Zuzatz sandal shoes with interchangeable straps
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Zuzatz sandal shoes with interchangeable straps



Zuzatz womens sandals and womens flip flops are fashionable shoe sandals and flip flop sandals. With a single Zuzatz sandal base, you can mix and match a stylish array of interchangeable straps. For ...

Zuzatz womens sandals and womens flip flops are fashionable shoe sandals and flip flop sandals. With a single Zuzatz sandal base, you can mix and match a stylish array of interchangeable straps. For sandals shoes, womens sandal shoes, women flip flops, or women sandals, shop http://www.zuzatz.com.



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Zuzatz sandal shoes with interchangeable straps Zuzatz sandal shoes with interchangeable straps Presentation Transcript

    One pair of shoes. Infinite possibilities.
  • About Zuzatz
    ZUZATZ™ [zoo-zats] -noun1. footwear featuring interchangeable and stylish straps, making fashion fun and easy for every woman.Origin: German; from the word zusätzlich, meaning “add to.”
    Who we are: We make life easier for women on-the-go by providing fashionable footwear that’s high in style and small in space, leaving more room in your closet and more money in your wallet. Zuzatz feature patented QuickClick™ technology, allowing women of all ages to easily change their look, while Zuzatz Style Straps offer a limitless collection of colors and styles, providing a wide variety of solutions to easily transition from morning to evening, work to play, and grocery shopping to girl’s night out.
    We’re not just a fashion statement - we’re a fashion solution.
  • About Zuzatz Cont.
    What we are:
    We manufacture interchangeable women’s sandals that match any and all styles. The Zuzatz sandal base is equipped with our patented QuickClick technology, allowing customers to quickly change the Style Strap for any occasion. Our QuickClick technology exceeds industry standards, as each fastener withstands up to 70 pounds of pull force.
    With a single black or brown sandal base, Zuzatz owners can mix and match any variation of Style Straps to match their outfit or their mood. A standard pair of Zuzatz comes with a sandal base and a Style Strap and costs $41.00, while additional Style Straps range from $12 to $20.
  • About Zuzatz Cont.
    Where we are:
    Headquartered in Orion, Michigan, our sandals have walked across most of the U.S. soil to retailers throughout the country.
    How we came about:
    We recognize the need for stylish footwear whether you’re at home or away. So, rather than filling your closet with various styles of shoes, or carting extra luggage when traveling, we came up with the simple solution of one sandal with endless style possibilities. Zuzatz allow women with style to change their look without changing their shoes.
  • About Zuzatz Cont.
    Selection - # of Styles
    Women only: 1 sole style, 2 different colors available (black or Brown) 14 different individual uppers. Sizes 5-11.
    Price Range:
    Standard Pack- black or brown soles with standard upper is $41.00
    Individual uppers = $12- $20
  • Incorporated in 2006
    Purchased patent application for “Quick Release Locking Mechanism and Method” in August 2006
    Patent issued on January 15, 2008
    Subsequent patents and continuations have been filed and issued to include all improvements to the locking mechanism
    Zuzatz History
  • How the shoes work
    To lock the upper in place, press down gently until an audible click is heard. To release the upper, press down firmly until an audible click is heard, and pull up.
  • Standard “QUICKCLICK” Fastener
    Barb Assembly
    Securing the Fastener
    Releasing the Fastener
    1. Push the Barb Assembly into the Base until ONE “click” sound is heard.
    1. Push the Barb Assembly into the Base until ONE “click” sound is heard.
    2. Pull on the Barb to assure that the fastener has secured.
    2. Pull on the Barb to release the Barb from the Base
    3. Pull the Barb clear from the Base.
  • Our patented QuickClick technology
    Product specific features and selling points (what differentiates your product):
    Our patent fastener is the only hidden releasable fastener in any market today, and it’s special for countless reasons. First, it’s completely sturdy so you never have to worry about it breaking or coming apart. It can hold up to 70 lbs of pull force per fastener, which means it’s almost impossible for the uppers to come out. It’s not like other fasteners that can wear over time or come apart easily. ZUZATZ won’t change its properties in places that are hot or cold, so you can take them anywhere you go.
