circle must be responsible for 25-30% of our goal in the first few weeks.
  6. 6. Early Momentum Create early momentum through: Pre-launch social media buzz Offline campaigns
  7. 7. Keep the Momentum Fundraising slows down in the middle of the campaign. Solution: New Perks Interesting updates Continual engagement
  8. 8. Reward Referrals Running a referral contest helps motivate spreading word of mouth.
  9. 9. Finish Line Urgency Creating a sense of urgency close to the end will maximize donation rate.
  10. 10. Money Doesn’t Roll In A successful campaign is hard work.