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Yrals Mobile App Deck


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Yrals Mobile App Deck

  1. 1. Digital Marketing The Future is Now!
  2. 2. About YRALS• Set up to create social media campaigns for brands on an ROI Basis in 2008• YRALS was founded by Jaideep Bir along with an angel investor and has a 30 member team in Mumbai• YRALS executes SMO in two formats: – Qualitative Engagement – Quantitative Traffic• YRALS also specializes in creation of web properties for Brands that enhance interactivity and build Brand loyalty• The company has executed Social Media campaigns for over 50 clients across sectors including: Media | BFSI| Automobiles | FMCG| Mobile|Technology | Food & Beverage
  4. 4. Deck ofMobile Apps
  5. 5. Men in Black 3A light-weight engagement oriented application that allows users to1. Enact parts of the movie like use the Screen Neuraliser and Flash Neuraliser that Will Smith and Tommy Lee use to wipe out the memory of earthlings if they happen to see an alien.2. Watch MIB 3’s trailer,3. Make an online order of the DVD and
  6. 6. Home Screen
  7. 7. Flash Neuralizer
  8. 8. Screen Neuralizer
  9. 9. View Trailer
  10. 10. Tata ManzaA mobile micro-site that allows visitors to obtain a walk through of thefeatures and specs of the new Tata Manza, download an m-brochure ontheir handsets, obtain a personal price quote and request a Test Drive bygiving personal details
  11. 11. Home Page
  12. 12. Inbuilt Search features
  13. 13. Easy to use View Down Menu
  14. 14. Pricing plans
  15. 15. Feedback Form
  16. 16. Product Visuals
  17. 17. Product Details & Specs
  18. 18. Compact Information Display
  19. 19. Features Display Features display
  20. 20. Easy to view and understand layout
  21. 21. Stock OptionsAn calculation application where users can evaluate the performance of thestocks they hold based on a set of parameters and at the same time trackthe market calls and puts for those stocks
  22. 22. BATEC Air ConditionersA utility based application for the Sales Team of BATEC which would aidthem in their Sales Proposal using information like type of AC the customerwants, area of the space where it needs installation, the resulting energyconsumption so they can make an informed pitch to their customersThe App has an algorithm that takes these inputs into account and gives thebest option from the product range of BATEC that optimizes the EnergyConsumption as per his Budget and Area specifications.
  23. 23. Login
  24. 24. Customer Details
  25. 25. Product Selection
  26. 26. Speedy SpeechAn application which assists users with speech impairment to overcometheir incapable in pronouncing words with the letters R, S and L.Users are made to hear the syllables loud and clear in various sentences andwords.The app also holds a module of exercises for these users to practice andrecord themselves saying those words and listening to them repeatedly totrack their improvement.
  27. 27. Main screen
  28. 28. Main screen
  29. 29. Bombardment of R-words
  30. 30. Discriminations of R-words
  31. 31. Subsections
  32. 32. Working details of R target drills
  33. 33. Magic FingersA light weight game app where a user has to play the role of a masseuse andpoints are obtained based on the extent to which he is able to please thecustomer.
  34. 34. Loading screen
  35. 35. Main page
  36. 36. Selection screen
  37. 37. Choose your level
  38. 38. Game play
  39. 39. Thank You Ritesh KumawatManager – Business +91 9029444575