Poster and magazine analysis


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Poster and magazine analysis

  1. 1. Poster AnalysisThis is the poster for"All the Boys Love Mandy Lane". She is theonly character on the poster that can bemade out showing that she is theprotagonist within the film.There is a larger image of her in the topright corner that fades out into the otherimage of the seven character that arewalking towards the camera.The tag line reads "Everyone is dying to bewith her. Someone is killing for it." Thisgives us a insight into the genre of the filmand sells the film to us a bit more becausewe dont know who this Someone is.There is no actor/actress names on the posterSo this is selling it by genre and targetaudience alone. There is only the small printInstitutional information at the bottom of theposter.The only character with defining featuresis the female character that is given most ofthe space with two images of her on theposter.
  2. 2. This is the only character that is recognizable on the poster. This indicates to the viewer that she is the protagonist. The genre of the film is indicated by the tag line and the blood that is sprayed across the protagonist on the larger image.This tag line leaves the viewer curious as they don’t knowwho this “Someone” is and makes the viewer subconsciouslywant to watch it and find out.
  3. 3. Magazine Cover AnalysisThis is the magazine cover of Little WhiteLies’ edition for The Innkeepers. Since thisMagazine keeps each issue to one movieThere isn’t, if any, sell lines on the frontCover, so the text to image ratio isn’t thatBig. The main image is almost alwaysA sketch but it does take up the entiretyOf the front cover with the title of theFilm and the logo a the top center of theFront cover.This front cover follows the rules of three,They use only three colours on the frontCovers, in this case its white, black and aPale green.
  4. 4. “Little White Lies” beingThe mast head of theMagazine. “MidnightMovies” and “Double bill”Being the only other sellLines that are on theCover of the magazine apartFrom the title. This is probably a subscribers edition as there is no other sell lines and a low text to image Ratio. I will try to avoid this as my magazine cover wont be a subscribers edition and there Will be more marks to pick up if I incorporate sell lines, sky lines, a range of fonts. “The Innkeepers” being The title of the film that Half of this issue if focused On.
  5. 5. Poster Analysis Two.This is the poster for the film “Apartment 143” which isAlso known as “Emergo”. There is only one character onThe poster for this film but we cannot see their face andWe cannot identify in and way with them.There is a typical kind of supernatural font that is printedFor the title and the tag line that hooks the audience inAnd makes the genre clear to the viewer.All of the institutional information is at the bottom rightHand side of the poster so this is selling due to itsTag line and genre as there is no actor/actress’s namesAnywhere on the poster that is clear.
  6. 6. These are the three main featuresThat are on the poster. The onlyCharacter on the front cover thatIs climbing on the wall, the tag line“The First Real Ghost Story” thatMakes the viewer curious as toWhat this means and what happensWithin the movie. And the film titleThat is written in a typicalSupernatural horror font and theForeign title is written in a redFont that can be signified as theIdentifier for the genre.
  7. 7. Magazine Analysis Two.This is Empires cover for “The Dark Knight”.The only image on the cover is of the mainAntagonist, “The Joker”, and they haveChanged the colour scheme to fit in the with“The Joker VS. Batman” theme, normally theMasthead is written in a red front but for thisEdition they have changed it to green, blackAnd white.The text to image ratio is quite large, thereAre lots of sell lines, long with a skyline thatTells the reader that there is “2 Covers toCollect”.They have composed the text around the faceOf the antagonist image that is on the frontCover.
  8. 8. Sell lines that help sell the magazine to the audience and gives a little insight asTo what is inside the magazine. The “Empire” masthead written in the typical Font for this magazine. But the font colour has Changed to fit the Batman/Joker theme. This is the main image of the antagonist and it takes up Most of the cover, and the masthead and sell lines are Composed around it so the image remains clear the the Reader.