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FERRIS WHEEL ILLUSTRATIONS by pupils of 4th grade (Spain)

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FERRIS WHEEL ILLUSTRATIONS by pupils of 4th grade (Spain)

  1. 1. • Ali wake up early. He watch the hands on his clock move. His heart thumped. Today was going to be an exciting day. Ali waiting until six o’clock. Then he jumped out of bed and run to Ayşe’s room.
  2. 2. • Ayşe’’Ali called to his sister.’’Wake up’’ • ‘’It is to early’’ she groan.Then she remembered that today was a special day.
  3. 3. • ‘’We are going to carnival.’’she said,jumping out of bed. • Ali and Ayşe got dressed. Then they run downstairs to eat breakfast.
  4. 4. Ayşe stopped to tie her shoe.Then she stopped to smell a tulip. ‘’Come on Ayşe’’ Ali compalined.’’You are the slow!’’ ‘’Lets run’’ Ayşe said.
  5. 5. • Ali could not wait.He wanted to float toward the clouds on the Ferris Wheel. • When Ali and Ayşe reached the carnival,they stopped in front of the Ferris Wheel.Ayşe looked up.She grabbed Ali’s arm.Her eyes grew large.’’Lets ride the Ferris Wheel’’ said Ali.’’Oh no,not me!’’ Ayşe exclaimed.
  6. 6. • Ali knew Ayşe was scared.’’Lets ride the bumper car first,’’ she suggest.
  7. 7. • When they got of the bumper cars.Ali and Ayşe saw a clown sitting above a thank of water.Ayşe paid a dollar for three balls.She threw on ball at the target.’’You missed!’’chuckled the clown.
  8. 8. • Ayşe nodded happily.Ali asked’’Now are you ready to ride the Ferris Wheel?’’ • Up up up they went on the Ferris Wheel.Ayşe kept her eyes closed.Ali looked at everything around him.
  9. 9. • Ali and Ayşe smiled as they walked away from the Ferris Wheel.’’Next stop the roller couster’’Ali said. • ‘’Oh no.Not me!’’ Ayşe said.:)
  10. 10. • BİNAŞI NECATİ BEY İLKOKULU 4/A SINIFI İSTANBUL/TURKEY • • • • • Illustrated by pupils of 4th grade School Adela Santana Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Spain