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evaluation 6


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evaluation 6

  1. 1. What have you learnt abouttechnologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. SlideRocketSlideRocket has helped me display mywork in a creative form, it includesanimations and allows me toexperiment with colours and display mywork evidently. I have learnt from sliderocket that rather than using powerpoint I can use this which is very similarbut it has more professional qualities toit and makes my work appear moresophisticated.
  3. 3. PreziPrezi allowed me to create swiftlyflowing moments between my texts Iwas able to make pathways to directmy reader throughout my workguiding them along the pathways. Themain thing I have learnt is how todisplay work with a format that allowsme to guide the reader through mywork without having to number it ordraw arrows.
  4. 4. PhotoshopI used this program to format my workin a sophisticated style. Photoshopallows me to create a magazine frontcover contents page and double pagespread as professionally as possible.Throughout using Photoshop I havealso learnt have I can edit my imagesto make certain section of my imagelighter or darker, and even crop outthe background out my images.
  5. 5. XtranormalXtranormal is a clever website thatallows you to write your text outin a word document and paste itinto a box and the program willtranslate my words into speech. Ihave learnt from this thatsometime just having to read a bigblock of text can be boringtherefore this website shows otherways in which you can changethings up a little.
  6. 6. InDesignInDesign allowed me to insert text intomy article in the three columnswiththe text flowing from one box toanother without me having to copytext from where the bottom of thepage is and copy it into the box next toit. I have learnt that I don’t have to putmyself through the long process oforganising my text and wasting mytime when I could easily use thisprogram without any hassle.
  7. 7. FlickrFlickr is an easy way to annotate mywork and allows the audience to seemy reasons for doing taking action andusing certain colour, fonts, images andlayout. I have learnt that I canannotate my work on top of thesection I am talking about withoutcovering my work and only appearingwhen I scroll over that section.
  8. 8. WordpressWordpress is a blog which I publish allof my work on it allows me to displaydifferent pieces of work that I havecompleted throughout my project. Ihave learnt that I can upload differentprojects from online websites andhave them saved all onto one websiteso my work can be all neatlyorganised.