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This Slide presentation showcases Zyoin's Complete Recruitment Solution

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  • Thank you Zyoin, this was very helpful! Resume keywords are way more important than resume formats. Because recruiters conduct keyword searches during the initial sourcing process in Applicant Tracking Systems. You're not found if your resume doesn't contain the exact keywords. But it's a pain to find those keywords from the job descriptions. I found the site Jobscan http://ow.ly/RmPcR that identify keywords for your. All you do is paste in your resume plus the job description, then Jobscan analyzes your job description for you automatically and identify the most important keywords for you. It literally takes seconds and it so worth the copy and paste. Saved me so much time AND I got more interviews using Jobscan! I recommend it as well.
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Zyoin Complete Recruitment Solution

  1. 1. Complete Recruitment Solution ANUJ AGRAWAL http://www.zyoin.com P: (+91) 9902800332 E: anuj@zyoin.com
  2. 2. About Zyoin.com Zyoin is India’s leading Online Recruitment company We uses innovative tools like ‘Referral’s Network’, ‘Resume screening system’ and ‘Online tracking’ to fulfill any kind of position. Referral recruitment ensures quality of profiles and 15000+ user base ensures the necessary reach to fill in any kind of position. Zyoin is promoted by IIT & NIT Alumni with deep technological strength, that helps in better understanding of our customer’s resource requirement.
  3. 3. What is Complete Recruitment Solution(CRS)? CRS is an innovative solution which gives you the power of: Recruiter(s) Referral Network Resume Tracking System Resume Scoring System Recruitment Portal(s) And guess what, not only it is efficient in filling positions, its cost effective as well.
  4. 4. Features of CRS Free Unlimited Post Postings for direct Application and Reference: Zyoin.com lets all your Jobs to be listed on Zyoin.com. The portal is optimized to ensure that Job seekers get to know about the Jobs through the major search engines. Our Job posting not only allows direct candidates to apply for the listed Jobs but also lets any one refer profiles for the your opening. This to ensure that we cover all possible channels to tap qualified candidates. SMS and Email Promotion of Jobs: Once the Jobs are listed on Zyoin.com, we also actively promote the Jobs among the target user base using SMS and Email campaigns. We also post these openings on popular blogs to target the right candidate. Online Resume Tracking System: Zyoin.com lets you track the incoming direct candidate application or the profiles coming through the references online. So there is no need to maintain any excel sheets to track the candidates’ status. Everything is available on a click of a button. If there are multiple sources of incoming resume, the system also helps track the duplicate resume and this avoiding any conflicting scenario.
  5. 5. Features of CRS (contd.) Automated Resume scoring for fitment: Zyoin.com has an inbuilt resume filtering and scoring system. The major advantage of this system is that it saves lot of effort of a recruiter in filtering the amount of resumes that can be processed in a given time. The auto score also lets the management get an idea of the kind of candidates being hired. Access to major Job Boards: Our recruiter also comes up with access to the major job boards (ie Naukri, Monster etc). So as a company, there is no need for you to spend on buying such database access on your own, which you are not sure on how long you would use the same. We provide this as part of our recruitment process outsourcing package. This insures that we do not miss on any of the active candidates. Dedicated Recruiter(s): We provide you dedicated recruiter(s) deployed at your end, who is trained to fill in your recruitment needs.
  6. 6. CRS Methodology
  7. 7. A Snapshot of Zyoin Resume Tracking System
  8. 8. A Snapshot of Zyoin Resume Tracking System
  9. 9. Benefits No need to invest on Job portals like Naukri or Monster. Zyoin’s inbuilt Online resume tracking system helps you to constantly track recruitment in your organization comes with no added cost. Dedicated recruiter(s) specializing in fulfillment of your recruitment needs manages the sourcing of appropriate profiles from various means including the recruiter network, job portals, Linkedin , Orkut and other available online/ offline means of sourcing profiles No need to hire recruiter(s), their need varies seasonally. You can increase or decrease the there number of recruiters as per need basis in a very short notice. Most efficient and Cost effective recruitment solution
  10. 10. Financial Illustration of Zyoin Say your current hiring needs is 5 resources with avg. salary of Rs 7 lacs Your hiring cost: Hiring is done through consultant : 3 x 7 lacs x 8.33% =Rs 1,75,000 (Assuming 8.33% as success fee) • 1 hiring from internal referral : 1 x 25000 =Rs 25,000 (Assuming Rs 5,000 as internal reference fee) • 1 hiring from 1 Internal recruiter: 1 x 40000 = Rs 40,000 (Assuming you have an internal recruiter whose salary + Job portal is Rs 40,000 per month) Total Cost: Rs 2,40,000 CRS Cost: • 1 Zyoin deployed Resource+ Recruitment Tools: Rs 40,000(Sr. Recruiter) • 1% of Annual Salaries as success fee : 1% x 7Lacs x 5= Rs 35,000 Total Cost : Rs 75,000 (less than 33 % of your actual cost)
  11. 11. What Our Customer Say “It has been a pleasure to work with Zyoin. They have been extremely committed and have always worked very closely with us to understand our requirements to the last level of detail. They have exhibited a great degree of professionalism and commitment in their dealings with us and that has helped us to build a great team. “ B K Birla, CTO “You guys have been providing us with very high quality candidates in Sales, Operations and LAMP technologies. I guess, this has to do with your understanding of the working of a startup :). Looking forward to a long term relationship with Zyoin”. Ashutsoh Lawania, CTO “As a start-up company competing with high profile companies for talented engineers, it was critical for Aveksa to choose a firm that could source and attract the right candidates speedily and at reasonable recruitment costs. In Zyoin, we found a partner that we have leveraged since our inception, on regular contract terms and more recently retained searches to fill important positions.” Bushan, Country Head
  12. 12. Our Customers
  13. 13. Our Customers
  14. 14. Thank You! For more details about Zyoin and there recruitment solutions contact us at anuj@zyoin.com or +91- 9902800332