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Photography research


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Published in: Education
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Photography research

  1. 1. Photography research<br />
  2. 2. The use of an out of focus background of a big, lively crowd, signifies that this is a live performance by the artist.<br />The out of focus background makes the atmosphere look wild and exciting, but ultimately because the main band member is in the centre of this mid shot, it makes him have dominance over the crowd. Also because he is the only aspect of the photo in focus, it adds to his dominance and suggests his importance, connotating an artists ideology.<br />Seeing the artist hide behind their hair, could signify shy characteristics, the crowd also help establish possible shy characteristics and nervous behavior as the artist may be overwhelmed.<br />Having the crowd in the photo helps viewers to feel involved in the event that they may have missed, and the crowed also give a mainstream impression due to the number of people there.<br />This photo could be used on a double page spread, as the photo is a medium shot landscape photograph. If this photo was ever used on a double page spread, it’s likely it wouldn’t be used to fill the whole page, but only a section, perhaps scattered with other live shots to really involve fans in the action.<br />By having the artist holding his guitar and standing in a relaxed manner, it could suggest he is dependant and literally in love with his music and music itself. By also not wearing a top and having messy hair, It suggests a laid back attitude connotating rock star like behavior. By displaying his tattoo’s to the audience it gives fans an opportunity to feel closer to the artist as tattoo’s can be a personal to artists, and by displaying them to thousands of people it connotates the laid back attitude this artist wants to portray.<br />
  3. 3. It’s likely this photo would be used in a double page spread as text could be overlapped over the photo , this could also suggest it could be used as a front cover. The use of the long shot of the artist helps us to establish him, and his cocky, dramatic pose indicates his rock star like attitude and gives the impression of dominance and that he is a fun, youthful person. The use of the fair ground ride in the background also signifies the idea of youthful behavior and a fun bubbly personality setting an ideology for fans and other artists.<br />His choice of attire also signifies his possible cocky attitude as it could be offensive to some people. This could also suggest a lot about the music this particular artist produces and could also signify a wild attitude.<br />The use of low key lighting could signify a dark and mystical side to the artist connotating the idea there may be a hidden depth within the artist, or he may be hiding aspects of his personality by appearing cocky and dramatic. The use of long shot also allows viewers to see his tattoo’s, this connotates the idea of having aspects of his personality hidden, which could interest some fans into reading the magazine.<br />His laid back style suggests rock star like behavior, signifying his lively attitude, and also setting a stereotype for the genre of music he produces and for his fans and other bands of a similar genre. <br />
  4. 4. The use of this portrait medium shot enables readers to feel close to the artist. Also the direct eye contact suggests confidence and dominance from the artist, which can be intimidating and threatening to some readers and it signifies power from the artist connotating his rock star behavior.<br />By taking the photo in the studio, it makes it seem appropriate for a front cover of a magazine, and the surrounding space around the photo enables room for text.<br />The use of a medium allows us to see the artists tattoo’s, which could signify a creative and personal characteristic to the artist. By displaying his tattoo’s proudly and confidently, it shows his confidence to display aspects of him that may be personal. This will be appealing to fans as it enables them to feel closer to the artist.<br />By covering his face it shows a shy side to the artist. Allow he is looking directly into the camera, signifying his confidence, it connotates the idea of the artist having hidden traits and could also signify personal issues, which may affect his behavior and the way he is perceived through photo’s. <br />By wearing a graphic print t-shirt, it connotates the idea of the artist having a creative side. It also is appealing to fans as it suggests his interests. <br />The colours of his clothing could also connotate a laid back attitude, which could signify youth and could also connotate the audience he is aiming for.<br />
  5. 5. The use of a portrait long shot help establish the artist to readers and could be beneficial when introducing new artists to the music scene. The use of a live shot also signifies the lively and rock star behavior we get from the artist. By having the artist positioned looking into the crowd and with her arm in the air, it suggests her involvement with her fans and her dedication to her music.<br />By having a black background and her dressed in white and the the white keys of the keyboard makes her stand out the photograph and signifies her dominance and her importance to her fans. Also by having her positioned in the centre of the photo it drags attention to her, which also connotates the idea of her importance and authority over her fans. The fact her arm is high in the air also makes her appear taller and gives the impression of her towering over her fans, which signifies god like aspects. This connotates her authority and beauty and makes her fans appear inferior when compared to herself.<br />Seeing her multi-tasking e.g. playing keyboard and singing shows talent to fans and suggests her potential. It signifies her creative side and also the fact we can clearly see her with a tattoo on her wrist connotates the idea of her creativity and suggests to fans her personal interests. Having her tattoo on display also sets an ideology for her genre of music she produces and may appeal to fans.<br />This photo could be used for either a front cover or a double page spread, but is likely to be more appropriate on a double page spread as the live shot seems appropriate, whereas a studio shot seems more appropriate for a front cover as it looks more professional.<br />
