Assignment 3


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Assignment 3

  1. 1. Assignment 3 COMM .6100Submitted by:Mandeep Singh GhalaS.ID 2011001907 Submitted to: Heather Vail
  2. 2. Terrorism In India A terrorist is a person who creates problem and fear panic to whole the world and to organization which he belongs. terrorists are well organized and well-trained persons who do crimes at high level and it often becomes difficult for the law enforcing agencies to arrest them in time. They indulge in senseless violence on a large scale in order create panic and huge loss to the country, and try to weaken the law and try to take the control on the country by making other fools. Hijacking of aero planes, arson, robberies, murder of eminent personalities, shooting down of innocent people indiscriminately, use of transistor bombs and other explosives, spreading of rumors’ etc. are the various devices used by terrorist organizations in order to achieve their well set goals. Terrorists are constantly changing their tactics and their hideouts to escape arrest and punishment. When arrested, they attempt suicide or are killed by their own aides.
  3. 3. History There are many factors responsible for terrorism . First , a foreign hand behind it helping terrorist in order to weaken the country ,second, there are mercenaries who are carrying on insurgency in the name of Jihad in Jammu and Kashmir, and thirdly it is a sort of revolt or revenge of the people of certain areas and mass-based movement against repression on the political grounds. In Jammu and Kashmir it is actually proxy war being carried out by some hardliners and aid provided by Pakistan agencies. They cross border from favourable points on line of control pushed by Pak security forces and carry on insurgency in Indian territory. The pro-Pak terrorist organizations and their political wings who do not recognize j&k as a part of India , carriers out attacks on innocent persons.
  4. 4. Reason of Terrorism Pakistans Kashmir history is an integral part of its foreign policy and military policy. Pakistan’s interest in war to terrorism and helping extremist is because of Kashmir . Kashmir is now a home to militant group who uses terrorist tactics as part of a drive for an independent Kashmir, as well as others with pro-Pakistani views. we often call Kashmir a actually Jammu and Kashmir, a majority Muslim Indian area between India and Pakistan. The Kashmir dispute began in 1947, when India was divided into a Hindu state and a Muslim state. Both India and Pakistan claim to have Kashmir. Many Kashmiris wanted independence. However, when Pakistani tribes invaded, Kashmirs leader requested Indian help. India sent troops to Kashmir to eject help the Kashmirs, and Pakistan responded by sending in its military. In 1949, a ceasefire agreement, known as the Karachi Agreement, divided Kashmir between India and Pakistan.
  5. 5. Disadvantages of terrorism Poverty Unemployment Economic Death of innocent citizens Effect on tourism
  6. 6. Poverty Terrorism is the main cause of poverty. The population in J&K falls in Below Poverty Line (BPL) category, with about 98 per cent among them living in the rural areas, says the Economic Survey. The ES which was tabled in the Legislative Assembly that says that nearly 24.21 lakh persons are poor in J&K (21.63 per cent) of which 22 lakh live in the rural areas and only 2.21 lakh in urban areas. The poverty graph, according to the ES, has however shown constant decrease. As per the ES the poverty was 30.34 per cent (Rural) 9.18 per cent (Urban) and 25.17 per cent Combined (R+U) in 1993-94.
  7. 7. Unemployment Unemployment has been a constant threat to the Kashmir society and is increasing at a fast pace. About 6 lakh educated unemployed youth of the state have been registered with district Employment and Counselling Centres (E&CC) The main reason of this unemployment in the state is due to the threat of terrorism and slow down of industrial development in the state.
  8. 8. Economic Terrorism mostly effected the economy of the state. Kashmir produces a variety of fruits, vegetables and grains, yet 40% of them rot because there is no or little advanced processing and packaging service available, thereby also creating unemployment.
  9. 9. Death of innocent citizens Terrorist groups in the area kill the innocent citizens and the security forces. More than 60,000 people, mostly innocent civilians, have died in the 15-year conflict. Half a million Indian troops are stationed in Kashmir, fighting Pakistani-funded militants who crosses the border and threaten locals and often take shelters in their houses.
  10. 10. Effect on Tourism Tourism has been identified as an industry with potential of development next to agriculture and horticulture in Kashmir. terrorism continues to pose a serious threat in Jammu and Kashmir. Frequent curfews and strict security measures restricts the tourist to come and tourism industry is facing a loss because of this problem.
  11. 11. ConclusionTerrorism is a very dangerous for every country .Due toterrorism many bad moments happened like Poverty, Unemployment , Effect on Economics, Death ofinnocent people , Effect on Tourism. Terrorism makesthe country’s economy weak.