Telehealth & Smart Home Applicaitons

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Overview on the emerging Telehealth and Smart Home applications and introduction to ZyXEL Smart Home Gateway - winner of CES 2010 Innovations Honoree

Overview on the emerging Telehealth and Smart Home applications and introduction to ZyXEL Smart Home Gateway - winner of CES 2010 Innovations Honoree

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  • 1. Normally Baby boomers are referred to those born between 1946 to 1964
  • HAN = Home Area Network; PAN = Personal Area Network
  • 1. ARPU = Average Revenue Per User


  • 1. TeleHealth & Smart Home Applications ZyXEL Smart Home Gateway
  • 2. What is TeleHealth ?
      • Also known as e-health, remote patient/health monitoring, and connected health. Not same as Telemedicine.
      • Hospital -centric vs. Home -centric
      • Three Major Segments
        • Different Solution Focus; Different Market Approach
        • Chronic Disease Management
          • Nearly 860 million patients could meet this criteria
          • Specialized medical attentions needed
        • Health and Wellness
          • “ Worry-well” vital sign monitoring,
            • In home fitness and weight management
        • Aging Assistance Living
          • In-home health and environmental monitoring for seniors
            • 600 million elders aged 60 or older
  • 3. ZyXEL Smart Home Application Platform
    • Dual Ethernet
    • Dual USB
      • 3G/4G USB port
      • Analog Modem
      • PAN –type USB Dongle
      • USB Host Server
    • Built-in 11n Wi-Fi
    • IP Router/Firewall
    • Built-in Battery
    • Perfect to Act as
    • Aggregator for Telehealth
  • 4. SHG Acts as Aggregator Medical-Decision-Involved Segment / Telemedicine Only Good for Personal Health Monitoring Designed for Cloud-based Service Best for Data Collection & Monitoring Best for Multi-service provisioning for MSP Inter-active Intelli-gence Always-On Backup/ Stability Always- Connected To HAN Mobility PAN Integration Total Cost PC / Terminal STB Cell Phone Smart Home GW xx XXX x XXX xx x* x N x x N XXX xx xx XXX XXX xx xx x x N xx N N N XXX XXX xx XXX xx x x
  • 5. More Than TeleHealth
    • SHG is designed as a solution platform
    • SHG is designed as Multi-service Gateway, specialized for Value-added applications
  • 6. Evolving to Other Smart Home Apps
    • Home Environmental Monitoring
      • Sensor networking, including Zigbee, Low-power Wi-Fi, and proprietary RF, such as Z-wave, RFID…
      • Part of “Aging Independence” application, and part of Home Automation
    • Smart Energy Management
      • Via Smart Energy Profile Support to Integrate with Smart Meter/Smart Grid deployment
      • Connectivity through Zigbee, Homeplug, even Wi-Fi
      • Different Eco-system
      • “ Demand Response” is required, instead of “Professional Care”
  • 7. ZyXEL Smart Home Gateway (SHG) The Honoree of “Health and Wellness” Category 2010 CES Innovation Awards
  • 8. Application Diagram
  • 9. Smart Service Hub
    • Multi-service Capable
    • Internet Access
    • Digital Health Monitoring(s)
    • Energy Management
    • Home Automation
    • Portability
    • Palm Size
    • Mobile Broadband Connectivity
    • Powered by Outlet, Battery or In-vehicle Charger
  • 10.
    • Dual Protection
    • Fail-over Between Fixed and Mobile Broadband
    • Seamlessly Battery Backup
    • Alert Management
    • Mobile Quota Management
    Always-on, Always-secure
    • Total Security
    • SPI Firewall & DoS Prevention
    • Access Filtering
    • Internet Data Encryption
  • 11. Platform Capability
    • Dual USB as Host Interface
      • USB-capable device
      • Bluetooth-capable devices (via ZyXEL’s BT USB dongle)
      • Zigbee-certified devices (Via ZyXEL’s Zigbee USB dongle)
        • Future upgrade per project
    • Linux Architecture for Application Development
    • SHG Will Support IEEE11073-compliant (Certified by Continua Health Alliance) PAN Devices
      • Support for Proprietary PAN Devices available
  • 12. Benefits to Managed Service Providers
    • Increasing the Internet Attach Rates
      • SHG can be sold with fixed broadband access
      • SHG can be sold with mobile broadband access
    • Multiple Recurring Revenues
      • Internet service charge
      • Internet fail-over service charge
      • TeleHealth service charge (by various health needs)
      • Home Monitoring, Energy Management, and etc.
    • Increasing Customer’s Loyalty
      • Internet connectivity is portable !
      • Consumer’s health need is taken care !
  • 13. Unleash Networking Power