Question 2


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Question 2

  1. 1. How effective is the combination of your main and ancillary products?
  2. 2. What is the concept behind the campaign? What is the unique selling point of your film?I think that Black swans unique selling pointwas the storyline and I think that that’s theSame with my film too. I think the storyline isDifferent and I don’t know of a film that has theSame storyline as mine. I also think it’s quiterealistic as well because lots of people gothrough abuse and the message it gets across is that you can be anybody youwant, you don’t have to play the life that you think you’re supposed to play andbecause of that I think that would catch peoples attention and make them wantto see the film. I also think it can relate to everyone though because somepeople, especially in their teenage years can go through a rough patch and maybehang around with the wrong people, get into the wrong crowd and do stuff thatisn’t actually them so this film can show them that they just need to let thatperson go which I think is quite an interesting way to look at which is why I thinkit is such a unique selling point.
  3. 3. How I’ve ensured that my trailer and poster are clearly part of the same campaign. For my title of my film I’ve used the same font on all of my products. I think that this is quite a memorable font because it stands out on the page. Although I haven’t used the same colours on them, they are laid out the same on each of my products. The reason I couldn’t use the same colours is because of the backgrounds on my products. The background on my film magazine and film trailer were both black so I wasn’t able to use the colours black and white.
  4. 4. ImagesBoth of my photos have been edited black and white. I’ve done this to represent thetitle name ‘Dark innocence’ which connect with the colours black and white.
  5. 5. Here I’ve used a tag line on both myfilm magazine and my film poster. Thisis so that my audience get insight towhat the film is going to be about. Mytagline is quite simple and easy toremember. I’ve also used a similarvoiceover in my trailer ‘there’s a badperson in everyone, you’ve just got tofind them’ which again showscontinuity between all of my products.
  6. 6. Relationship between the film distributer and magazine publisher.The film distributer and magazine publisher need to work closely together so thatthe products have continuity between them. A magazine publisher needs to workwith the right film though to suit their genre of magazine as some can be just for aniche audience where as others can be very mainstream and want films thateverybody will enjoy. When they do work together though, a film distributer willallow the magazine to use its publicity shots and film title font. This is because themagazine company is very important in promoting that film and need to showcontinuity between them. On my magazine I’ve got the same title font and taglineand that’s how professional magazine publishers show that the magazine belongs tothat film. Magazine publishers also give interviews, behind the scenes access,interviews, etc so that it again promotes the film even more and gets peopleinvolved as well as making more people want to buy the magazine. On my magazinecover I’ve put a sell line ‘Exclusive interview with Sarah Cockerill and win a chance tomeet her’ which will make people want to buy the magazine but also promote theactors and the film in whole.
  7. 7. Promoting my film.A trailer, poster and film magazine aren’t the only ways of promoting a filmthough as there are plenty more ways of doing this. Lots of films you will findhave a variety of different trailer and the closer they get to the release date themore footage they show in the trailers so this will make people want to keepseeing more and keep updated with the latest trailer.
  8. 8. Most films also have a variety of differentposters with all of the different characters oneach one. This means that the audience will beable to see who’s in it and it will also promotethem actors.
  9. 9. You also see banners across websitesregularly allowing you to click on themand find out more about the film. Mostfilms will also have their own individualwebsites. This contains more informationabout the film, character profiles
  10. 10. For big films there are normally programs on featuring exclusive interviewswith characters. On channel 4 on a Saturday these are normally on whichpromote the film and the actors by showing the trailer and small clips of thefilm. Radio and magazine interviews would also be helpful in promoting thefilm.