FPA Cast Social Media Overview


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  • Jemalyn: 1) I’m assuming they are writing their own descriptions and you will provide links to each of the department webpages? Yes. Kathe and I are coming up with boiler plates. 2) I need to confirm with Jon what he wants to do for the header and background images for Twitter. OK – sounds good. Jon will be at the meeting as well.
  • FPA Cast Social Media Overview

    1. 1. FPA Cast Social Media Overview Presented by Tyler Thomas Social Media Specialist – University Communications @UNLincoln | @TylerAThomas tthomas10@UNL.edu September 6, 2013
    2. 2. @UNLincoln Objectives 2 1. Highlight the College/Department through what you’re doing everyday 2. Show off your personal brand 3. Build a Community
    3. 3. @UNLincoln Weekly Requirements 3 • At least 10 posts a week (includes both outlets, Twitter & Instagram) • Spread posts throughout the week • Post more during exciting events • Other Requirements: – Launch Event in late October – Special appearances at recruitment events – Occasional meetings, including exit interview
    4. 4. @UNLincoln Target Audience • Prospective Students – Provide a glimpse into college life – Show them why it’s cool to be a _______ major – You’re the window into their future 4
    5. 5. @UNLincoln Setting Up Your Accounts • Create your Twitter/Instagram accounts – Create a “fake” email account to register these accounts – Try to use the same @Handle – Send your Account Info (Username & Password) to Jemalyn in an email 5
    6. 6. @UNLincoln Setting Up Your Accounts Cont’d • Your Profile Images will be provided after the next photo shoot • Fill out the your description text and include a link to your department webpage • Make your description fun and showcase your personal brand and include mention of being a part of UNLArts. – Example: Dancer, Dreamer, Foodie & Entrepreneur, Junior #Dance major at @UNLincoln. #UNLArts 6
    7. 7. @UNLincoln Posting 7 • Remember to showcase your own personal brand, use words/phrases you would normally • You’re providing a glimpse into your life • Include relevant #hashtags and @Mentions • Re-tweet/Favorite when you can • Be real. Be Honest. Have Fun
    8. 8. @UNLincoln Types of Content 8 • Think in categories • Think visually • Keep it short and sweet • Don’t over think it
    9. 9. @UNLincoln Content Examples: Instagram Photos 9 19 likes
    10. 10. @UNLincoln Community Building 10 • Think Kim Kardashian – No not really, but she’s a good example of developing a personal brand • Think about Celebrities you follow – Why do you follow them? – What’s interesting about them?
    11. 11. @UNLincoln Replying to Questions 11 • Reply in a timely manner if you know the answer. Direct them to a website whenever possible • If you’re unclear, alert Jemalyn and she will get the answer • Some stock answers will be provided
    12. 12. @UNLincoln Things To Be Aware Of 12 • Social Media is a 24-hour window into your life and it is permanent • Be conscious of grammar, spelling & acronyms • We are a Pepsi, Adidas and UNL Campus. • You are employees of the University and the Hixson Lied College. • Steer clear from – Posting about drinking, smoking, etc. • Be conscious about what’s in the backgrounds of photos • BEFORE YOU POST, CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT!
    13. 13. @UNLincoln Helpful Tools 13 • Connect your Instagram w/ your Twitter • Download Hootsuite • Use Apps you would normally – Collage building – Photo editing – Caption creation – **If you need some free app suggestions, just ask
    14. 14. @UNLincoln 14 Connect With Us: @UNLincoln, #UNL