Facebook Changes and More Changes, Oh My!


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Karla Campos of Social Media Sass talks about how Facebook is changing, how this affects you as a business owner and how you can leverage the changes to get more exposure for your business. Topics include the new Facebook News Feed, New Facebook Timeline, Graph Search and changes to Facebook ads.

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  • My apple is super sassy ; )
  • Chat glitch, ticker appears when it feels like it
  • Actually this picture here makes a great point about what people do a lot in the social media world
  • It takes longer to scroll down so eyes spend more time on the photo
  • Think about what that can do for your own branding purposes
  • A video with a name attracts more interest
  • Which video would you most likely open?
  • Let’s pretend I’m in the medical field
  • Who here actually opens messages from people on social media networks from people they don’t know?
  • You can also learn more about your page’s audience using graph search
  • Let’s pretend I am a dating service
  • Discovery tool to reach people out side of your friends circle
  • 1 column Timeline make sure your message is prominent
  • Facebook is trying to make it easier for marketers to use ads
  • Facebook is trying to get rid of redundancies
  • I’ll tweet the winner of the sassy apple by the end of the event : )
  • Facebook Changes and More Changes, Oh My!

    1. 1. Facebook Changes and More Changes, Oh My! Person with the most tweets using the 2 hashtags & our Twitter handle gets the very sassy apple. Tweet With Us: #SMDayMia #SMDay
    2. 2. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay Facebook New News Feed -Black box to the left -White box to the right
    3. 3. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay New News Feed Options – Make Lists
    4. 4. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay Facebook List News Feed – My Psychics list as a news feed option
    5. 5. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay Facebook Groups News Feed – What is going on with all my groups
    6. 6. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay Facebook Most Recent News Feed – See all the latest activity from friends and pages
    7. 7. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay Facebook Photos News Feed – Nothing but photos from people and pages
    8. 8. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay New Facebook News Feed -Pictures are bigger
    9. 9. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay New Facebook News Feed -Thumbnails in links are bigger
    10. 10. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay New Facebook News Feed -Upload your own thumbnail photo
    11. 11. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay New Facebook News Feed -Name your videos
    12. 12. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay New Facebook News Feed -This video has a title
    13. 13. Facebook Graph Search -Using groups to find prospects Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay
    14. 14. Facebook Graph Search -Using groups to find prospects 2 Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay
    15. 15. Facebook Graph Search -Do you answer private messages from strangers on Facebook? Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay
    16. 16. Facebook Graph Search -Random searches for business purposes Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay
    17. 17. Facebook Graph Search -Know more about your audience before creating ads Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay
    18. 18. Facebook Hashtags # Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay
    19. 19. New Facebook Timeline - 1 Column look Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay
    20. 20. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay Changes Coming to Ads -In the next 6 months Facebook is trying to cut down it’s 27 ad options to less than half -No more Facebook Questions
    21. 21. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay Combined Ad Unit
    22. 22. Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay No More Offers -Use ads as offer
    23. 23. The End Stay in contact with us! Twitter: @socialmediasass Facebook: http://facebook.com/socialmediasass http://socialmediasass.com Tweet with us: @socialmediasass #SMDayMia #SMDay