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Brand love


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Brand love

  1. 1. TAG ARCHIVES: BRAND LOVE CURVEWRITE A BETTER POSITIONING STATEMENT BYGOING TO WAR WITH YOUR CONSUMER’S ENEMY 14N OVEMBER2012 2 COMMENTS The most beloved brands are based on an idea that isworth loving.It is the idea that connects the Brand with consumers. Consumers connect to ideas more than justfacts about your product. And under the Brand Idea are 5 sources of connectivity that help connectthe brand with consumers and drive Brand Love, including the brand promise, the strategic choicesyou make, the brand’s ability to tell their story, the freshness of the product or service and theoverall experience and impressions it leaves with you. Everyone wants to debate what makes agreat brand–whether it’s the product, the advertising, the experience or through consumers. It is notjust one or the other–it’s the collective connection of all these things that make a brand beloved.
  2. 2. The best Brand Ideas start with the conquering of the Enemy of your ConsumersAs people start writing positioning statements, they normally start off with some feature orientedthings they do better than others. And it normally just sounds like a category feature that everyonebasically does. It’s like saying a car drives. You end up with boring, undifferentiated, features thatyou’ve said for years. Consumers don’t care about what you do until you begin caring aboutconsumers need.And when Brand Leaders feel stuck I like to ask them: ”who is your consumer’s enemy?” Once youanswer that, you’ll see the ideas get richer. Use the attack of the enemy to generate a bigger ideawhich then acts as a focal point to set up your brand promise. You will start to notice that theanswers get better because you are connecting with your consumer because it helps solve somethingin their lives. You are now in the consumers shoes.Here’s a few examples of how it might work:
  3. 3. Apple: The enemy of most people who have ever turned on a computer is Frustration.Nothing ever seems to work and we end up overwhelmed and feeling incompetent. Along comes Apple who attacks Frustration by makingeverything so simple. Everything Apple does is about simplicity, not about technology. Applemakes me feel smarter. Apple makes it easy for anyone to download songs, edit photos or evenjust start using their computer on day 1, right out of the box. Taking that one step further,Apple’s brand promiseis “we make it easier to love technology, so that you can experience thefuture.”Starbucks: Back in the 70′s, people loved taking a moment early in the morning to sit with theircoffee and morning newspaper. Folgers made millions on the tagline “The Best Part of WakingUp is Folger’s in Your Cup”. Fast forward one generation andthe new enemy is the insane hectic lives that we all live. We rush to get the kids off to school,rush to work, rush to grab a sandwich and work through lunch so we rush to every kid eventthat night and then slither into bed at 11:15 pm. Starbucks attacks that hectic life with and thebig idea becomes a bit of ”me time”. Starbucks has created a bit of an escape with a euro-flare,people who know your name, a drink customized to your own desires, a few indulgent treatsand a nice leather chair to sit with your best friend. The Starbucks brand promise is “we giveyou a moment in your day where you can just escape and spoil yourself”Special K: For all of us who have gained a few pounds over the years, we keep going on dietsand failing over again. It’s just too difficult for us to make such a life style change. Diets are just
  4. 4. too hard. And we are left wearing our “fat pants”. The enemy is not being able to squeeze into your favorite pair of jeans anymore. Special K came along and created the 2-week challenge to attack the enemy, offering the easiest diet that anyone can do. Just replace two meals a day with Special K and you’ll be able to lose weight. It’s that easy. The brand promise is “With the Special K Challenge, it’s a diet so easy that anyone can drop a Jean size in two weeks.” So who is your Consumer’s Enemy? And how do you turn the attack on that enemy into a Brand Idea?Here’s a presentation on what makes a Beloved Brand:To read and Article on How Brand Love creates Brand Power, follow this link: Brand Love