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5 senses


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5 senses

  1. 1. Power of 5 senses
  2. 2. Power of 5 senses Our 5 senses are : Sight Smell Sound Taste Touch
  3. 3. Power of 5 senses Our senses are more attuned to danger detection than expectations of sensory delight. However advertising world has been making use of 2 senses (sight & sound) for many years and ensuring optimal visual satisfaction. (recently perfume companies started using another sense that is smell in magazine ads).
  4. 4. Power of 5 senses These 5 senses tracks contain more data than one can imagine because they have direct bearing on our emotions and all that they entail. Refer to – When the famous Russian Physiologist Ivan Pavlov introduced his famous experiment in 1899, he showed how a dog learns to anticipate food by the sound of a bell. This reflexive behavior extends to humans.
  5. 5. Power of 5 senses In the supermarkets of Northern Europe freshly baked bread is prominently displayed near the entry to the store. Although there’s no immediate evidence of a bakery , if you look carefully at the ceiling, you will spot vents that are specially designed to disperse baking aromas. It has proved a profitable exercise in increasing sales- not only a baked goods, but across many product lines.
  6. 6. Power of 5 senses When somebody just uses the word cinema we find ourself associated with the unique aroma of popcorn, the texture and sound of crunching cornflakes. Case study of Singapore Airlines has been attached with the presentation in word file.
  7. 7. Power of 5 senses Ifby using 2 senses in advertisments we can make Sight + sound 2 + 2 = 5 (perceived value)Then what will happen whenSound + vision + touch +smell +taste 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 20 (more perceived value)
  8. 8. Power of 5 senses Singapore Airlines are among one of the best airlines because of optimum use of 5 senses, inspite of the fact that their leg room is no better than many of the other airlines and their food is average, still people are ready to travel by that airline who charges more. It means multisensory brands can carry higher prices than similar brands with fewer sensory features.
  9. 9. Power of 5 senses continues……. It is just the beginning
  10. 10. Sight
  11. 11. Sight Sight is the most seductive sense of all. It often over rules the other senses, and has the power to persuade us against all logic.Case study : When Dr. H.A. Roth performed in 1988 a test on food and color. He colored a lemon- and –lime flavoured drink in various degrees of intensity. He then asked his students to taste different drinks, they said the stronger the color, the sweeter the drink. But in fact it was quite the opposite : the stronger the color, the more sour it actually was.
  12. 12. Sight Vision is all about light- within the range of visible light, different wavelengths appear to us as different colors- therefore most colors that we see are composed of a range of wavelengths.
  13. 13. Sight The efficiency and completeness of our eyes and brain is unparalleled in comparison with any piece of apparatus or instrument ever invented. Vision is the most powerful of 5 senses. Probably it is the most explored sense.
  14. 14. Sight According to the Brand Sense- only a small 19% of consumers worldwide believe the look of an item of clothing is more important than how it feels. Whereas a good half of them place the emphasis on feel rather than appearance. The fashion industry is not alone in experimenting this swing in performance from look to feel. There is no escaping the fact that distinctive design generates distinctive brands and successful brands are by their very nature visually smashable.
  15. 15. Sight Case study – Visual Brand Coca-cola took their color (Red) very seriously, Santa Claus traditionally wore green until coca-cola began to promote him heavily in the 1950s. Now in every shopping mall across the western world, Santa wears the color of coke.
  16. 16. Sight Shape is equally important example – Triangular shape of Tobler chocolate bar where shape stood out more prominently then its taste.
  17. 17. Sight It has been noticed recently in Brand sense study that there is so much visual clutter that people are becoming skilled at moving through it wearing “blinkers”. It is result of over exposure attention to visual messages has decreased.
  18. 18. Smell
  19. 19. Smell Close your eyes & ears, refrain from touch and reject taste, but smell is part of the air we breathe. It is the one sense you can’t turn off. Around 20,000 times a day we breathe. It is also the sense we most take for granted.
  20. 20. Smell Smell is almost impossible to describe. We are exposed to thousands of different smells, yet we have an extremely limited vocabulary to address it. To describe smell we usually borrow from food & taste.
