New Zealand prezentace pro školu


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I made this based on my AFS exchange to New Zealand in 2011. It tells the storey of NZ, my year there and the way I see this wonderful country and people.

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New Zealand prezentace pro školu

  1. 1. NewZealand Zuzka Majcová 2012
  2. 2. AFS• I was in NZ on AFS exchage for a year.• I lived with my host family whole year.• I went to school every day and did exams at the end too.
  3. 3. •The Maori name is Aotearoa Which means „The land of a long white cloud“ • It is also called „Kiwiland“
  4. 4. National symbols
  5. 5. Basic facts• Area: 270 000km2• Population: 4.4 million• Capital city: Wellington• Official languages: English, Maori• Ethnic groups: European, Maori, Asian, Pacific people• Government: parliamentary constitutional monarchy• Monarch: Her Majesty Elizabeth II.• Governor-general: Sir Jerry Mateparae• Prime minister: John Key• National anthem: God save the Queen and God defend New Zealand
  6. 6. Interesting facts • NZ is nuclear free country, 10% of its evergy comes from geothermal power stations
  7. 7. • there is over 40 million sheep (used to be over 70 million 30years ago)
  8. 8. • NZand cars…there are 2.5 million cars in NZ. Only 2% of kiwis usebuses and 1% trains, pulic transport is nearly non existing compare toEurope.
  9. 9. Geography• NZ lays in Pacific ocean on the Southern Hemisphere• Average distance from Australia is about 2 200km• It is made up of 2 main islands: North Island and South Island, and many other smaller ones.• The closest neighbours are Tonga and Fiji in Pacific, about 1 000km• The climate is mild with maritime features but is is very divers, it depends on where in the country you are.• The north is hotter, temperature usually doesn´t go under 0°C
  10. 10. • NZ is 1600km long but maximum width is 400km• It has got varied landscape, ranging from hilly and green North across the geothermal area of Taupo and Rotorua in N.I., to Southern Alps and Fiordland in S.I.• The biggest lake is Taupo, in the middle of the N.I. It is a massive volcano crater.• NZ is volcanically active area, it´s part of the Pacific Ring of Fire. There are still active volcanoes and areas with steam and hot water coming from the ground. In Rotorua, there are mud pools, geysers and sulphur smell everywhere.
  11. 11. Rotorua
  12. 12. • Heighest mountain Aoraki Mount Cook-3754m
  13. 13. Auckland
  14. 14. Wellington
  15. 15. Chrischurch
  16. 16. History• First settlers arrived from eastern Polynesia around 1200. They became the Maori- indigenous people of NZ.• in 1642 Dutch Abel Tasman arrived as a first European• In 1769 British explorer James Cook mapped NZ coastline• 6.2.1840- Treaty of Waitangi signed between Europeans and Maoris• 1893- first nation in the world that decleared right to vote for all women in country• 1947 NZ became part of Commonwealth realm
  17. 17. Bay of Island-Whitangi
  18. 18. The oldest stone house in NZ
  19. 19. Maori people• Are first inhabitants of NZ (since 1200)• They went through a lot of fighting with Europeans over the land and their rights.• Nowadays they are well respected in NZ and known in the world because if their special culture and haka.
  20. 20. Hongi Powhiri Hangi
  21. 21. Marae
  22. 22. Ka mate Ringa pakia! Uma tiraha! Turi whatia! Hope whai ake! Waewae takahia kia kino! Tleskněte rukama o stehna! Vypněte hruď! Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka Pokrčte kolena! Pokrčte kyčle! ora! Dupněte nohama tak silně, jak Ka mate! Ka mate! Ka ora! Ka jen dokážete! ora! Tenei te tangata puhuru huru Zemřu! Zemřu! Žiji! Nana nei i tiki mai Zemřu! Zemřu! Žiji! Whakawhiti te ra Tohle je ten vlasatý muž A upane! Ka upane! který způsobil, že slunce opět A upane kaupane whiti te ra! svítí Hī !!! Jeden krok vzhůru! Další krok vzhůru! Krok vzhůru, další... SluncenKo&feature=related svítí! Východ/Západ!!!
  23. 23. Kiwi • Is a flightless bird found only in NZ. • It´s a night bird and has feathers that looks and feel more like a fur. • It has the biggest egg compare to size of its body from all birds. • It´s struggling to survive. • There are strict rules about any animals in NP. • Traps to catch rats, possums, wilde cats and weasels are everywhere.
  24. 24. kiwi bird creen&NR=1&v=dgnaLZaTRUo rare white kiwi
  25. 25. Kiwis• The nickname for all Newzealanders• Personality: very very polite (say thank you and please in every second sentence) : friendly towards foreign people :open minded :more relaxed then Europeans, don´t stress about stuff, enjoy life :love travelling, getting to know new people and cultures
  26. 26. Culture• It was a colony of UK for o long time so its culture is strongly British. 70% people are of British origin and their grandparents brought British tradition when they came to NZ.• Maori culture and traditions are also very important for all kiwis.• But, nowadays NZ is modern multicultural country. Immigrants bring with them their food and tradition. That´s why you can celebrate Chinese new year as well as buy sushi or Indian takeaways at the same place.
  27. 27. Typical NZ• Wearing jandals (flip flops) and shorts everywhere and anytime• Walking bare foot, even to supermarkets
  28. 28. • BBQ on anytime of the year• Love to rugby and touch• Chips sandwiches
  29. 29. Kiwi slangCheers man! Fush n chups Choice! Aye cuz! Good on you mate! Just crach here! Don´t be an egg! She´ll be alright mate. Yeah bro! Aussie, Auzzie, Oz, Ya, i recon… Across the ditch… Kapai! Q8&feature=related
  30. 30. Crazy kiwis• NZ is home to all kind of adventure sports.• Queenstown in S.I. is also called the adventure capital of the world. It´s a birthplace of commercial bungy, you can do there: skydiving, white water rafting, bungy swing, jet boat, horse riding, parachuting, parasailing…• Kiwis love adrenaline sports and many of them did at least one of those mentioned above.• It is also a big tourist attraction of NZ.
  31. 31. NZ food
  32. 32. Do you have any idea what „kiwiana“ could mean???
  33. 33. Kiwiana• Collection of things, that are typical for NZ• Kiwis are very proud of it• It is anything from oversized object that are all over the country to sheep and floppy hats
  34. 34. Where I lived…
  35. 35. • I lived in Red Beach, Whangaparaoa. That´s on Hibiscuscoast about 3O min North from Auckland (North of the NorthIsland)
  36. 36. Red Beach
  37. 37. My host family
  38. 38. Orewa
  39. 39. Orewa College
  40. 40. International students end of year
  41. 41. Lake Pukaki
  42. 42. Rugby World Cup 2011
  43. 43. My travelling around…
  44. 44. Links…• OiMQ&feature=fvst rwc highlights
  45. 45. The END 