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Ricky ricotta s_mighty_robot_4_by_dav_pilkey


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Ricky ricotta s_mighty_robot_4_by_dav_pilkey

  1. 1. the presentation is by Hans C.
  2. 2. the book is about a robot that defets mighty monkey from mars.First What happens is ricky ricotta grabbed his skate board andwas riding to school then in mars these robots came up from theground and went to earth last Rickys robot defeated the megamonkeys from mars
  3. 3. I rate this book a 10 because it was funny it had flip o rama. I would recommend this book toanother student because it is funny.
  4. 4. the characators of a sci. fic. bookis characaters have spechalabilities, challenges or dangeressituation, perfect society, travelthroe time or space,unexplainable events, scientific hi-tech, themes, futuristic events,symbols representing ideas, andunusual literacy.
  5. 5. this book is sci. fic. because it hasfuturistic settings & hi-tech.