  6. 6. The use of this portrait long shot helps us to establish the artist, and also this particular photo seems like it would be appropriate on a double page spread as a live shot doesn’t seem as professional as a studio shot, however this photo could be used on a front cover as the body language of the artist is random and shows his involvement and dedication for his music connotating the idea of his love and passion for his and music in general.<br />We can see he has a laid back style, which could suggest the normality of him performing live and the idea he doesn’t feel the need to ‘dress to impress’ when performing live and signifies the idea he can be himself in front of his fans signifying his confidence and ability to feel comfortable in lively situations.<br />We can see security in the left bottom corner of the page and this establishes to fans the importance of this particular artist. Also the idea he is raised above the security adds to his importance as it connotates the idea of him being dominant over his staff and fans, which adds to the connotation of his confidence as an artist.<br />The artist looks serious suggesting how he wants to be perceived and also it suggests an ideology for fans. It also signifies that he takes his music seriously.<br />We can also see that this artist has tattoo’s signifying his personal life, which will appeal to the audience as it gives them the opportunity to be involved in his personal life. It also demonstrates his interests and sets an ideology for fans. <br />By wearing bland and simple coloured clothing it also refers back to the connotation of the artist having a laid back attitude towards his fans and performance.<br />By being centrally framed it connotates his importance, however by not being able to fully see his eyes could signify his involvement and dedication to his music as he is too busy to pose for the camera, but it could also demonstrate shy aspects to the artist, <br />
  7. 7. This photo is likely to be used for a double page spread, as it is a medium landscape shot which establishes the band.<br />By having the band positioned differently, e.g. some positioned forward and some further back, and spaced equally, signifies the importance and dominance some of the members have over the others. The member placed centrally in the photo is likely to be the led member of the band and by having him placed centrally it adds to his dominance and importance. Also by having each member posing slightly different suggests how they may want to be perceived and how confident they are. The member on the far right seems to lack confidence as he is hiding his hands in his pocket whereas the member on the left of him is posing suggesting confidence and dominance even though he is placed behind him.<br />By having all the members dressed casually yet smart it signifies the serious behavior the band have and how they carry themselves and how they want to be perceived.<br />This shot is neither a studio shot or a live shot, which could hide the fact they are artists. Also the idea their clothing covers them reveals they may not be following the ideology of having tattoo’s, but also the idea of being fully clothed connotates the idea of them not being as laid back as some artist. <br />By having the band situated in a earth like scene, it could show a kind and caring aspect to the band and signify social and friendly behavior. It demonstrates they may have other interests other than music as they may be fans of the outdoors, which could suggest they don’t only want to be looked at as mainstream artists, but as normal human beings too. It could also signify shy characteristics and hidden talents and interests, which can make them seem appealing to fans as there are hidden traits within them. <br />
  8. 8. This portrait long shot seems appropriate for a front cover a magazine as It is a establishing shot and can be easily recognized by fans. <br />By having all the members looking into the camera, it signifies confidence from all members and connotates their dominance and authority over their fans, which could appear threatening and intimidating to some fans. Also the fact all the band members are slouched suggests their laid back, care-free attitudes. This could connotate the idea of them having rock star traits and again signifies their authority as their success gives them the right to be laid back and care-free.<br />The positioning of the artists suggests each artists importance, signifying there are importance levels within the band depending on their position in the production. For instance, the lead singer is placed centrally in the photo and is further forward than the other artists, signifying his dominance over his other band mates. Also by having him dressed in yellow enables him to stand out and suggests wild and lively characteristics suggesting a rock star like attitude and setting an ideology to other band members and fans. <br />The idea we can also see that the majority of the band members have tattoo’s suggests their creative side and shows that they have an ideology for the band. Also the fact all the members are dressed similarly, e.g. casual signifies the set ideology. <br />The studio shot and low key lighting sets a mystical mood and could suggest the band has hidden depths under their image. The use of the studio shot also enables them to look professional, suggesting they may want to be taken more seriously.<br />
  9. 9. Influence<br />From the images I have looked at I know I have been influenced to what style of images I want to include when I make my magazine cover, contents and double page spread.<br />I feel a combination of both live shots and studio shots within a magazine are exciting as the variation is interesting when compared to the same shots repeated. So I feel when I make my magazine I use a studio shot for the cover as it looks professional and sleek and then for my double page spread I will use mainly live photo’s to involve the reader in the action of the concerts etc. For my contents page I am likely to use a combination of both as it establishes all the magazine has to offer.<br />I have learnt that positioning is key and has to appropriate to the way the band/artist want to be perceived and the dominance of each member. I think I will take positioning and lighting majorly into consideration when taking a studio shot for my cover of my magazine as it sets an ideology and perception for the artist/band. <br />When taking live shots I need to make sure I also capture the bands personality and characteristics, the same with studio shots, as I need to portray how they behave in photo’s so fans get the real experience.<br />Props need to be used appropriately if I use them in studio shots as they have to refer back to the personality and reasoning of the artist/bands actions. <br />Eyeline is key when signifying a band/artists dominance over other artists and fans as it also suggests their authority and the artists/bands opinion of their fans and other artists. <br />