  21. 21. Smell Some of our powerful olfactory impressions were formed in childhood. Tween’s sense of smell is 200% stronger than that of adults beyond middle age.
  22. 22. Smell Case Study – Smell has played its part in war. Jack Holly of U.S Marine who led patrols in Vietnam, say, “I am alive because of my nose. You couldn’t see a camo bunker if it was right in front of you. But you can’t camouflage smell. I could smell the North Vietnamese before hearing or seeing them. Their smell was not like ours, not Filipino, not south Vietnamese, either. If I smelled that again. I would know it.”
  23. 23. Smell Fewbrands have established a distinct aroma like – Singapore Airlines. Theway brands SIGHT and SOUND need to be clear and distinct. So does its SMELL
  24. 24. Smell Scents evoke images, sensations, memories, and associates. Smell is also processed by the oldest part of our brain. Test result have showed a 40% improvement in our mood when exposed to a pleasant fragrance - particularly if the fragrance takes us into a happy memory.
  25. 25. Smell Symrise, one of the world’s leading flavor & fragrance companies, working with the experts from international universities has developed what they believe is the way to achieve sensory synergy called ORGANOLEPTIC DESIGN, this technique incorporates flavor and aroma as a fundamental part of the design process.
  26. 26. Smell Smell& taste are known as the chemical sense since both are able to sample the environment. They have closely interlinked many studies indicate that we often eat with our nose- if food passes the smell test it will most likely pass the taste test.
  27. 27. Smell Example – CRAYOLA is one of the many companies that has begun seeking to trademark its most distinct smells, starting with their crayons, their primary product, which have no doubt left their odor imprint on the memories of millions of children who draw with them
  28. 28. Sound
  29. 29. Sound Children have more acute hearing than adults. They can recognize a wider variety of noises and memorize these more easily. As we grow older we lose our sensitivity, unless of course we constantly exercise our listening faculties. AS SMELL IS CONNECTED TO MEMORY- SOUND IS CONNECTED TO MOOD.
  30. 30. Sound It creates feelings and emotions. A love movie is not nearly as emotional if you watch with the sound off. Sound can inspire joy and sadness in equal measures. It appears that loss of hearing is worse than the loss of sight.
  31. 31. Sound Case study 1- Intel stands out as the company with the clearest, most distinct, consistent, and memorable use of sound. Case Study 2- it has been attached in word.
  32. 32. Sound The notion that sound can actually influence a purchasing decision has been pretty much ignored. Sound is becoming more sophisticated, and you will first need to evaluate what role sound will play in your product or service. Actually no sound should be ignored.
  33. 33. SoundA specific sound will add another point of differentiation to their brand.Ex : Sound of Tarzan MGM lion roar Window opening & closing Music (Ring tone ) composed by A.R Rahman for Airtel.
  34. 34. Touch
  35. 35. Touch Touch alerts us to our general well- being. Touch is the tool of connection for those who have the misfortune to be both blind & deaf. When all else fails, the skin can come to the rescue actually skin is the largest organ of the body.
  36. 36. Touch We are instantly alert to cold, heat, pain, or pressure. It is estimated that there are 50 receptors per 100 sq millimeters each containing 6,40,000 micro receptors dedicated to the senses. As we get older, these numbers decreases and we lose sensitivity in our hands.
  37. 37. Touch However, our need for touch does not diminish, and exists beyond detecting danger. We need the stimulus of touch to grow and thrive. Example – Real life case history of Hellen Keller ( On her real life Hindi film “BLACK” has been made.
  38. 38. Touch Example – To counteract the Florida heat. Disney World sprinkled chilled water on people hovering outside its shops, luring them into the air conditioned world of merchandising. Example – Great India Place Mall, Noida has put a cool air curtain at the entrance.
  39. 39. Taste Taste is detected by special structures called taste buds. It is generally believed that girls are more sensitive to taste than boys as girls have more taste buds than boys. As we get older, our sense of taste changes and becomes less sensitive, making it more likely that we will enjoy foods that we consider “too strong” as a child.
  40. 40. Taste Taste & smell are closely related. Taste goes hand in hand with smell. Taste is the weakest of all 5 senses (especially from project’s point of you).