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Dna notes, part 1


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DNA parts

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Dna notes, part 1

  1. 1. Biology Notes – Chapter 9 DNA part 1<br />_______________________ _________________ - a compound composed of a 5-carbon ________________, a ______________________ base, and a ____________________.<br />____________________________________ - DNA controls the cells activities, carries genetic information. Found in the nucleus.<br />DNA wa discovered in the late 1940’s, but the structure was not discovered until _________. Two young scienctists named ______________________ and __________________ came up with a model of the structure of DNA.<br />Watson and Crick’s model: <br />1. The shape looks like a twisted ladder - __________________ ____________________<br />2. Each side is made up of alternating _________________ and ___________________ molecules. The sugar in DNA is called _______________________________________.<br />3. Attached to each sugar is a ______________________ _____________________.<br />4. To make the ladder complete, each base is joined by a weak ________________ to a base on the other side. <br />There are 4 different bases in DNA:<br />1. ________________________________ 2. __________________________________<br />3. ________________________________4. __________________________________<br />The bases always bond in the same way:<br />________________________________ to ______________________________________<br />________________________________ to ______________________________________<br />DNA is built up I n small units. Each unit is made up of the ____________________, ___________________________, and a ___________________________. This small unit is called a _______________________________________<br />Draw and label a nucleotide and a DNA model below, including each of the parts:<br />Deoxyribose sugar<br />Phosphate group<br />Adenine<br />Thymine<br />Guanine<br />Cytosine<br />Hydrogen bond<br />Nucleotide<br />