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Final draft


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Final draft

  1. 1. “What is this?” is what I get asked day after day. I will soon get to telling you about where itoriginated and what it is but the question is will you believe it? There are two sides to it, there are thosewho believe it and those that do not believe it exist. I am going to tell you my opinion on it and you be thejudge. It is said to be founded by a Bavarian Professor of Law, his name is Adam Weishaupt. Adamjoined a group by the name of the Freemasons. The Freemasons are said to be the mini society of theilluminati. (What). The freemasons worked to control every little aspect of the world in my opinion. Youcan say that they were the type of people to be very secretive about everything they owned. In this organization of control was the creation of the Illuminati. On the day of May 1st, 1776 TheIlluminati was created. They called this day Mayday, because it was said to be a sacred holiday to thePagan Religion. (What) Think about it, isn’t it funny that this day was also a very important day tomodern day communists? I sure thought so. It’s weird that the illuminati is out to control everything andthe Communists are also out to control everything. Are they Connected? That is one thing we will neverknow because they are so secretive. The same year of 1776 the Declaration of Independence was created.Is it possible that our founding fathers are also part of the masons? It is said to be true and I believe it inevery way. Let me tell you something else, Adam didn’t like the social or political systems in Germanyone bit. He even decided to fight for a revolution to change it. (What) He tried his best to get the womenof the society on his side by saying, the men of the society are trying to rule over them and make them dowhatever they wanted to do. I know you want to hear about the revolution so I’m going to tell you exactlywhat happened. In 1782, there was a big meeting of the Masons which in my view are just Illuminatimembers. This meeting was held Wilhelmsbad, Germany. Adam Weishaupt thought of himself sort oflike a leader of the masons so, he gathered and enlisted as many Masons as possible to take over thesocial and political systems of Germany. As Adam gathered all of the Masons he could they went towardsa place called the Grand Orient Lodge. (What) This may sound crazy but I really do believe that he justdidn’t like any religion if it wasn’t his. He was very close minded in my opinion. If you are just going totake over and have a revolution to hurt innocent people it just isn’t right. I mean how would you react if
  2. 2. someone wanted to kill you over your religion? Adam should have took more into consideration andrespect other people’s religious beliefs and social views on the government. Weishaupt even rounded upall of the rich individuals on his side just so they can have a bit of control over the city. He also gatheredmembers of the aristocracy, which were people and soldiers involved in fighting the French Revolution.(What) During the revolution, 15 million people were killed during this just because of their religion andsocial views. (What) Does this sound right? Most of you won’t believe any of this information I amtelling you but I believe all of this happened. This is why the “Illuminati” today is said to be sounderground and sworn to secrecy. If a secret organization really helped kill 15 million people why wouldthey not be underground and secret? No one would like to take the blame for killing half of the populationof Germany and France in 1789. Most of you will ask “If they went underground in 1789 how do we know they didn’t just disbandand end all connections?” Well in Germany years later a spring of “Secret Societies” came up. One ofAdam Weishaupt’s followers, the Baron von Knigge was full of German Union book publisherssupporting Adam.(What) Later on in 1815, a society called the “League of the Just” was seen inGermany. This league recruited a man named Karl Marx who wrote a book called the “CommunistManifesto”. (What) Isn’t it weird that also the Freemasons which were part of the Illuminati were alsoconnected to Communism? I think it is. If the Freemasons favored communism and these guys did too,would that mean that they could do the same thing and kill 15 million people because of their religion?My answer is maybe. Is there any proof that they did or didn’t? Of course not, because they had to besecret about it. There is no way people would let them get away with killing 15 million people again if ithas happened before. Fifteen years later, Another society called the “Order of Death” was formed by agroup of wealthy elites that are above all others in the country. (What) Think about this, the symbol of the“Order of Death” was skull and crossbones. The freemasons of the Illuminati had the same exact symbol40 years before these guys came to existence. Could this mean that the Illuminati has returned?
  3. 3. Beginning now, is when I tell you exactly what a “secret society” really is. “It is anorganization of initiated persons whose members, purposes, and rituals are kept secret”. (Secret)I believe these “secret societies” exist everywhere. A good number of artist are involved in thesecret Illuminati. Artists that are involved or said to be involved are, Jay-Z, Kanye West, andeven Lady Gaga. First off , Jay-z’s famous song “D’Evils” from one of his early career albums“Reasonable Doubt”, recites lyrics that may be evidence that he is indeed involved with the“Illuminati”. The lyrics are “ Dear God, I wonder can you save me? Illuminati want my mind,soul, and my body. Dear God, I wonder can you save me? Secret Society, trying to keep an eyeon me. Dear God, I wonder can you save me? I can’t die.” (Illum. Lyrics) Indeed these lyricsclearly state evidence of them maybe involved in the “Illuminati”, but is it true? Jay-z in my eyesis part of the Illuminati. Most people will ask me “What evidence do you have to prove it?” Theanswer is not on paper but is in his music videos or live performances. He constantly holds up apyramid symbol with his hand in every video or live performance. “It’s just a hand gesture sohow is that evidence?” I will simply say the pyramid is a extreme symbol of the illuminati sincethe Bavarian Illuminati. (symbols) This isn’t just any random pyramid, the pyramid has an allseeing eye on the very top of it. The “all-seeing eye” is said to mean for many years that thegovernment is watching over you anywhere you go. (symbols) Imagine seeing this on yoursidewalk on posters, billboards, fliers, or even Business logos! Kanye West is also accused ofbeing in the Illuminati. He also has lyrics that may lead to the answer to whether he is in theIlluminati or not. These lyrics come off his hit single “Power” from his newest album “MyBeautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy”. “No one man should have all that power, The clock’s ticking Ijust count the hours. Stop tripping of the power. Till then forget that the world’s ours”.(Illum.Lyrics) Most people believe this is saying he wants to gather all the power from the world and
  4. 4. take control of our government. This to me doesn’t really say much most people believe he isjust money and power hungry, and just making music to control and mind jack us. He in myopinion is not in the Illuminati and should just be able to make music without being accused ofbeing in this secret organization. There are a select few of artists that are speaking out on the Illuminati and I respect them.These artists are Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar, and even the dead and buried Tupac. I respectthem for the sole reason that they are the only people out here trying to expose their evilplans.(Lupe) In Lupe’s freestyle “BMF” he speaks about it on a very serious cause. The lyricsare “wake up don’t join the army, kill your own peoples, but fear Illuminati’s. And they aint evenreal or are they? But they wouldn’t even know, because you portray.