The Profession Of A Permanent Makeup Artist And The Effect It Has On Its Clients


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The Profession Of A Permanent Makeup Artist And The Effect It Has On Its Clients

  1. 1. ==== ====Hello ladies, ====More often than not, many makeup artists that aspire to improve their knowledge and skills inmakeup application would want to enroll in a reputable makeup school. But since makeup schoolsare highly specialized, only a few people know about their existence and can vouch for theirreputation. And so the question remains, which makeup school is best?Yes, choosing a makeup school is your personal decision. However, there are guiding andimportant factors that one must consider in choosing the most suitable school to cater for what youneed. To give you a wide array of choices, the following is a list of makeup schools in NorthAmerica and across the globe.Blanche Macdonald Centre for Applied Design (Vancouver)Cinema Makeup School (Los Angeles, California)Complections International Academy (Toronto, Ontario)Empire Academy of Makeup (Costa Mesa, California)Joe Blasco Makeup School (Hollywood, California and Orlando, Florida)Make-up Designory or MUD (Los Angeles and New York)The Studio Makeup Academy (Los Angeles)Tobi Brittons Makeup Shop (New York)Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts (Hollywood, California)Art & Technology of Make-up College (Australia)Fleurimon (France)Greasepaint Ltd. (England)Media Makeup Academy (Australia)Skin Art -3D Makeup Artistry School (Germany)The School of Professional Makeup (Canada)
  2. 2. And here are a handful of questions that you might want to ask and inquire about each makeupschool listed above before deciding which school you should attend:•What distinguishes the school from others?•Does the school specialize in specific area such as special effects makeup artistry orcosmetics?•Is the schools curriculum comprehensive in all disciplines of makeup artistry?•Does the school have an updated curriculum? If yes, when was the most recent update?Does the school include new technology in its update? What particular technology does itaccommodate? For example, HDTV, airbrushing, WorldWideWeb, etc.•Does the school offer on-site laboratories for after hour and between classes practice? Ifyes, how much extra help is being offered and charged?•Does the school provide business training for freelance makeup artists? If yes, what kind?•What is the track record of the schools instructors? Are they fresh graduates? Are theyworking professionals? Do they have current working experience? Have they been out of the fieldfor a long time? Do they have current experience with todays makeup techniques?•Does the school prepare its students to be set-ready?•Does the school have any brand preference or recommendation for specific uses?•How big are the classes? How many students does the school accept for each class? Dothey provide one-on-one consultation?•Does the makeup school provide valuable support for internships and job placement? Willthe school help you look and land for a job?In case these things still dont give you that much information about which makeup school youshould attend, why not try asking past graduates. I bet they have more valuable facts that they canimpart to you. So, good luck!Now that you know all that information you should visit my website at tosee some of my work and for more free information on makeup and cosmetics.Thank you for reading!
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