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Magazine institutions


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Magazine institutions

  1. 1. MAGAZINE INSTITUTIONSBauer Media A multinational media company located in Hamburg, Germany and is active in 15 different countries, Bauer started in the UK with a magazine titled Bella in 1987, Bauer took over FHM in 1994 which has become the best selling international multi platform brand. Bauer media also runs popular Radio stations such as Kiss FM and Magic 105 point 4. Bauer Media’s revenue since establishment is €2.129Billion . Bauer Media’s most popular magazines are FHM, Heat, Zoo, Match and Empire. Bauer owns 2 music magazines including Mojo and Kerrang! Which have huge success rates in the UK Mojo being Britains best monthly seller.
  2. 2. IPC Media- (International Publishing Corporation) Established in 1958 in the UK, originally began growing by publishing newspapers. IPC was sold to Cinven for £860m in 1998 being one of the largest management buyouts in the UK. They published Nuts in 2004 which was the world’s first ever men’s weekly magazine, NME, Look, TV Times and Now are big features within IPC being their most successful magazine/ websites. NME and Uncut are the only music magazines that IPC publishes.
  3. 3. Future Publishing Most popular magazines- Classics monthly, Classic Rock, Total Film, SFX, Games Master and also magazines for games consoles such as Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation. Founded in 1985, they are successful not only from prints; they are also owners of very popular websites like TechRadar and T3. Future Publishing sells 10 music magazines in the UK featuring Classic Rock, Rhythm and Metal Hammer; they also publish 1 magazine in Australia.
  4. 4. Development Hell Created in 2001, based in London Development Hell is an individual publisher owning only one magazine being “MixMag”.
  5. 5. BBC Magazines BBC magazine includes the latest news/ sneak peaks of their latest TV programmes on all the BBC channels such as news about Top Gear, Doctor Who, Eastenders which are all very popular TV shows produced by the BBC.
  6. 6. Why would an institution want to publishmore than one magazine?When an institution increases publishing numbers, this willcause benefits of an increase in profits, a larger audience andpeople learning more about the institution and othermagazines that it publishes. Overall when increasingpublishing of more than one magazine this is stronglybeneficial.
  7. 7. What are the advantages for a company ofoffering their audiences cross-media links?The benefits of this are that the company will gain a largeraudience with a range of different genres attracting people ofall different ages. With a larger audience the company willmake a larger amount of money and become largely known.
  8. 8. Why is the study of institutions useful?It allows people to understand the function ofinstitutions, which is very interesting and also provides us withinformation about different institutions and how they are alldifferent depending on what genre of magazines they publish.