Lessons learned on Corporate Social Networks [intra.NET Reloaded 2012]


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Zyncro participated intra.NET Reloaded, Berlin 2012 as it is in one of the leading international events on the new wave of private work environments for enterprises. Our presentation

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  • Lessons learned on Corporate Social Networks [intra.NET Reloaded 2012]

    1. 1. 1 CorporateCorporate Social NetworksSocial Networks LessonsLessons LearnedLearned LLUIS FONT · CEO & Founder @Zyncro [English] @lluisfont INTRA.NET Reloaded – Berlin April 2012
    2. 2. 2 2.0 + Social Media is going to change2.0 + Social Media is going to change even your business cardseven your business cards
    3. 3. 3 The Company
    4. 4. 4 The StoryThe Story Founded & Bootstraped in 2009 by Didac Lee, seed capital from Inspirit Labs Officially launched in June 1, 2010 – Luis Font invested & joins as CEO in October 2010 In 2011: 6 languages, 8 new releases, 4 new countries, 20 Zyncro Apps From File Sharing + Microblogging to Business Social Software By Jan 2012 we reached 100.000 users, 500 corporate clients and 30 Partners worldwide
    5. 5. 5 +EXECUTION Co-Co-FoundersFounders DIDAC LEE FOUNDER+PRESIDENT Since the inception of his first enterprise in 1995, Intercomgi, Dídac has not ceased to innovate and to tackle new business opportunities in the new technologies sector. Didac is also member of the Board of FC Barcelona and thanks to his leadership in the Technology are the club ranked #1 in facebook followers worldwide. He holds a degree in Management from IESE Business SchoolSchool. LLUÍS FONT CEO+FOUNDER Serial entrepreneur with great international consulting background. After ten years as a management and technology senior consultant in PwC in various countries, Lluís was appointed CEO of the consultancy firm Internet AGM in 1999. In 2002, after first VC investment in NTRglobal as CEO, the company growth from zero to 25M€ in five years and expanded to 14 countries. Didac & Lluís accumulate more than 15 technology companies created with presence in 40 countries and more than 30,000 customers in just the past 10 years. INNOVATION
    6. 6. 6 Oct-Nov: Mexico, France The Company: From Barcelona to the worldThe Company: From Barcelona to the world April: Japan June: Brazil Jan-Mar : Benelux, Germany Abr-May: Italy, China, Canada Other: LATAM, APAC TODAY: Barcelona / Tandil, Argentina / Silicon Valley / Tokyo / Sao Paulo / Mexico DF / Paris Jan-Apr: UK&Scandinavia
    7. 7. 7 The Problem
    8. 8. 8 Intranet 1.0: possibly several useful things, but boring, little use, and not very user-friendly. Social Networks are seen more as something that makes employees less productive. In many companies, Facebook access has been cut. Shy business use of social networks, very little in B2B. Only consumer-oriented companies use B2C social networks. Social media in good form: bloggers confirm that they are the 5th power. Twitter incites democratic revolution, but some companies hardly use it. What is happening? (I)What is happening? (I)
    9. 9. 9 Persistent Corporate Problems? (II)Persistent Corporate Problems? (II) INFORMATION IS NOT FLOWING TOP - DOWN INFORMATION & COLLABORATION SILOS
    10. 10. 10 The Solution
    11. 11. 11 CORPORATE SOCIAL NETWORKS WILL BE THE MAIN CORPORATE COMMUNICATION BACKBONE OF THE COMPANIES IN LESS THAN 4 YEARS Companies Are Erecting In-House Social Networks Troy McKaskle is an evangelist for Symantec's internal network, Chatter, which he says helps employees with a range of issues. Peter DaSilva for The New York Times www.nytimes.com Gartner Reveals Five Social Software Predictions for 2012 and Beyond www.gartner.com
    12. 12. 12
    13. 13. 13 Enterprise Social Networks Zyncro Core Product Zyncro FlavorsZyncro Flavors Internal communities provide a virtual forum for employees within an enterprise to share their insights, interests and contributions about a shared topic of interest. Internal communities are aimed at participants outside the organization, including customers, suppliers, partners. Internal communities generally support loosely directed or non-directed exploration of high-level shared interests, rather than focusing on specific projects or operational issues, which are better served by team work spaces or specific applications. External communities create virtual places for collaboration among people and organizations in the market "ecosystem" outside the enterprise, including prospects, customers, suppliers, partners, influencers and even competitors, occasionally. People participate in external communities because of common interests and commitments. They develop trust within the community (or leave). Participants can include employees of the sponsoring enterprise acting on their own or with employer support, but the bulk of participants (and the sense of community ownership) comes from outside the enterprise. Social Intranet Client/Customer Engagement
