ICFOSS Interaction with Small and Medium Enterprises on IT Enabling SMEs with FOSS, Aug 17th

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The presentation is an introductory presentation on IT enabling Small and Medium Enterprises with Free and Open Source Software. The presentation introduces the concept of IT enabling business …

The presentation is an introductory presentation on IT enabling Small and Medium Enterprises with Free and Open Source Software. The presentation introduces the concept of IT enabling business operations and the advantages of doing the same. It also briefly touches upon Free Software as a concept and the advantages of the same. The objective of the presentation is to motivate a small business owner to explore the possibility of using IT to improve on the efficiencies, productivity and profitability of his/her business operations.

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  • 1. IT Enabling with FOSS Anoop John
  • 2. Businesses and Data►Everything in business is data►Costs, prices, margins►Relationships, contracts, agreements►Opportunities, risks►Experience, intuition►Partly kept in print on paper►Partly kept in businessmans mind
  • 3. Digital Data and Software►Electronic storage of data►Data inside machines instead of books►Software is your secretary inside the machine►Applications to store & retrieve data►Applications to process & analyze data
  • 4. Advantages of Digital Data►Minimal cost of storage and recovery►Ability to quickly search through data►Ability to compile and process data►Ability to generate information from data►Ability to share easily►Reduce human error introduced costs
  • 5. What is Free Software?►The freedom to run the program, for anypurpose (use)►The freedom to study how the program works,and change it so it does your computing as youwish (modify)►The freedom to redistribute copies so you canhelp your neighbor (distribute)►The freedom to distribute copies of yourmodified versions to others (re-distribute)
  • 6. Benefits of Free Software►No licensing fees, minimal costs to acquire►Allows users to customize as per need►No imposed software upgrades►Local community support►Safer, no viruses or malware
  • 7. IT Enabling Local Businesses►Increases efficiency through automation►Better communication – internal and external►Easier data storage and retrieval►Collect and process data►Generate business intelligence from data►Web presence & expanding markets
  • 8. Automating Operations►Accounting & Reporting►Salary Processing & Compliance►HR Records & Hiring►Inventory Management►Lead / Sales Management►Service Request / Service Records►Customer History / Customer Relationship
  • 9. Better Communication►Emails for Communication►Documents in Soft Copies►Lead Processing & Communication►Service Requests & Communication►Official Communication & Records / Files
  • 10. Easier Storage & Retrieval►Accounting Records►Sales and Service Records►Customer Records►Employee Records►HR Records►Government Communication
  • 11. Collect & Process Data►Generating Accounting Reports►Analyzing Sales & Purchase Information►Analyzing Customer Histories►Analyzing Customer Feedback►Analyzing Service Request Histories►Analyzing Partner Performances►Evaluating Employee Performances
  • 12. Business Intelligence►Profitability & Marketing Strategies►Sales Trends & Marketing Strategies►Stock Availability & Profitability►Service Quality & Customer Satisfaction►Systems & Operational Efficiencies►Partner Relationships & Profitability►HR Policies & Employee Performance►HR Policies & Employee Retention
  • 13. Web Presence & Expansion►Local presence + Global sourcing►Local sourcing + Global market►Low Cost to set up Web Presence►Low Cost to reach out to Potential Customers►Low Communication Costs►New Channels – Social Media – Fb, Twitter►Broadcast Communication►Build & Retain Branding
  • 14. Challenges►Requires process for data storage►Data security issues►IT skill amongst staff►Adequate technical support availability►Additional IT service provider requirement
  • 15. How to Start►Accounting automation – GNUKhata►OpenOffice for documents & data processing►Website & Email for consistent branding►Train staff in IT essentials►Apply 80:20 rule►Prepare plan for IT enabling►Implement as you reap rewards and grow
  • 16. About Zyxware►Free Software Company►FSF Contributing Member►Free Software Support in the local market►IT Training and Enabling►Websites & Email Services►IT Hardware Sales & Services►IT Consultancy for Small Businesses
  • 17. Thank You! www.zyxware.com info@zyxware.com 9446-06-9446