Zyncro zyncro apps & ui customization feb 2013


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Zyncro zyncro apps & ui customization feb 2013

  1. 1. Social Networks Your Enterprise Social Network For Enterprises Developing Zyncro Apps and customizing UI1
  2. 2. Agenda What is a ZyncroApp? ZyncroApp flow, types and uses ZyncroApp JavaScript structure JavaScript methods JavaScript hooks ZyncroApp CSS structure Samples of adding components to GUI ZyncroApp and REST API Zyncro development environment (Sandbox) Basic UI customization Advanced UI customization2
  3. 3. What is a ZyncroApp? A Zyncro App is a software module that is loaded and integrated into Zyncro’s website to add new features and functionality, for example add new elements to Zyncro’s front-end such as new sections, menus, buttons, etc. A Zyncro App is composed of: Front-end modules: JavaScript, CSS and HTML (jQuery is used) Back-end modules: PHP and MySQL database (supported by default) and the interactions with external services, may be third-party services as Google API or internals services, the Zyncro REST API.3
  4. 4. ZyncroApp flow Zyncro REST API External Load ZyncroApps services services JavaScript/CSS modules JS HTML PHP Database CSS AJAX calls Client Side Server Side Zyncro web ZyncroApp4
  5. 5. ZyncroApp types The are two types of ZyncroApps: Organization-level App: The administrator of the organization decides whether enable/disable the app. Once enabled the App is available to all users within the organization, who cannot deactivate it. User-level App: The administrator of the organization enables the App, and then each User (within the organization) decides whether activate it or not (for example, the Chat). The app may also be activated by default.5
  6. 6. ZyncroApp uses We are using the ZyncroApps, for example, to provide these features: Favorites Groups Web Content Viewer Featured Groups Quote Chat Calendar6
  7. 7. Play with a ZyncroApp My first ZyncroApp! Demo7
  8. 8. ZyncroApp JavaScript structure if (!$.Zyncro_Apps.Foo) { Creates $.Zyncro_Apps.Foo = new Object(); ZyncroApp $.Zyncro_Apps.Foo.View = { addToGUI : function() { Defines //add some components to GUI... View } }; $.Zyncro_Apps.Foo.Controller = { doSomething : function() { //execute something... Defines }, Controller start : function() { $.Zyncro_Apps.Foo.View.addToGUI(); } }; Starts $.Zyncro_Apps.Foo.Controller.start(); ZyncroApp };8
  9. 9. JavaScript methods Some JavaScript methods are available to get information about the User logged. With these JavaScript methods, you can: $.Zyncro_Apps.getSessionId() //Gets the a session ID for the logged user $.Zyncro_Apps.getUserId() //Gets the user ID for the logged user $.Zyncro_Apps.getOrganizationId() //Gets the organization ID for the logged user $.Zyncro_Apps.getLanguage() //Gets the current language for the logged user $.Zyncro_Apps.addListener(listener, callback) //Registers a call back function to be called when a particular event occurs $.Zyncro_Apps.callListener(listener) //Fires a custom event9
  10. 10. JavaScript hooks We provided some custom events, a ZyncroApp can register to these events Event ID Description zyncro_zwall Success on loading the activity stream (home, profiles, departments, groups, etc.) zyncro_group Success loading the groups list zyncro_documents Success loading the documents list zyncro_contact Success loading the people list zyncro_permission Success loading the participants list on a group or department zyncro_zprofile Success loading the followers or following lists10
  11. 11. JavaScript hooks Event ID Description zyncro_tasks Success loading a tasks list (inside a group or tasks section) zyncro_ajax Success loading another generic AJAX events zapp_disable Fire when a ZyncroApp is disabled zyncro_childMessage Load a child message, this happens after publishing a comment inside a thread zyncro_loadThread Success loading more threads on a wall (share new thread, show previous publications) zyncro_loadpageapps Success when loading the ZyncroApps list on Admin Panel or User Panel11
  12. 12. ZyncroApp CSS structure A ZyncroApp can be composed of a JavaScript file and a CSS file. All the code related with styles should be included in the CSS and not in the JavaScript. Whenever possible, it’s advisable to use the classes defined for the ZyncroApps. These “standard” classes will be redefined by the Zyncro Skins, so the ZyncroApp do not need to worry about it changes in Zyncro’s look&feel. For example <a class="button">Action</a>12
  13. 13. Samples of adding components to GUI We will see some samples of how to add components to: A Menu Item in the Sidebar menu An Icon in the Icons menu A Widget to the Sidebar panel Some Items in the Content header Change the content of the Actual section13
  14. 14. A Menu Item in the Sidebar menu $("#sidebar .sidebar-menu ul").append( <li id="menu-zapp-sample" class="zapp-sidebar-menu-item"> <a title="ZyncroApp item" href="#"> <i class="icon-flag"></i> ZyncroApp item </a> </li> );14
  15. 15. An Icon in the Icons menu $("#icons-menu").append( <li id="zapp-sample-notif"> <a class="iconized popup-launcher"> <span id="count-zapp-sample-notif">5</span> </a> </li> );15
