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Target audience profile


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Target audience profile

  1. 1. Target Audience Profile For the pop genre
  2. 2. Millie is a 17 year old girl who enjoys listening to capital fm. Her preferred genre of music is pop and her favourite artists are Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus. Not only are they her favourite artists but also her idols who she aspires to be like . Millie attempts to copy their fashion sense and hairstyles. When Millie isn't at home she downloads the latest pop music to her iPod which she listens to on the go. Millie loves spending time with her friends but she also has hobbies which she practises weekly. Her hobbies are dancing twice a week and going to singing lessons once a week. Other than her hobbies Millie also has a part time job in Miss Selfridge as a sails assistant. She works once a week and earns £4.50 an hour. Each month she puts aside some money in order to save up for concert tickets and new albums from her favourite artists. Other than that she tends to find herself watching MTV as it features lots of the latest music videos. Millie is in her first year of A levels and she studies drama, dance, music and media. She wishes to pursue a future career in singing or something to do with acting.
  3. 3.   The genre of my music video is pop and Millie would be the ideal fan to  buy the album especially as she fits into the target audience age category.  My music video features fashionable clothing and new hairstyles which  would appeal to Millie as she always looks for these aspects to copy from  her idols. As this album is also available on iTunes it makes it easy for  Millie to download to her iPod and listen to it when she is out and about.