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Stat project by usman

  1. 1. 1Statistics for Business and Economics A Project of Prepared By : Jani’s Group MBA (Morning)
  2. 2. 2Statistics for Business and EconomicsSubmitted To: Sir Shahzada Adeel.Submitted By: “Group Members Names” Names: Roll No: 1. Usman Jamil. 008 2. Adnan Ahmad. 037 3. Shoaib Ahmed. 005 4. Ahmad Husnain Sajid. 023 Prepared By : Jani’s Group MBA (Morning)
  3. 3. 3Statistics for Business and EconomicsPhase (1) PageNo: (1) Chose two Companies……………………4  Reason for selecting companies…………….4  History of Kohinoor Textiles Mills LTD…...4  History of Blessed Textiles Mills LTD……...5 (2) Define Two Variables……………………..7 Prepared By : Jani’s Group MBA (Morning)
  4. 4. 4Statistics for Business and Economics  Sales………………………………………….7  Profit…………………………………………7 (3) Motivation Behind Our Project…………..7Phase (1) (1) Chose Two CompaniesWe chose two companies which is most compotators of each other. That companies are bothtextiles mills which one is Kohinoor textile mill and second one is Blessed textile mills. Thosecompanies are listed companies in the stock exchange and also work in the Pakistan.Reason for Selecting Organization: 1. Every focusing other industries like automobile, cement, many others. 2. Its data can be easily formulated. 3. It meets the requirements of the topic. 4. Its years annual reports were available. 5. The organizations are within the country. 6. The size of their balance sheets is much comparable. 7. Its data is according to our assigned topic. 8. Every member of my group suggested this organization. 9. The accounts of this organization are rather simple and easy to interpret. 10. The same size of an organization for its comparison was available.History of Kohinoor Textile Mills LTD: Prepared By : Jani’s Group MBA (Morning)
  5. 5. 5Statistics for Business and EconomicsKML was incorporated in 1987 at Mangamandi and is one of the oldest companies of Pakistanwith over 50 years experience in textile manufacturing. It was initially set up as a weavingproject with 256 looms. However, after decades of aggressive expansion and modernizationKML has emerged into a fully vertically integrated home textiles company with state of the artcapabilities for Weaving, Dyeing, Hosiery, Genertek, and Hometex. The company has a diversecustomer base with sales in both the local and export markets. The main international marketsinclude Asia, Europe, USA and Australia. Kohinoor Mills Limited was incorporated as a Publiclimited Company on December 21st, 1987 and is located at 8th K.M., Manga Raiwind Road,and District Kasur. The Company produces greige cloth from cotton, blended and syntheticyarns. The project was initially established with 48 Sulzer Ruti shuttles-less looms of 153"Width from Switzerland with modern ancillary machinery to produce high quality fabric forexport markets. Further expansions saw the installation of an additional 96Tsudakoma air jetlooms from Japan in 1990 and a third shed comprising 60 state of the art Picanol Omni 340 cmwide looms was installed in July 1998, twelve with batching motions. Another twelve PicanolOmni 340 cm wide looms were installed in1999.In 2000-2001 old 48 Sulzer Ruti looms werereplaced by 48 lated PicanolOmni Plus 380cm looms. In addition to that latest Picanol Omniplus Jacquard Looms were also added as well as a yarn conditioning machine from Zorella wasalsoinstalled.The entire manufacturing process from warping to fabric inspection is monitoredthrough an on-line process control system from BARCO. The marketing strategy is to explorenew markets both in quota and non-quota countries.Major department of KTML: • GINNING DEPARTMENT • SPINNING DEPARTMENT • WEAVING DEPARTMENT • STITCHING DEPARTMENT • PROCURMENT DEPARTMENT • QUIALITY ASSURANCE DEPARMENT • MARKETING DEPARTMENT • PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT DEPARMENHistory of Blessed Textile Mills LTD:First unit in Sheikhupura: Prepared By : Jani’s Group MBA (Morning)
  6. 6. 6Statistics for Business and EconomicsSituated in Sheikhupura, Punjab. It produces Yarn with 25,440 Spindles and related machinerycatering to the domestic and international markets since 1990 it houses a large number of twofor one Twisting Machines producing a wide range of double Yarn. This unit produces about 18Tons of Yarn daily. Blessed is also GOTS OEKO-TEX certified.Some of the counts being spun are: • 7/1 to 40/1 Carded Single and Double • Slub Yarn • Core Spun Lycra Yarn • Zero Twist Yarn • Multi Slub Yarn • Multi Count YarnWe have a long list of fully satisfied customers who always prefer to buy our products for thelast so many years. Blessed is a qualified partner of DuPont in producing Lycra products.Second unit in Ferozwatuwan:Blessed Textile Ltd. is situated in Ferozwatuwan, Sheikhupura next ot Faisals Weaving Units.The preparatory process consists of latest versions and models including sectional warping.This Weaving Unit is also capable of producing variety of construction of Woven Fabrics.We also have a separate research and development department having 340 CM Loomexclusively meant for R&D. This Loom is constantly engaged in new developments. This is anew concept for the first time in Pakistan. Our R&D department has been helpful indeveloping new products.This unit is equipped with Tsudakoma Zak-e Looms of • 280 CM 10 Looms • 340 CM 91 Looms • 340 CM 10 Looms Staubli Jacquards • 340 CM 01 Loom for R&D Prepared By : Jani’s Group MBA (Morning)
  7. 7. 7Statistics for Business and Economics Some of major end users of our fabrics are • Nike • Wall Mart • J. C. Penny • CGA • HGM3rd unit in Sheikhupura:Situated in Sheikhupura, Punjab. The state of the art unit with 22,176 Spindles and specializesin pc cvc yarn with complete Reiter back process with RX 240 Frames and schalaforst 338winding machine giving exemplary production as a result there is ever increasing demand ofthe Yarn produced by this unit which is known for quality assurance. This unit is also capableof making micro fiber and is rated the most sophisticated, latest, modernized and innovativeunit in Pakistan.Some of the types of yarn being spun are • 40 cvc carded and Combed. • 50 cvc to 80 cvc Combed. • 40 pc Carded and Combed. • 45/1 pc Combed. (2) Define Two Variables:We are selected two variables which one is sales of the companies and second one is profit ofthe companies. • Sales: A sale is the act of selling a product or service in return for money or other compensation. It is an act of completion of a commercial activity. OR Prepared By : Jani’s Group MBA (Morning)