    And most importantly, it is the only shoe that can completely change its look. The entire upper changes. Our fasteners are hidden inside the shoe, so all you can see are the tops and not what’s holding it all together. We are always keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest and greatest trends that are always changing and evolving, just like you.
  • The QuickClick clips in Zuzatz have been cycle tested for over 10,000+ cycles without any diminishing effects on the function of the clip.
    Zuzatz have also wear tested our sandals for two years with an extremely low percentage of failure.
    Our patented QuickClick Technology
  • Zuzatz Target Distribution
    Online retailers
    Independent boutiques and shoe stores
    Hospitality industry
    Major retailers
    Discount retailers
    TJ Maxx
  • Zuzatz Licensing/ Private Label Opportunities
    Zuzatz has explored the option of obtaining various licenses for our style straps such as:
    • NCAA
    • NASCAR
    • Disney
    • Susan G. Komen
    Zuzatz is also open to licensing our patent to an already successful brand
    Zuzatz will also explore the opportunities of Private labeling for existing brands.
  • Other press/Marketing
  • Press Release
    Beverly Hills, CA., 2/24/09 - This year at the Oscar gift lounges the stars are getting a look at the world
    of ZUZATZ Sandals. With a couple quick clicks, the newest craze in warm weather shoes let’s you go
    from outfit to outfit with only a change in the upper design.
    ZUZATZ was selected from hundreds of gift manufacturers to join the 2009 Style Garden Oscar gift
    lounge hosted by Secret Room Events inside of the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. “Being called
    upon to participate in one of the gift lounges for the Oscars is a designers dream. There are so many
    companies out there vying for a spot in the ultra fabulous ‘swag bags” given out pre- Oscar” said CEO,
    Ajay Chawla. “This year the stars are being introduced to a sandal like no other. ZUZATZ are the
    ultimate shoe for travel and everyday use. Gone are the days of needing to lug around 20 different pairs of
    shoes to go with all your outfits. All you need now is one sole and a few upper shoe designs and you have
    one pair of shoes to pack for an entire trip and it goes with everything!”
    The ZUZATZ booth was a buzz with Hollywood’s elite grabbing their pick of upper interchangeable
    designs to go with the sole of their choice. CEO, Ajay Chawla was on hand to show how easy it is to
    change the look of the sandal. “Actor Mario Lopez called his girlfriend on the spot to get her shoes size!
    He definitely wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get his girlfriend one of the hottest trends
    emerging onto the scene” said Chawla. Other stars visiting the booth included Anna Lynne McCord from
    “90210”; Hayley Marie Norman from “Fired Up”; Niecy Nash of “Clean House”; T. Lopez, actress and
    Latin singer; Tila Tequila, reality star; Cindy Margolis, supermodel/ reality star; and Bevin Prince from
    “One Tree Hill”.
    This two day pre-Oscar event was the talk of the town. “Everyone was amazed and couldn’t get enough
    of ZUZATZ. Many people were requesting extra sandals so they could send them to their family and
    friends. The next generation in shoe design was calling and we answered. I couldn’t be happier to see
    our sandals embraced with such enthusiasm” said Chawla.
    About ZUZATZ: ZUZATZ is a Michigan based company that officially launched its ZUZATZ sandal
    line in December 2008 and has grown from one employee to 12 in just a few short months. ZUZATZ is
    committed to creating jobs in Michigan, as well as, around the rest of the country. The launch of the
    ZUZATZ Ambassador Program in colleges across America has not only increased brand awareness, but
    also offers college students the opportunity to create their own marketing strategies, which will provide
    them with valuable resume building experience and great incentives. Zuzatz is also working with local
    artists/ designers in a collaborative effort to showcase the new product line of sandals for the spring
    unveiling party next month.
    ZUZATZ has designed a shoe that you can wear everyday, but can completely change its look as often as
    you do. ZUZATZ put together the most functional and fashionable shoe available. Our patent clip
    system combines comfortable, beautifully designed bottoms with interchangeable sandal uppers that help
    you change the look of your shoes in seconds. ZUZATZ gives you endless possibilities with exclusive
    design. “One Shoe, Infinite Possibilities!”
    # # #
  • Spring 2010 Line