    14. 14. 14 Zyncro Lessons
    15. 15. 15 The Must of Enterprise Social NetworksThe Must of Enterprise Social Networks WHAT DO WE NEED TO LEVERAGE THE POTENTIAL OF SOCIAL NETWORKS WITHIN COMPANIES? Easy implementation Control SecurityEasy to use
    16. 16. 16 Case #1: When Extranet becomes a Private Social Network
    17. 17. 17 Private Social Networks Private Social NetworksPrivate Social Networks Products Services Multiple devices Social networks Geolocation Potential customer Sales team Advertising CRM Data warehouse Business intelligence AD Customer
    18. 18. 18 Case #2: Key Driver for Corporate Culture
    19. 19. 1 Ready to change your corporate culture? 2 Goals & Metrics but not many 3 Find: Friends & Foes 4 Patience: 9 months 5 CEO Commitment 6 Community Management 7 Enjoy it!!!! ;-) Key Success Factors
    20. 20. 22 Case #3: Compliance
    21. 21. 23 • 59.000 employee • + de 500 offices • + de 120 countries • Access & Speed • Corporate Branding & Easy of Use • Compliance: • Where is my data? Is this software secure? Do they have SLA? Cloud & on-premise Public Service Level status.zyncro.com Availability:* 99,99% Durability: 99,9999%
    22. 22. 24 Enterprise & Private Social NetworksEnterprise & Private Social Networks
    23. 23. 25 Case #4: YES, ROI exist!
    24. 24. 26 Zyncro from Caos to OrderZyncro from Caos to Order FORUM BLOG Current Information Flow INFOXICATION + CAOS Zyncro’s Activity Stream RIGHT INFORMATION FLOW + ORDER
    25. 25. 27
    26. 26. 28 Case #5: Gaming is Business
    27. 27. 29 Enterprise Social NetworksEnterprise Social Networks SOCIAL DASHBOARD Personal Statistics (Last 30 days)
    28. 28. 30 Business Benefits
    29. 29. 31 Main Benefit: Fast user adoptionMain Benefit: Fast user adoption CORPORATE AGILITY: Transform your company into an innovative, fast-paced environment Traditional Intranets/Extranets Corporate/Private Social Networks Short Implementation Fast User Adoption thanks to social dynamics Low adoption after long consulting implementation projects TIME USERADOPTION
    30. 30. 32 Social Business Collaboration ROBUST Hybrid Cloud Platform • Public Cloud, Private Cloud & On-Premise • Development Capabilities: CCS, API, Apps • Security & Scalability Fast Deployment: Social Business Collaboration • Out-of-the-box preconfigured • Fast adoption with no setup time Lower CTO & DeploymentLower CTO & DeploymentROI TIME RiskRisk 24-month Breakeven Traditional Collaboration Software TIME Value for Customer RiskRisk ROI 1/3-month Breakeven Go Live ~ 1 Day - 1 Week!!! <50% Success 100% Success Go Live ~ 1-2 Months
    31. 31. 33 Summary
    32. 32. 34 ZyncroZyncro’’s 2.0 Philosophys 2.0 Philosophy a. Zyncro does not replace any software that the company is currently using; it looks to OPTIMIZE it. b. Zyncro does force customers to adopt any specific business model; though it recognizes the advantages of SaaS and the Cloud, it is also available “on- premises”. c. Zyncro wants to integrate with as many other software programs as possible using ZyncroApps to make this possible. d. Zyncro’s implementation methodology is by successive iteration: no major projects, no major costs. e. People are the key: no tool, no matter how useful, can be set up without proper project management, communication and training. Internal Community Management is one of the keys to its success.
    33. 33. 35 Summary of Business BenefitsSummary of Business Benefits Zyncro is not a new trend in management and a sophisticated technological tool Zyncro is a work environment that makes people work differently, enabling them to: • Inform & Report • Communicate • Collaborate The result of the implementation of Zyncro is an improvement in productivity due to: • Increased communication and collaboration • Easy access to information • Employees feel more motivated thanks to make their job easier Zyncro deployment process in an organization is deliberately fast & simple
    34. 34. 36 WWW.ZYNCRO.COMWWW.ZYNCRO.COM twitter: @zyncrotwitter: @zyncro blog: en.blog.zyncro.comblog: en.blog.zyncro.com