  16. 16. A Widget to the Sidebar panel JS: $("#sidebar-apps").append( <div class="sidebar-widget" id="zapp-sample-widget"> <p class="widget-title">ZyncroApp title</p> <div class="zapp-widget-content"> <ul> <li>Item 1</li> <li>Item 2</li> </ul> </div> <div class="zapp-box-border"> </div> </div> ); CSS:16 .zapp-box-border { width:100%; float:left }
  17. 17. Some Items in the Content header $("#main-content-header").show().html( <p class="main-content-header-title">ZyncroApp title</p> <a class="button">Action</a> );17
  18. 18. Change the content of the Actual section18
  19. 19. Change the content of the Actual sectionJS: CSS:$("#actual-section").html(‘ #zapp-sample-form .zapp-sample.header<div id=“zapp-sample”> {margin:2% 0px;} <div> <div id="zapp-sample-form"> #zapp-sample-form .zapp-sample-form-list li <div class=“zapp-sample-header zapp-box-back-emph zapp-normal-text">Form</div> {width:100%;margin-bottom:2%;float:left;} <ul class=“zapp-sample-form-list”> <li> #zapp-sample-form .zapp-sample-form-list li label <label>Field 1: </label> {padding-right:2%;text-align:right;width:30%; <input><br> float:left;} <span class="zapp-normal-text zapp-error-text">Mandatory field</span> </li> #zapp-sample-form .zapp-sample-form-list li span <li> {margin-left:32%} <label>Field 2: </label> <input type="checkbox"> #zapp-sample-form .zapp-sample-actions </li> {width:100%;float:left;text-align:right;} <li> <label>Field 3: </label> #zapp-sample .zapp-box <select><option>Option 1</option><option>Option 2</option></select> {float:left;width:96%;margin-top:2%;} </li> </ul> #zapp-sample-list ul li, #zapp-sample-list ul <div class=“zapp-sample-actions” > {width:100%;float:left;} <a class="zapp-normal-text zapp-link">Cancel</a> <a class="button button-inverted">Delete form</a> #zapp-sample-list ul li span <a class="button">Save</a> {float:left;width:30%;padding-left:1%;} </div> </div> <div class="zapp-box zapp-box-back zapp-box-border">Box sample</div> <div class="zapp-box zapp-box-back-alt zapp-box-border">Another box</div> </div></div><div id=“zapp-sample-list”> <ul> <li class="zapp-box-header"> <span>Column 1</span> <span>Column 2</span> </li> <li class="zapp-box-row zapp-box-back-hover"> <span>Data 1</span> <span>Data 2</span> </li> </ul></div> 19);
  20. 20. ZyncroApp and REST API We’ll see a simple ZyncroApp that combines calls to the Zyncro REST API. The ZyncroApp has these features: Creates a widget on the Side Panel with two buttons: Get Wall and Post a Message. When you click the “Get Wall” button, an AJAX call is invoked to a PHP service that use the Zyncro REST API to retrieve the Home Feed of the current logged user. The “Post a Message” button shows a text box where the user can enter a message. An AJAX call is used to publish that message in the Personal Feed of the logged user, using the REST API.20
  21. 21. Zyncro Development Environment To develop and test your applications and integrations, we provide you access to a Zyncro Development Environment A Zyncro account in our Sandbox environment with 5 users and up to 1GB storage space that you can use to develop and test your integrations. To develop with our REST API, you will get an API Key to access to it. Access (through SFTP) to your own storage space on our servers to host your app (where you can locate your files: JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP...), up to 200MB. Access to your own MySQL database (if you need it)21
  22. 22. More info Zyncro Developers Portal http://developers.zyncro.com22
  23. 23. Basic UI customization From the Administration panel we provide some Basic UI Customizations Change the Logo of the Organization, the Background Color of the Header and the Text Color of the Header23
  24. 24. Basic UI customization Use a customized Subdomain (automatically generated inside Zyncro) for your Organization, for example: http://enterprise20.zyncro.com It would result in a personalized login page with your logo and color.24
  25. 25. Basic UI customization When you generate a Zlink (Public link) in Zyncro, you can choose to show (or not) the customized UI in them.25
  26. 26. Basic UI customization Create new Sections, Change the Order of Sections, Hide/show sections in the Menu26
  27. 27. Advanced UI customization Use a completely different page for your Login/Forget password features in Zyncro, provided by you. You can set the URL from the Administration Panel.27
  28. 28. Advanced UI customization For Advanced UI customization, you can modify the CSS that Zyncro loads in your organization, you have to options: Complement (override) the current CSS that Zyncro is using Discard the current CSS and redefined it all, like it would be a new Skin in Zyncro The texts of the Web application as well as the email templates that Zyncro sends can be changed and customized. Currently, we do not provide API services to perform these modification. They should be discussed with Zyncro team.28
  29. 29. Advanced UI customization Zyncro Classic29
  30. 30. Advanced UI customization Zyncro Zen30
  31. 31. WWW.ZYNCRO.COM Twitter: @zyncro blog: en.blog.zyncro.com31